Apps to convert PDF to Word

Apps to convert PDF to Word

Looking for a PDF to Word converter yet has no idea how to choose one? There are tons of online and offline PDF to Word converters all over the internet, each provides different service and conversion quality. You probably feel dazzling when you start picking a converting tool.

You may need to download and install apps to convert PDF to Word for a range of reasons. One of these is that turning PDF documents into Word format makes it easy to edit without having to spend more to buy an expensive PDF editing program.

To change PDF files to editable Word, Excel, PPT, Image, etc, we need a qualified PDF converter because we can't simply alter file format by magic.  

Here is the list of the best apps to convert PDF to Word so that the layout, structure, and graphics of your PDF files are not affected.

1. WorkinTool PDF Converter

WorkinTool is an easy-to-use PDF to Word converter. This tool can convert up to 4 files per conversion with a size limit of 50 MB. It works with local files only and does not have any cloud import function. You can simply add your PDF files and convert them to word documents. The converted files use the .doc file format. In case of batch conversion, you get the option to download each file individually and all files together packed in a single ZIP file.

It has a user-friendly interface with clear navigation. You can read PDFs, combine files, convert them, slit and compress them, and use it to do a lot more with PDF files in just a few clicks. There’s a lot you can do with this all-in-one desktop tool like add or remove watermarks, split or merge PDF files, convert PDFs to and from different formats, and so on. Its easy navigation and simple interface make it all the more attractive to the users.

It is compatible with macOS and Windows.

Price: Free / Premium

Best for: converting PDF files to various formats like Word, Excel, Image files, PowerPoint, etc.

2. pdfFiller

Simple, fast, and free are the three things that come to mind when you think of pdfFiller’s PDF conversion capabilities. You start by uploading the document straight to the platform’s online dashboard, selecting the output format and destination, and finally hitting the save button to execute the process.

What makes pdfFiller special is that this is one of those platforms that allows you to make edits if needed. You can easily convert PDF files into editable documents with just a few clicks using pdfFiller.

pdfFiller is simple and free to use. You’ll have absolutely no problem converting a PDF file into any other format or taking a file of another format and converting it into a PDF. Besides this, you can also use this platform for some impressive PDF editing work.

Price: Basic plan: $8 per month, Plus Plan: $12 per month, Premium Plan: $15 per month. All plans are billed annually. A 30-day free trial is also available.

Best for: Converting PDF files into word, excel, PPT, and jpeg.

3. Adobe PDF

As an entity responsible for the invention of PDF in the first place, what better option can there be to convert a PDF than Adobe itself. Adobe offers a robust and comprehensive interface to easily convert any PDF file in no time.

The editable file you get is a flawless copy of the original, with no misplaced words, alignments, or margins. The process for conversion is also very simple. You can either click the ‘select a file button’ on its main page, or simply drag and drop the file you would like converted.

Once selected, Adobe will automatically start the conversion process. Your editable Word file will be saved in your desired folder on the device. You can also try the premium version to convert a Microsoft 365 file, rotate or split PDF file or copy HTML, TXT, and other formats to PDF.

Adobe qualifies as one of the best PDF to Word converters on the merit of its name alone. The fact that it also performs this task impeccably only makes us recommend it more.

Price: Free, 7-day free trial, $9 per month for the Basic pack, and $14 per month for the Pro pack.

Best for: Fast and Efficient PDF to Word Conversion.

4. iLovePDF

iLovePDF is a fantastic looking tool, that lives up to its advanced aesthetics to offer a very powerful PDF processing tool. The tool performs the task of converting a PDF file into an editable Word file very easily.

The two-step procedure simply requires you to select the file you want to be converted, choose the format you want it to be converted in, and wait for the end result.

Apart from the word, you can convert your PDF into a number of usable formats including JPEG, Powerpoint, and Excel. Not just conversion, you can also perform tasks like PDF merge, compression, and Split a PDF with the help of iLovePDF.

Verdict: iLovePDF is an unbelievable tool when it comes to free software available for conversion. Not only you can convert your PDF file into any format you desire, but also perform a variety of other processing features with the utmost ease.

Price: Free

Best for: Powerful and Fast PDF Processing.

5. Smallpdf

Smallpdf lives up to its name by offering a very simple, yet advanced tool to convert your PDF files to Doc. The simple Drag and Drop feature allows you to drop any PDF file you like for conversion. The documents are processed without any compromise in quality, and the users can expect a top-quality end result in no time.

