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Our 5 Best Apps for Teaching Through Fun!

We know that learning should be an enjoyable experience. Our brains are hard-wired to remember experiences that we have found pleasurable, and so children generally learn much better - and are more engaged - when they are having fun. Creating an environment that is conductive to fun makes children relaxed and open to learning new information. 

Winston Churchill once said, “Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught”. I'm sure he would not have said that if he was being taught in your classroom! Joking aside, learning is more effective - and altogether a more enjoyable experience if fun is factored in. Enjoyment has a positive effect on motivation levels, impacting what is learnt and how much is retained. 

Here are some of our best apps which balance fun with educational value: 
Miniwalla the forest story

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Children love stories, catchy tunes, and characters that they can relate to. This app, a cross between a book and an animation, contains all of these. It is split into different chapters that each tell a story centred around Miniwalla - an animal sanctuary on the island of Java.
The stories each teach a lesson. Children following the vibrantly  illustrated chapters learn about the environment and animals as well as being prompted to think about their own behaviour and how they relate to other people. It is by no means a resource to teach science but it mentions various facts and issues relevant to the subject and is educational as well as entertaining.

Super Duper StoryMaker

( iPhone, iPad )

Remember when you were at school and you used to have to write little projects with pictures about what you did during the holidays or, you had to write a creative story with illustrations? Those were the fun projects that teachers used to provide you with so that you could engage and practice your writing skills as much as possible.  This app makes this process really enjoyable. 

There is a whole range of things that you can create; the limit is your imagination. The developers state that you can create photo albums, special occasion cards, comic books and stories – to name a few examples. Another usage would be for family collaborative learning. 

One of the great things about this app is that you can share your creations on social media and via email so that children can share their work with teachers, parents,  family `or their friends.

Envision Art

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Envision Art is absolutely crammed to the brim with fully narrated animations bringing the educational content to life in humorous and entertaining ways.

Part of a series of apps dealing with art in all of its aspects, history, inspiration, technique and so on, one of its trademarks is the imaginative and effective ways that it utilises its animation and characters to teach.  

Early on an example of such a clever idea occurs.  It uses a stylised version of Grant Wood’s famous American Gothic painting to show how just the subjects’ eyes can change the whole meaning of the picture and its relationship with the viewer.  This occurs in the first section of the app, regarding eyes, but similarly smart ideas permeate the other three sections that deal with movement in art, emphasis and portraits. It's a first rate fun-filling app!

Operation Math™

( iPhone, iPad )

Operation Math is a fun and engaging app that can help children practise drills related to the 4 number operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children must help to defeat Dr. Odd by completing timed missions at 3 different levels. There is also a training mode where children can practise answering questions and gain confidence in the skill. Children are rewarded with watches and uniforms to motivate them to keep playing.

Squeebles Word Search

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Squeebles Word Search will help children to learn how to spell key words while having fun! This app allows parents and teachers to create fully customised word searches with words the kids have to practice spelling or recognising, but if you prefer, the app also contains 20 ready-made word searches with nearly 1000 built in words. There is also a mini game where children can earn turns by completing the word searches.