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Our 5 Best Musical Apps to Aid Learning

Music aids learning.

Music is a powerful and effective way to engage children and music is universally a positive force for learning! It has been shown to relax, aid memory consolidation and make young brains more receptive to learning new information. It's a shame that music education has been squeezed from many schools but there are ways to bring music into your home or school in some unique and creative ways, using apps! 
Here are our top 5 musical apps to aid learning:

( iPad - £0.79 )

The FunSongs app is an interactive addition to a large well-established range of FunSongs teaching resources, which aim to teach children English using action songs to increase their English vocabulary. It is worth visiting the FunSongs website before starting to use this app, is it provides useful background information and a wealth of ideas and resources.

Little Fox Music Box is a beautiful, fun sing-along songbook for children aged 2-6. It features 3 songs: Old Macdonald Had a Farm, London Bridge and Evening Song, and has more than 100 interactive elements which children can enjoy discovering. There is also the ‘Fox Music Studio’ where children can make their own songs. 

Rockford’s Rock Opera Parts 1 to 4 app is an inspiring musical story created by Matthew Sweetapple, Steve Punt and Elaine Sweetapple. The app uses stunning graphics, animation and music to teach students about extinction, ecology and biodiversity. Join Rockford the dog and his owner Moog on their travels as they discover new animals and places in this truly magical adventure. 

Boj - Musical Mayhem

( iPad - £2.49 )

From the Cbeebies series Boj, a collection of interactive appbooks have been created to share the experience and to engage children in reading whilst exploring the world around them. Boj- Musical Mayhem is a fun and musical appbook aimed at the younger years captivating them in the story whilst encouraging them to develop their reading skills with a read-along transcript of what the story is about. With two modes for children who are still developing their reading skills and more confident readers it is able to tailor to the different needs of young children.

Maths Rockx EDU - Times Tables!

( Android - £9.99 , iPad - £9.99 )

Maths Rockx mashes together maths and music to inspire kids to learn the times tables in a unique and upbeat manner.  The students sing along to popular tunes but with the original lyrics replaced by the list of multiplications from 2 to 12. The songs on offer are from top names in the music industry such as Pharell Williams, Pink and One Direction (for those of us a little out of touch with what the kids listen to, this is quite a big deal!). There is even the odd classic thrown in, like Jerry Lee Lewis’ ‘Great balls of fire’ for the two times table.

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