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Our 5 Best Geography Apps

Apps lend themselves really well to opening up discussion and learning around topics of Geography (both human and physical and world). With interaction and game-play to allow for fun and collaborative interactions between pupils, there is huge opportunity for you to incorporate geography apps in your lessons and at home. 

Here are our best Geography apps to use at home on in the classroom!

The Geo Challenge app gives students a fun way of learning about geographical details. This interactive app provides a collection of games that provide young ones an easy way to understand about the geographical data. The user can create a user profile and take an adventure on the three game mode options. The spinning globe enables students to explore the countries and details such as flags, capitals and population. The other options are to learn about flags using the flash cards and questions and also to learn about shapes of the countries using the jigsaw mode.The app retains the users profile for scoring and is available in two languages. User instructions and settings can be modified in detail. This is a beautifully presented app with some nice flowing features. 

Planet Geo - geography App is a game and information app that tests students knowledge of many countries, dozens of cities, and UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, in eight language. Students are given the option to play up to 6 interactive games.

1. Geo book icon - general information about all countries including population, capitals, flag, national anthem and position on a global map.
2. New York to Paris icon - students are given the chance to test their knowledge on capitals and cities of the world.
3.  Maps in a box icon - this will test the students knowledge of which countries fit into certain regions such as Africa, Oceania, Europe etc. Their are three levels of difficulty here.
4. Flag icon - this tests the students knowledge by matching flags to countries.
5. Jigsaw icon - a  jigsaw is used to test students ability to place certain countries within a map. There are two levels of difficulty here.
6. Landmark icon - this part of the app test students ability to match UNESCO's world heritage sites with their place and region.
There are a lot of activities here, and lots of content contained within the activities, but the focus is primarily on surface-level learning. With eight languages options, Planet Geo can also be a good geography app choice for multilingual kids or ELL students, or in a world languages class.

I Am Learning Key Stage 2 Geography is an entertaining and engaging game based revision and assessment tool, which is proven to raise achievement according to the developer's website. Merging interactive games with official curriculum content - and featuring over 1100 unique questions - I Am Learning Key Stage 2 Geography allows users to access constructive revision anytime, anywhere, covering all major topic areas making revision fun. The two interactive games incorporated with football and whack a Monkey are great fun and push the learner to complete the revision sections. The app is very easy to use, well presented and geared directly at the curriculum.

Test your Geography knowledge in through 8 educational games and challenge yourself and your friends. 

This great Geography app tests your knowledge across 8 interactive gaming rounds and includes features on Flags, Maps, Capitals and Country locations on the map. 

GeoBee Challenge by National Geographic is one of our favourite geography apps. It is not an app for beginners and even though the app is aimed at kids age 9 to 13 some of the tests could be really challenging even for the geography enthusiasts. Kids can use it as an assessment tool used to test their knowledge of world geography and to identify locations on a world map. The only critique is that during our review the app stopped unexpectedly twice and needs an update that will remove discontinued features like Open Feint. The app may inspire children to compete in the real life competition and has received a 4 star EAS Certification.

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