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5 Best Phonics apps for kids
The key skill in phonics is to learn the letters and the sounds they make and how to put them together to make and read simple words.Our selection of phonics apps cover important phonics topics for a variety of ages and grade levels. From animal sounds to consonant blends to diphthongs to rhyming words, your child will find a variety of apps that fit his ability. 
Phonics apps are a great way for young learners to practice phonics lessons. Help your little ones practising the alphabetic principle and help them to read with these apps.
Kids Learn to Read

( Android - £1.92 )

Kids Learn to Read is an effective and fun phonics app for small children. Kids will enjoy the range of fun and colorful characters to play with and learn. The app allows the kids to learn via three modes : Learn to Blend, Try Reading and Make words. Kids Learn to Read teaches them letters, sounds and how to read words in an fun and immersive educational environment.

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Endless Alphabet

( iPad - £4.99 )

Endless Alphabet is a simple and very creative app with cute monsters and clever animations that provides interactive learning opportunities in reading, spelling, and vocabulary for toddlers and early learners. The app allows children to practice their alphabets and learning new words with animations demonstrating the meanings of the words in an unforgettable way .

ABC Phonics

( Android - Free )

ABC Phonics features letter pronunciation with three picture/words as an example of each letter and a sketch tool for drawing letters. The songs are very catchy and it seems to help the kids identify the letters and sounds a lot.

( Android - Free ) app provides access to all their educational content designed for preschool. Kids make their way through various learning paths, by learning about letters, numbers and other basic concepts by doing puzzles, playing games, or listening to songs. The learning content is clear and covers a wide variety of topics.

Phonics Genius

( iPad - Free )

Phonics Genius is a customizable flashcard-style app designed to help kids identify letter sounds and their relationship to words and has just about every conceivable phonetic combination presented in a high quality and completely enjoyable way. Phonics Genius is a great resource for building phonemic awareness and is best for kids who are emergent readers with previous reading experience.

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