Perhaps the feature that really sells Smallpdf, is its ability to perform cloud conversions. Smallpdf is powered by many servers in the cloud that do nothing other than convert PDF to Word files with ease. It also has a very stringent privacy policy in place to ensure that your documents are safe and secure at all times.

Smallpdf offers an immaculate interface for agile PDF to Word file conversion. It’s an additional offering of cloud conversion and its commitment to user privacy makes this tool worth a try.

Price: 7-day free trial, $12 per month.

Best for: Quick and Easy Cloud Conversion.

6. PDF2Go

PDF2Go is the ideal PDF to word conversion, mostly because it not only converts your PDF files but also offers you a number of pragmatic processing features to play with. The PDF to word conversion is pretty simple. Just upload the file, select the format output, and the file is converted without any page errors.

The tool also uses OCR intuitively to make edits in the scanned document directly. Apart from the above features the tool is also great for PDF Split and Merge, compression into your desired size, and repairing, optimizing, and rotating a PDF.

PDF2Go offers a giant platter of features for everyone who needs to process their PDFs with ease. The task of PDF conversion to the word itself is almost flawless and comprehensive. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Price: Free version, 5.50 euros per month, 44 euros annual subscription.

Best for: PDF to Word Conversion and Vice Versa.

7. PDF to DOC

This free online PDF to DOC converter allows you to save a PDF file as an editable document in Microsoft Word DOC format, ensuring better quality than many other converters.

The tool offers a very basic interface to convert your PDF file into an editable Doc file. You simply upload the file and wait for the conversion process to finish. Your editable Doc will be waiting for you in your desired folder on the device.

Apart from this, you can easily switch to avail the other features such as compression or merging from the home page itself. The tool helps you to upload up to 20 PDF files at a time for conversion.

PDF to DOC is simple and free to use. This is perhaps the best thing to go for it. Despite being free, it doesn’t assault its users with annoying ads or requests for registration. It gets to the point quickly and this is why it has our highest recommendation.

Price: Free

Best for: Simple PDF Conversion and compression.

8. PDF to Word Converter

Don’t be fooled by its generic looks, PDF Converter has garnered a huge loyal user base – thanks to its simplistic and powerful PDF processing capabilities. The tool follows the tried and tested two-step formula for PDF conversion into Word or any other format for that matter.

However, its biggest strength lies in the extent that it goes to protect a user’s file or document. PDF converter uses 256 bit SSL encryption to keep your files secure. Plus, it also deletes your file from its database upon completion of your task.

PDF Converter is more powerful & robust and has the receipts to show for its performance. It can perform your conversion, compression, and other PDF processing tasks with phenomenal ease and hence is worth a try.

Price: $6 per month, $50 per year, $ 99-lifetime version.

Best for: Agile PDF Conversion and Processing.

9. Nitro PDF

Nitro Pro contains export functionality that allows you to convert PDF files into Microsoft Word documents (. DOCX files) enabling you to easily and reliably re-purpose your content in Microsoft Word. You can convert a range of pages, whole files, or whole collections of files in a single task.

This free PDF converter converts text accurately but images are sometimes distorted in the output file. This tool is best suited for the most cynical users for their peace of mind. As it is ultimately time-consuming, we would not recommend it for more casual users.

There is a free version of this tool available for 14 days. You can however get more advanced features by paying a special fee.

Price: 14 Day Free Trial, $127.20 onetime fee.

Best for: Extra Cautious PDF Conversion.

10. Simply PDF

Simply PDF has a garish interface that can turn people off. However, if you are willing to look beyond the surface, then you will find a tool that performs its task with spectacular finesse. With the help of a simple two-step conversion process, the tool can help you convert PDF into an editable Word or Powerpoint and Excel format.

The quality of conversion itself is top-notch, with no misplaced margins or alignments in the transition. The tool is powered by a robust OCR feature that helps it detect hyperlinks, tables, and images in the file, which it extracts for the purpose of flawless conversion. In addition to this, the tool works perfectly across Windows and Mac devices.

Simply PDF excels as it offers users the freedom to process unlimited PDF files in no time. It is easy to use and absolutely free. This should be enough for those who do not like its initial presentation.

Price: Free

Best for: Quick and Quality PDF Conversion.Q

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you look for in a PDF to Word converter?

Multiple Conversion Formats - The apps to convert PDF to Word converters should provide you with a great toolset, enabling you to convert PDF documents to a variety of different formats for any occasion.

Security - In PDF to Word converters, look for the ability to protect documents with passwords, restrict user permissions, and consider whether you want to perform your conversions online, or on your local computer.

Extract/Editing - It's handy to have features which allow you to extract certain text or images from a PDF document.

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