Best Quiz Apps for Classroom

Best Quiz Apps for Classroom

Teachers are always in search of different ways to monitor their students' performance in real-time. Quizzes might not be the best way to help your class learn, but they are still useful in memorizing facts and assessing a student's knowledge at the end of the lecture. However, creating fun and informative quizzes and polls manually is quite a task for many teachers. This is where online quiz makers for teachers come into the picture. 

Thanks to the latest mobile technology, many software companies have come up with tons of apps, games and websites that help teachers create and deliver everything from quizzes to polls to online surveys. While some focus on formative assessments, others are more into game shows and presentations. 

After dozens of hours testing quizzing tools, we have selected the best quiz apps for teachers to create or share quizzes and help them observe and assess their students.

Kahoot!, a free student-response tool for all platforms, allows teachers to run game-like multiple-choice answer quizzes. Teachers can either create their own quizzes or find, use, and/or remix public quizzes. Kahoot is another responsive and enjoyable multiple choice test maker that helps engage students in pre- and formative assessment activities. It allows educators to create game-like multiple-choice answer quizzes for students of all ages. And the best part is that it only takes a few minutes to design these learning tests on any topic and language. 

Besides, teachers can also host a live game where the questions are projected on a big screen in the classroom, and the children have to submit the answers through an internet-connected device, like PC, laptop, or mobile phones. Moreover, this app also enables teachers to import slides and combine them with questions to make the lessons super interactive. 

Key Features: Real-time feedback, Variety of question types (multiple choice, true/false, open ended), Detailed Analytics

Age: Recommended for ages 8 and up

Cost: Basic Version – Free, Standard Version – $10, Pro Version - $20

Device: iOS, Android, and Web

If you’re looking for a tool for both knowledge assessment and student surveys, iSpring QuizMaker is one of the best solutions. It's a desktop tool with 14 ready-made question templates, including matching, drag-and-drop, multiple-choice, hotspot, and Likert scale. Just fill them with your text, add audio and video as desired, insert info slides, and the quiz is ready.

The tool offers plenty of useful settings that allow you to specify time limits, randomize questions and answers, set scoring rules, and limit the number of attempts allowed. You can also set up branching to direct the students to the next slide if the answer is correct or to the explanation slide if they made an incorrect choice.

Visually appealing, a quiz can become even more attractive if you customize it according to the quiz topic or your students' age. Select an appropriate layout, change colors, and add backgrounds to make it truly engaging. Use quizzes made in iSpring QuizMaker that are placed to be taken during the lesson — they display and function accurately on desktop, tablet, laptop, and mobile devices.

Features: Add multimedia, limit test time, brand your quizzes with colors and styles

Age: 4+

Cost: Free 14-day trial, $370 per user/year

Devices: Windows and Web Browsers

Are you looking for a digital game-based quiz maker to boost student learning? Then, Quizizz can be a perfect bet. It is a one-stop platform where teachers can conduct pre-assessments, formative assessments, homework assignments, and post-assessments with fun in an engaging way for children of all age groups. 

Quizizz is a free quiz maker that allows teachers and educators to sign up and view thousands of ready-made learning quizzes or even create a new one. Students can engage in these group assignments and answer questions at their own pace. The after-quiz reports help teachers view what questions were answered correctly and incorrectly to assess students' performance. Furthermore, teachers can also customize their quizzes by adding fun memes displayed when a question is answered.

Key Features: Import public quizzes and edit them, LMS platform aligned

Age: Recommended for ages 9 and up

Cost: Free

Device: iOS, Android, Web, and Chrome Apps. 

Third, in our list of best quiz makers for teachers is an online tool – Quizalize, which makes the learning process fun and interactive. Quizalize is one of the most effective online test makers for both remote and real classrooms. It is game show-like quizzes and kid-friendly and colorful user interface ignite the passion for student learning.

Educators can easily create quizzes on this online tool to test the students' knowledge and track their performance over time in the Teacher Dashboards. Plus, teachers can also group children according to their learning gaps and assign different activities to students with different test scores. 

Key Features: Data for school leaders, Offline gameplay, Integration with ChatGPT 

Age: Students of all ages, from primary level to college/university.

Cost: Basic Version – Free, Premium Version for teachers – $5.75

Device: Web 

Our top recommendation goes to Quizlet, which offers just about everything both students and teachers will need in a quiz and flash card tool.

Whether you want to run a quick quiz game, create more in-depth assessments, or give students study tools for school and home, Quizlet is going to offer a good enough -- and often great -- experience. It's a jack-of-all-trades in the best way since it also has the polish of over a decade of thoughtful development and iteration. What started out as a pure flash card tool is now a fully featured platform for everything from studying to live games. Speaking of platforms: It's on all of them, so no matter what type of tech you've got, Quizlet will work.

Features: Play games with Quizlet flashcard sets

Age: 8+

Cost: Free

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Web

6. Gimkit

If you are looking for a quiz maker software that can boost student engagement, then Gimkit is the best choice. Created by a high school student, this online test maker is specially designed for teachers to engage students through a live session or remotely. 

Students can compete with each other while answering questions and earn virtual points. These points are further used to shop for powerups and upgrades. While upgrades help multiply their money faster, powerups slow down other players' performance. 

