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Our 5 Best Apps for Super Spelling!

Make spelling spectacular, using apps!

Spelling is an important skill that children need to master, but one which can be a struggle for many. It's an area of literacy that is really well suited to apps - with many educational apps enhancing a student's spelling experience through helping to make spelling practice: fun, interactive and memorable.  

There are a lot of super spelling apps that you can use with your students, either at home or in the classroom, from younger children up to older spellers to help improve spelling ability. Here are our top five best apps to help you make spelling spectacular: 

Fight the enemy by spelling words correctly. The app is not only about spelling, it also teaches children each word definition, etymology and the right pronunciation by using recorded audio files (headphones might be useful). Spelling Hero Game includes difficult words and can be used by teachers in English lessons and spelling competitions.

Spelling Hangman is a fun and easy to use app that will come in handy for young children when preparing for spelling classes. It’s fair to say that the app can be easily used in the classroom or at home and incorporated in the regular curricula. The app receives a 4 star EAS Certification.

Squeebles Spelling Test is a fun and interactive app that features all the familiar characters from the ‘Squeebles’ series. Parents and teachers have access to a number of features within the app that can help with teaching and learning. This includes the ability to track the progress of multiple players, set up tests for groups of students, and upload spelling lists recording the audio of the word for children to hear. This app will keep students entertained whilst doing spelling tests, give them feedback, and allow them to earn stars that unlock characters in the game. This app has three test modes and an engaging mini-game to assist with ongoing learning.

This is an interactive app that is well thought out and targets all the necessary skills needed to help children in learning how to spell. It is organized into four, ten week terms and each spelling list is organized according to letter sound patterns and word family groups.  There are six interactive spelling games to suit different learning styles and to provide children with plenty of practice.

Often curriculum apps try and incorporate a game play style within their apps to differing successes however Spellwick goes about this the other way with the developers creating a fully fledged game that also has the added bonus of helping young people to improve their spellings. In this app it certainly works and works very well as this is the type of app that you would enjoy playing on no matter what your reasons were: educationally or not.

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