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Our 5 Best Apps for Teaching and Learning Vocabulary!

Use our top 5 apps to achieve vocabulary victory!

Words are the building blocks of the English language and having a wide-ranging vocabulary of words is so important to improving both spoken and written English language. Introducing new words, and helping students to use them to improve their vocabulary (at any age), will equip them for writing; help them express themselves more successfully and - in turn - help improve their grades.

Helping students to expand their repertoire of both spoken and written works (those that are native speakers and those learning English as an additional language) is so important to their confidence as speakers and their ability to express themselves through their writing. 

There are a number of first-rate apps that you can use with your class, to help them improve their vocabulary. Use our top 5 to achieve vocabulary victory with your students:

SMART Vocabulary

( iPad - £4.99 )

Smart Vocabulary is an app aimed at growing and refining a student's range of vocabulary in preparation for college entrance tests but anybody who would like to expand their knowledge of lesser-used words could also learn a lot from it. Smart Vocabulary is designed around preparing students for the language component of the SAT. To this end, it covers 440 words selected by their likelihood of appearing on this test. It is a good selection not only for the purposes of the tests but because they are also useful words to know how to use correctly.

11+ Vocabulary Builder

( Android - £2.99 , iPad - £2.29 )

Divided into sections such as alphabetical order, compound words, synonyms and antonyms this quiz based app allows children to develop skills needed to complete the 11+ exam verbal reasoning assessment. The simplicity of this app is a strength. It allows children to focus on aspects of the verbal reasoning paper and to revisit them as often as needed to grasp the concept.

Let's Expand Vocabulary

( iPad - £4.99 )

Let's Expand Vocabulary introduces new words to children and reinforces their existing vocabulary. Four, simple to play mini games are accompanied by clearly spoken words that, through repetition, help children to remember and categorize them. Let’s Expand Vocabulary is designed for children and young people who may experience some form of speak or language delay.

Word SLapPs Vocabulary

( iPad - £3.99 )

Word SlapPs can be used to teach receptive vocabulary specific to a child’s world with the images that a parent or teacher can choose. They can easily upload and save photos into customizable categories, pair them with your recorded questions or share with others. Children touch target images and are rewarded with sounds and/or visuals.

English Word Smart is a vocabulary builder for native English speakers. Users can learn over 300 of the most difficult, but useful words in the English language, in context and with sound. Every vocabulary word has an example sentence and the facility to listen to the pronunciation.

SAT Vocab by MindSnacks

( iPad - Free )

More than just a vocab builder, this app replaces the tedious flashcards used in traditional learning apps with rich and unique games. That means your students will enjoy learning such things as antonyms, context and spelling, all while boosting their ever-expanding vocabulary. The app includes one free lesson before upgrade to activate all 25 lessons. Before you know it, you’ll be flexing all sorts of vocabulary muscles you never even knew existed!

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