Teachers can create Gimkit games and quizzes in a few minutes and can use assignment feature to assign homework to students. Further, educators can view detailed student reports to know about what help do their students need further. In short, Gimkit is a perfect tool if teachers want their students to take charge of their learning.

Key Features: Quizlet integration, Live view with class progress

Age: 9 to 18

Cost: Free trial for 30 days, $4.99 per month, $59.88 per year

Device: Web 

7. Formative

Formative is a web-based assessment tool to monitor student learning. In this platform, teachers can upload their content in PDF, document, or Google Doc format. Or they can also embed content from other websites and ask students comprehensive questions to assess their understanding of the topic.

What makes Formative stand out from the rest is its variety of question formats and the teacher's ability to view their students' learning processes in real-time. This further enables the teachers to grade assignments either manually or automatically and also send students meaningful and thoughtful feedback.

Key Features: Easy for Formative Assessment, Transform PDF or Doc into auto-graded quiz

Age: 7+

Cost: Basic version – Free, Premium version - $12 per month

Device: Web 

8. Mentimeter

If you wish to engage your students with dynamic and interactive presentations, then Mentimeter is the app for you. This presentation tool enables the teachers to turn their classrooms into fun and engaging sessions. Teachers can quickly sign up on this quiz maker software, begin designing slides, and generate questions, polls, matrices, and more. Besides, educators can also add additional resources in the form of website links, images, and videos. 

Mentimeter allows teachers to address the needs of the students in real-time. This enables the students to make valuable interactions during the session instead of waiting until the teacher presents the entire lecture. Furthermore, teachers can evaluate the students' performance in more than 15 different ways, such as open-ended questions, Pie, Donut, Spider charts, Word Clouds, to name a few. 

Key Features: Creating simple polls during presentations, Generate great visual aids

Age: 4+ 

Cost: Basic version – Free, Premium version - $12 per month

Device: Web 

9. Plickers

Another free quiz app for teachers is Plickers, a classroom polling app that promotes formative assessment. In this app, teachers curate questions with text and images in various high-quality formats, such as multiple-choice, true/false, etc. These questions are then projected on the big screen, and students are asked to turn their cards (a "paper clicker") in the position that reflects the right answer. After that, teachers use smartphones or tablets to scan students' responses and assess their performance over time. 

Plickers is a discussion sparking tool that effectively gives a little extra push to students who usually hesitate to participate in class discussions. In short, it is a free card game activity that keeps students engaged throughout the session.

Key Features: Paper response cards for screen-free classrooms or limited tech classrooms

Age: 7+

Cost: Free

Device: iOS, Android, and Web

Socrative is a comprehensive formative assessment tool with a wide range of features that can enrich teaching and learning. Here, teachers can create a series of polls and quizzes around a topic, in the form of multiple-choice, true/false, one-sentence response, and so on. While images can be uploaded to a questionnaire, this web-app does not support audio or video files. 

Socrative's Quick Question feature allows students to answer questions in real-time and thus provide teachers with an opportunity to record classroom performance. Furthermore, students can also use Space Race, a collaborative feature where they can compete with one another to solve the quizzes designed by their teachers. The student or team who answers maximum questions correctly wins the race.

Key Features: Aligned with Common Core Standards, Offer multiple right answers option

Age: 4+ 

Cost: Basic Version – Free, Pro - $59.99 per year 

Device: iOS, Android, Web, and Chrome Apps

11. Question Pro

Question Pro is an online quiz maker that is designed with teachers in mind. It is easy to use a one-stop solution that provides tools for the creation, distribution, and analysis of quizzes, polls, and online surveys. Teachers can use pre-built templates and more than 30 question formats to create questionnaires used to assess the students' understanding of the subject or topic.

After designing the tests, educators distribute these to students via email and automatically gather results in an informative dashboard after the test is completed. Moreover, this software also allows educators to share the progress dashboard among students and other faculty members. 

Key Features: Customizable report theme, Response map, Real-time response collection

Age: 9+

Cost: Basic Version – Free, Advanced - $85 per month 

Device: Web 

12. Pro Profs

Last but not least, Pro Profs Quiz Maker is one of the leading quiz makers for teachers that comes with amazing features and a simplified user interface. It is a versatile platform that allows teachers to create delightful and interactive quizzes, online tests, and polls to improve students' learning process. Teachers can either design these tests from scratch or choose from 100,000+ customizable quizzes along with 10+ question types, including multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, etc. 

Once the quiz is created, teachers can easily share it via email or embed it on a website, blog, or even in public or private groups. Pro Profs also allows these quizzes to be prepared in 70+ languages. Furthermore, teachers can save their time by automating quiz grading and providing instant feedback to their students.

Key Features: Build assessments & quizzes automatically with AI, variety of templates for different industry

Age: 9+ 

Cost: Free trial for 15 days, Essentials pack - $0.25 per month, Premium pack - $0.50 per months 

Device: iOS, Android, and Web

In a nutshell, no matter their focus, all these tools are built to amp up student learning and engagement. If used properly, these tens apps and websites can surely help teachers and educators revolutionize their teaching methods of interacting with their class. When teachers know about their students' performance, they can easily adjust to meet them at their level. 


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