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Best Stargazing Apps for Android

Stargazing with your kids is a fantastic spring activity. Sitting in the dark admiring the constellations can be a great experience to bond with your children and teach them a little about something bigger than themselves.

Teaching your children about astronomy isn’t just about stargazing. You can teach your children about the wonders of the night sky and the universe. Plus, it’s just fun!

Here are our favorite stargazing apps for Android to support your child's space learning.

Star Chart lets you to see the stars and planets in the skies accurately by pointing their Android device towards the sky. This astronomy app makes it easy for you to learn more about the objects you are viewing by tapping the star or planet. One of the amazing feature is Time Shift that allows you to go back and forth in time to see past and future celestial placement patterns.

Mobile Observatory is a great astronomy app that uses your current location to show the objects in the night sky. The stars,constellations and deepsky objects are visualized well. The description of planets, moon's stages and eclipses are detailed and easy to understand.The calendar in the app allows us to get information of past and future cosmic events. 


Night Sky Tools - Astronomy - Comprehensive collection of tools and charts for those interested in astronomy."Night Mode" option turns the display red for night observations. Most of the information in the app is available offline.


Best of Astronomy - Create research papers for schools and colleges quickly. Enter the area of research and the application will displays latest news, videos, scholarly reports, wiki data and related books on Astronomy. Learn from reports submitted by your peers on diverse educational topics solar system, our universe, origin of the universe and any other topic of interest.

SkEye Planetarium is free and has a huge database of solar system objects, Messier and constellations. Search function guides you to point your mobile and zoom in onto the object you are looking for. Have your own tracking system by attaching the mobile to your telescope and align the app's map to it.

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