Public Speaking Apps

Public Speaking Apps

Public speaking is a common fear. The good news, however, is that this fear doesn't have to stop you from delivering an amazing speech. These public speaking apps can help you feel some calmness on stage while also better connecting with your audience...making you a more impactful public speaker.

These public speaking apps will help you nail your next speech or presentation that you give to a group of people.

1. VirtualSpeech - VR Courses VirtualSpeech

This VirtualSpeech app helps you practice your public speaking, by providing photo-realistic environments to train in. Features: realistic audience and environments, sound distractions, voice analysis, upload your own presentations, interactive courses.

The public speaking app - which is free, but offers premium features for a fee - provides you with an animated, 3D, 360 degree audience. The audience behaves in the same way as a real one would, helping you learn to deal with distraction and overcome your nerves.

Platform: Mobile, VR headsets

Category: VR app for practicing

2. Ummo

This apps magic extends beyond filler word detection. The app uses cutting-edge Speech Recognition and Speech Analysis algorithms to compute your speech fitness at the word level.

The Ummo app tracks your “Umm”s and “Uhh”s, pace, word power, clarity, and more. You can tell Ummo which words and phrases you want to track for repetition, as well as measure pace and clarity of your speech.

Platform: iPhone

Category: Personalised speech coach

3. LikeSo Say It Media

LikeSo is your personal speech coach. LikeSo is for your next presentation, interview, meeting, audition, date, debate–even your next conversation! Using voice recognition technology, the LikeSo speech app provides users with real-time analysis of their verbal skills. The app calculates an Articulate score grade (A+ thru Uh Oh!) based on a formula that looks at the percentage of non-filler words over total words spoken and your pace, with optimal pacing generally understood to be approximately 150 words per minute.

LikeSo offers an effective way to train against verbal habits and practice speaking articulately, confidently and without all of those 'likes' and 'so'. LikeSo provides a real-time analysis of your speech fitness, including optimal pacing for the fast or slow talker.

Platform: iPhone

Category: Personalised speech coach

4. Voice Analyst

Voice Analyst is one of the world's favourite voice analysis app, used in speech therapy clinics, research centres, universities and homes in over 120 countries.

Analyse your pitch and volume as you record your voice. You can then save or email your recordings for later analysis. The app provides immediate visual, acoustic and statistical feedback of voice quality so you know which areas to work on.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android

Category: Analyse your voice and pitch

5. Samsung BeFearless

This VR app is designed by Samsung to help you overcome your fear of public speaking. The app responds to your voice volume, speaking pace, eye contact, and heart rate. 

This public speaking app is a self-training VR program, consisting of 3 settings: School, Business and Daily Life. Each setting is comprised of 4 levels with 3 possible topics. To advance onto the next level, you must pass. Pass or fail is based on several scientific and medically proven criteria.

Platform: Gear VR

Category: VR app for practicing

6. The Art of Public Speaking App

If you want to learn and practice to improve your public speaking skill, this app will help you easily. The Art of Public Speaking app contains training tips, quotes and audio samples of speeches. It also contains the audiobook of The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie.

It contains a wealth of information on the voice, delivery, distinctness and much more.  If you need to do any type of public speaking, networking and small talk, pick up this book right away and start skimming.

Platform: Android

Category: App for speaking tips

Today, learning public speaking has never been easier. With so many online platforms available at your fingertips, you have a great deal of choice when choosing where and how to learn. 

This article should help you find the right resources to improve your public speaking skills. Make sure to commit to each course if you want to see results. 

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