Best Photo To Video Maker Apps

Best Photo To Video Maker Apps

Slideshow videos can turn any collection of photos into an amazing visual experience. Whether you want to compile family photos or use them to promote your business on social media - you will need a good video editing app to add a catchy music track and apply professional-looking effects easily.

Here is a selection of the best apps for making videos with pictures and music:

Video Maker with Music Editor

1. Video Maker with Music Editor

Video Maker with Music Editor - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

If you’re searching for a simple app that will let you throw some cool background music to your videos, download Video Maker with Music Editor. It doesn’t have a library of licensed popular songs, but it does have a vast amount of music tracks for everything from romantic films to rock parties. You can also record your voice over a video. It’s free to download, but a paid subscription will grant more access to music tracks and editing tools.

Iis the best way to create, edit and share amazing photo music videos and slide shows. With the help of this app, you can add pictures and video clips, and it has amazing free music clips.

Video Maker, one of the best iPhone apps for adding music to videos, has unlimited music tracks as well as video editing options and change the position of your music tracks. Speaking of background music categories, it includes party, cinematic, rock, romantic, sad, pop or relaxing, and many more. 

Devices: iOS, Android

If we missed any of the Best Photo To Video Maker Apps, tell us about them!

SmartSHOW 3D

2. SmartSHOW 3D

SmartSHOW 3D - 5 star rating


With SmartSHOW 3D, you can bring your photos, videos, and music together to create animated slideshows. Explore a wide range of possibilities with many professional templates and effects, allowing you to experiment and personalise your slideshow. Enhance your slideshows by adding voice comments, captions, title clips, and even 3D collages, making them truly captivating and engaging.

Many of the built-in templates animate your content alongside included graphical elements. You can mix video and still images in the same slideshow and even the same slide.

Devices: Windows

VideoShow Video Editor & Maker

3. VideoShow Video Editor & Maker

VideoShow Video Editor & Maker - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

VideoShow provides you great video editing features. You can create stunning videos with photos and music in a jiffy. Text, special effects, stickers, music, filters, sound effects and live dubbing allow you to make your videos beautiful, fun and beautiful.

This app allows you to make spark video combined with magic effects, popular themes, fantastic filters, specific doodle, gif memes, gif stickers, slide show animation and much hot music and many more. It is a professional editing tool that offers the best tool for a quick cut, merge, trim, split, reverse, duplicate, cut, rotate, convert, compress your clips, dub video and cut movie.

This application has more than 100 elaborate free themes, and you need to tap once to create an awesome music video or ideal slide show instantly. This app also offers you thousands of fully licensed music and allows you to add songs from your local drive.

Devices: iOS


4. Animoto

Animoto - 5 star rating

(iPhone, iPad)

Animoto’s slideshow maker is easy to use and quick to learn. Simply drag and drop your photos and video clips into our online slideshow creator and add text and music to tell your story. Once your video is complete share it with friends, family, or followers.

With hundreds of licensed music tracks and customizable animated templates to choose from, you can create a beautiful video using static images. Animoto's slideshow maker with music has everything you need to quickly customize your slideshow, including a library of 3,000+ licensed music tracks to help tell your story. Sort by genre, mood, and more to find the perfect song for your video.

Devices: iOS, Android

Pick SlideShow Movie Maker to create slideshows using your videos and pictures on your iPhone camera roll. Also, add background music to videos on iPhone and share the masterpiece with your friends and family.

It gives you the freedom to choose the mood and style of your own and create videos from precious moments of your life. The biggest benefit? It is quick to make videos and add your favorite music from the app’s gallery or your iPhone’s collection. 

Devices: iOS, Android

MoShow Slideshow Photo & Video

6. MoShow Slideshow Photo & Video

MoShow Slideshow Photo & Video - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

MoShow is a video show app that takes those photos and helps users to create something beautiful and meaningful, be it pictures from a trip, an event, selfies of the week, or even business promotions on social media. It includes dozens of different styles, editing tools, cool effects, and soundtracks for you to use. It’s free to download, with the option of upgrading to a subscription that gives you unlimited access to its features and removes the app’s watermark.

Use a single photo or a collection of pics and transform static shots into stunning instagram slideshow videos that stand out from the crowd.

Devices: iOS, Android

Movavi Video Editor

7. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Movavi Clips is an easy-to-use slideshow maker app available for both Android and iOS phones. You can use Movavi Clips to quickly transform your photos into unique photo slideshows. All you have to do is upload your photos and videos from your phone's gallery, add transition effects, and choose which musical background you want.
Use the built-in audio mixer to overlay the music you choose and adjust the music volume. Movavi Clips lets you easily create and upload Facebook and YouTube videos, as well as Instagram stories.

Devices: iOS, Android

Another great app for making artistic slideshows is SlideLab. Not only are there tons of cool photo filters to choose from, but this app also has a vast collection of transitions to make your slideshow seamless. Plus, you can add a song to the background from its music library or upload a track from your iTunes Library. This app free to download with the option to upgrade to a purchased version that removes the watermark.

This app has neat and clean user interface and allows you to make video easily. Here you can set images in the sequence as you like by drag and drop your videos and this app has many image filters and also allows adding text. With this app, you can even draw on image and can set its contrast and brightness and many more.

Devices: iOS

FilmoraGo-Video & Movie Editor

9. FilmoraGo-Video & Movie Editor

FilmoraGo-Video & Movie Editor - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

If you’re looking for a streamlined process for creating cool slideshows, look no further than FilmoraGo. With this app’s three-step process, all you have to do is select your photos, choose the music, add a filter, and share directly to the social media platform of your choice.

The app features a large library of licensed songs, as well as professional editing tools that are available when you upgrade to a subscription.

Devices: iOS, Android

Viva Video is a powerful slideshow maker and video editing app that you can use for creating and sharing awesome slideshow movies. This video editor has a number of useful features for better slideshows, including special effects, stickers, and a built-in music library.

Viva Video is available for free but with limited functionality. Subscribe to the VIP version for $6.99 per month to create higher-quality videos and remove watermarks.

Devices: iOS, Android

When you want to create attractive slideshows from photos and video clips on your phone or tablet, you have lots of options available. Check out all the recommended programs for your phone's platform, however, and decide which is the best for your particular needs.

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