Physics and Maths Tutors

Physics and Maths Tutors

Physics and Maths are two essential subjects that can give you skills and knowledge that will help you beyond the school years. Physics and Maths Tutors can provide personalised lessons and tests. They can make lessons fun with interesting maths questions or even amazing physics experiments.

With the help of an instructor outside of the classroom, online physics and maths tutoring can be a useful resource to help students grasp the subject. And, with several options on the internet, it is easy for learners to find a suitable tutor to work within their schedule and pace.

As physics and maths is a specialized course, it is important that the tutor is qualified and properly trained to be a subject matter expert. 

Here is the list of the best physics and maths tutor that can help your child learn.  

1. eTutorWorld

There are several factors that place eTutorWorld ahead when it comes to online physics and maths tutoring.

Prospective students first undergo the trademarked Learning by Design assessment, which evaluates the student’s competencies and pinpoints areas where there is room for improvement. The results of the assessment are used by the tutor to develop a personalized tutoring program for physics and maths.

Whichever tutor your child is matched with, they will be in good hands, as eTutorWorld has a thorough screening process, insists on correct certification, and ensures that all tutors have more than 400 hours of training and experience.

Individual physics tutoring is designed around a student's schedule and school calendar to provide more focus and support during test times and exam season. As the tutoring progresses, students will take scheduled tests and complete worksheets to record subject improvement. For solo work, there are free worksheets available for download from the site, regular ones to supplement schoolwork and tutoring, and an enrichment program to work through over the summer.

eTutorWorld has a new student special offering five sessions a month for about $114. Normal pricing starts at roughly $24 for one session (valid for a month) and goes up to around $949 for 50 sessions (valid for six months). There are also grade-appropriate worksheets and test practices starting at approximately $49 for one full-length test up to roughly $259 for 20 worksheets, two tests, five tutoring sessions, and a year of online access.

For quality physics and maths tutoring that is centered around the learner, eTutorWorld is an undisputed choice.

2. Khan Academy

As a nonprofit, Khan Academy was established to provide a world-class education for all students, even if their parents cannot afford to pay fees.

One of its cornerstones is empowering learners to find a sustainable study pace that works for them and using that method of learning to study in classrooms and while working alone.

As a global organization, Khan Academy offers all subjects in English but also has translations in Spanish and Portuguese with more languages in the pipeline. Each module studied has tests students can take to check their proficiency of that section. Tutoring sessions are logged on a personalized learning dashboard to track progress.

Having established strong foundations in physics, Khan Academy believes it is a part of a lifelong journey that can be applied to other subjects. With a library of physics resources including videos, articles, and exercises, students can study everything from matter and motion to energy and force.

While Khan Academy is free, parents who choose other physics tutoring services for their children can still support the service by donating to support its ongoing work.

3. TutorEye

TutorEye makes every effort to offer online physics and maths tutoring at a price that is budget-friendly without compromising on quality.

With this service, all carefully vetted tutors have a teaching license, and the majority have bachelor's, master's, or Ph.D. qualifications. These tutors are available around the clock for instruction or to assist with homework.

New physics learners on TutorEye get a free, 10-minute live lesson with an online tutor. In order to keep costs low, students only pay for the time they spend in the online physics and maths classroom. And, the instruction option offers live physics tutoring or homework help. Not to worry: Chats with physics tutors at any time are free.

For step-by-step written homework help, students set their own budget. Then, the tutor responds to notify them what kind of assistance they get for that price point.

Students who want to commit to long-term tutoring can choose from a few subscription plans that decrease in price by frequency. The monthly plans begin at about $50 for two hours, roughly $100 for five hours, and around $300 for 20 hours. Otherwise, there is a very affordable pay-as-you-go option charging around $15 per 30-minute session.

4. Club Z! Tutoring

Having a solid foundation from an early start is the best way to build your physics knowledge. And, understanding that every child absorbs knowledge differently is at the core of the work done by Club Z! Tutoring.

The service has developed a Z! tutor match system that carefully evaluates the academic standing, personality, and learning preference of the student, in order to match them with the right physics tutor.

After the instructor is matched with the student, they then start developing an individual study plan to guide one-on-one physics tutoring sessions. By carefully setting a solid foundation for learning, Club Z! Tutoring makes sure that even students who have never studied physics before are able to grasp the core concepts and build on that.

Club Z! Tutoring is so confident in the process that it claims students can increase two letter grades after just 60 days of studying. Pricing for sessions is not available on the website.

5. StudyPoint

Some students sign up for online physics tutoring with the intention of studying it further. In order to achieve this goal, they need to achieve good grades and score consistently well on tests. StudyPoint offers one-on-one tutoring to ensure every learner gets the attention they need to perform well.

After being matched with a tutor, the student goes through the curriculum aided by homework and practice test platforms. And, with college as the end goal, StudyPoint offers SAT and ACT preparation. It offers guarantees on both exams: If a student completes 30 hours of tutoring and does not improve their baseline score, then they will be provided an additional 18 hours of tutoring before the next exam. Prices for sessions are not available on the website.

Another resource offered by StudyPoint is admissions support in the form of college essay coaching and college counseling. It also has a directory of college and university profiles for students to browse before deciding where to apply and college admissions webinars that unpack common questions about the admissions process.

Learners wanting to improve their physics marks with the goal of pursuing higher learning should consider StudyPoint.

6. Varsity Tutors

At Varsity Tutors, pupils getting online physics and maths tutoring have the option to attend small group classes and enjoy learning with their peers.

Each class accommodates six to nine students so that they get enough attention from the tutor. And, online modules cover the fundamental principles of physics such as sound, energy, and waves.

Varsity Tutors also offers Fun group classes for Maths and Physics, a hands-on experiential course that teaches how to set up and record experiments, as well as learning about some famous physicists.

Additionally, during vacations or downtime, students are encouraged to join the free Physics of Amusement Parks class. This course examines how amusement parks apply the laws of force and motion to creating rides. When the class ends, students design a roller coaster based on what they learned.

Prices for tutoring sessions are not readily available on the website until you request a tutor. Prices for the small-group physics classes range from $14 to $25 an hour. There are even some free large-group classes available. If your child enjoys studying in a social environment, this is the right pick.

7. TutorMe

The main difference between online and in-person physics and maths tutoring is the ability to evaluate the tutor in real life and determine if they are a good fit.

TutorMe removes this uncertainty by hiring tutors from only the best universities, including Ivy League schools. The service is extremely selective in picking its educators, having only a 4% acceptance rate. Parents needing further reassurance can sign up for 30 minutes of free tutoring for all new students.

Students getting online physics tutoring from TutorMe connect in lesson spaces using a virtual whiteboard, screen sharing, a text editor, and the choice of an audio or video chat. All the lessons are available afterward to learners for further study. In the interest of promoting transparency, the tutor and student can rate each other after a lesson.

Around-the-clock tutoring offered by TutorMe is available as monthly packages: It's about $69 for two hours, around $119 for four hours, and approximately $209 for eight hours. There is also a pay-as-you-go system that costs $1 per minute.

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