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Best Stargazing Apps for Students

People have been passionate about stargazing for centuries, and there are hundreds of apps that aim to offer you a deeper insight into the wonders of the Universe. However, if you are just getting started, then you need several basic yet factual and well-written astronomy apps for beginners. Having said that, here you will find ten of the most sought-after and recommended stargazing books and also some FREE ones.

And, whether you're an expert stargazer in need of some more fascinating reading to quench your thirst for knowledge, a newbie looking to take up the hobby or have a stargazer in your life to buy for, we have some best night sky apps for stargazers to keep you occupied in the daytime until the stars come out.

Here is the list of best stargazing apps for iPhones and Android to support your space learning.


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Cosmic Watch is a popular stargazing app for students and teachers to use in the classroom. The Cosmic Watch combines basic principles of astronomy with time measurement to deliver a journey through space and time, while providing real time visualisations of your position in the cosmos.  Cosmic Watch offers the user a unique and streamlined perspective on the night sky and our place in the Universe. It might actually make a nifty gift for those astrologically-minded friends as a gateway drug into the real science of astronomy and watching the night sky.

This app allows users to understand and visualise concepts which are hard to comprehend from a theoretical standpoint. The app’s ability to provide a ‘sky view’, for users to see the positions of larger stars and celestial bodies from their own location is a fantastic and unique adaptation. This app has a large variety of options to individualise the user experience, resulting in endless opportunities for exploration. 

Star Chart

( Android )

Star Chart lets students to see the stars and planets in the skies accurately by pointing their Android device towards the sky. This astronomy app makes it easy for you to learn more about the objects you are viewing by tapping the star or planet. One of the amazing feature is Time Shift that allows you to go back and forth in time to see past and future celestial placement patterns.

SkyView® Free

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

SkyView app is one of the free stargazing app that allow students to see what's in the sky above them. They point the device in any direction and see what planets, constellations, and even satellites are in the sky. When they see something, they can tap on it, and then read a bunch of facts about it.

Star Walk

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Star Walk is an augmented reality stargazing app for students for spotting over 200,000 stars, planets, constellations, satellites and galaxies. Designed for the iPad, it looks fantastic on the new pro editions.

Star Walk is a handy astronomy app that shows celestial objects (stars, constellations, satellites, etc.) in the exact positions on the sky above you, providing information about them. It helps you find your way across the sky, determine where to look for any chosen object, rewind or fast-forward time to see how celestial bodies move. Star Walk Kids takes an energizing, excitement-filled trip that goes where all incredible space games for kids should - to the milky way and beyond.

Sky Map

( Android )

Sky Map was originally developed as Google Sky Map, dedicated for amateur stargazers. It has recently been donated and open-sourced. The user-friendly app also uses your phone’s compass for orientation and to gather accurate specs of celestial objects.

To get the most out of the app, calibrate your device’s compass by moving it horizontally in a figure-of-8 motion and switch off the ‘magnetic correction‘ in the app’s Setting if there is any magnetic or metal object nearby. SkEyE is only available on Google Play Store.

Night Sky Tools - Astronomy - Comprehensive collection of tools and charts for those interested in astronomy."Night Mode" option turns the display red for night observations. Most of the information in the app is available offline.

Mobile Observatory is a great stargazing app for students that uses your current location to show the objects in the night sky. The stars,constellations and deepsky objects are visualized well. The description of planets, moon's stages and eclipses are detailed and easy to understand.The calendar in the app allows us to get information of past and future cosmic events. 

SkEye Planetarium is free and has a huge database of solar system objects, Messier and constellations. Search function guides you to point your mobile and zoom in onto the object you are looking for. Have your own tracking system by attaching the mobile to your telescope and align the app's map to it.


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

It makes sense that NASA would have a great app, and this app does a wonderful job of teaching you about space. Providing you with over 15,000 images, and all the latest news within astronomy, there’s a lot to take in. You can also view over 13,000 NASA videos, check out upcoming sighting opportunities and watch live NASA TV.

Spotting the International Space Station is a fun activity to partake in, but knowing when to look is the tricky part. ISS Spotter offers a forecast of visible passes, enabling you to set alarms so you’ll always be on time to check it out. Its built in compass and other tools make it easy for you to gaze at the ISS as it passes over us.

Best of Astronomy

( Android )

Best of Astronomy - Create research papers for schools and colleges quickly. Enter the area of research and the application will displays latest news, videos, scholarly reports, wiki data and related books on Astronomy. Learn from reports submitted by your peers on diverse educational topics solar system, our universe, origin of the universe and any other topic of interest.

We hope you've found the perfect apps for stargazers of all ages in our range. Whether you were looking for a helpful guide to get your stargazing hobby started or a brilliant astronomical read for your kid, we hope you enjoy taking a look at the amazing sights the sky has to offer this year.