Best Spelling Apps for Kids

Best Spelling Apps

Practicing spelling doesn't have to be a chore when you have access to our vibrantly animated and interactive spelling apps. From spelling tests to custom word lists, there’s a spelling app to challenge and excite any young learner.

Spelling apps are a fun way to help children learn how to spell words and improve their spelling skills. These spelling games make spelling words easier and more enjoyable for children.

It is important to teach spelling and practice spelling words regularly to ensure that your kids master this critical skill at a young age. It's an area of literacy that is perfect for apps - with many educational apps enhancing a student's spelling experience by helping to make spelling practice: fun, interactive and memorable. 

We’ve identified the following spelling apps to help your children become expert spelling bees in no time. These spelling apps make learning how to spell fun and effective. The apps can be used with your students, either at home or in the classroom, from younger children up to more advanced spellers.

From interactive spelling games to quizzes, puzzles to activities, check out the best spelling apps for kids to help them improve their spelling.

Smart Tales: Kids ABC Learning

1. Smart Tales: Kids ABC Learning

Smart Tales: Kids ABC Learning - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Smart Tales helps kids learn spelling and word lists. It uses child-friendly stories to teach the learning and adds games and activities to keep kids interested. The stories are linked to curriculum content that covers basic knowledge and early literacy skills. Smart Tales also rewards kids with stickers of characters.


  • Personalised program of study to match child's needs
  • Parental/Teacher support such as usage tracking and printable content


  • Not enough offline activities and games

Ideal age: 2 to 6

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android

Price: 7-day free trial with monthly or annual subscription options

If we missed any of the Best Spelling Apps for Kids, tell us about them!

Spelling Bee Games & Tests

2. Spelling Bee Games & Tests

Spelling Bee Games & Tests - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Spelling Bee Games & Tests is a spelling app for kids to manage and practice the spelling lists given by their teachers. It has built-in word lists to practice and makes it easy to import custom word lists.

Spelling Bee makes spelling fun and easy for kids with games like hangman and word searches. The built-in word lists match different grade levels.


  • Seamless integration of teacher's word lists in the app
  • Provides detailed feedback for parents on children's correct words


  • Review prompt interrupts app use

Ideal age: 5 to 11

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Reading Eggs

3. Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Reading Eggs is a fun spelling game that teaches kids how to spell. Your child can choose from 10 interactive spelling games – each reinforcing a different literacy skill, including proofreading, word endings and plurals, compound words, syllables and much more.

Reading Eggs spelling apps for ages 6 to 12 is a fun and motivational way to teach kids how to spell. This app will boost your child’s confidence with spelling, help expand their vocabulary, and develop their key literacy skills as they progress through an extensive collection of challenging words, spelling activities, and contexts.


  • Aligned to Common Core Standards
  • Access to interactive lessons, printable worksheets, books
  • Customized lessons matching child's ability
  • Motivational rewards for continued engagement
  • Instant progress tracking reports


  • App prone to freezing and loading problems

Ideal age: 2-13

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows tablets, Chromebooks, PC / Mac

Price: 30-day free trial with monthly or annual options (access up to 4 children)


4. DoodleSpell

DoodleSpell - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

DoodleSpell is a great app that allows kids to practice their spelling words with fun interactive mini games. DoodleSpell builds the spelling confidence of your 5-11 year old with a personalised spelling program for each child tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.

You can also make your own word lists through the teacher dashboard and they will show up in the app, allowing children to learn them through a variety of different question styles.


  • Aligned to Common Core Standards
  • Thousands of interactive exercises and online games
  • Easy-to-view online dashboard for child's activity tracking
  • Individual, group, and class-level progress monitoring
  • Virtual rewards enhance math practice enjoyment


  • Layout problems specifically observed on Android devices

Ideal age: 5-10

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android and Web browsers

Price: 7-day free trial with monthly or annual options


5. Spellwizards

Spellwizards - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Spell Wizards is a dynamic and engaging app designed for primary-aged children, making learning to spell enjoyable. It offers an adventurous way to enhance spelling skills and allows users to create customized spelling tests. Tailored for ages 4-11, this user-friendly app supports classroom learning, providing a fun and effective tool for teachers, parents, and schools.


  • Teacher tools for setting weekly spellings, aiding planning and assessments
  • Parental access to individual child's progress and weekly email reports
  • Not expensive


  • Awareness needed for differences between UK and US English

Ideal age: 3 to 11

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Web

Price: Free (limited content) with subscription options for premium features

Spelling Shed

6. Spelling Shed

Spelling Shed - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Spelling Shed is a fun spelling game for ages 5 to 11 that offers spelling practice at different skill levels. This app is designed by a team of Primary school teachers. It is made for students, teachers and parents and aims to make spelling enjoyable for students and easy for adults to manage.


  • Four levels of practice, from hearing to spelling complex words
  • Includes leaderboards for schools, not individuals


  • Frequent app crashes

Ideal age: 5-11

Devices: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Price: Free to try

Squeebles Spelling Test

7. Squeebles Spelling Test

Squeebles Spelling Test - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Squeebles Spelling Test is a spelling practice app that features all the familiar characters from the Squeebles series. This spelling game guides your child so they can learn to write, read and spell.

The app offers teachers and parents multiple features to aid in teaching and learning spelling. You can track the progress of multiple players, set up tests for groups of students, and upload spelling lists with the audio of the word for children to hear. This app will make spelling tests fun and give feedback and stars to unlock characters in the game.


  • Create custom spelling tests with audio recordings or access over 200 pre-recorded tests spanning 5 difficulty levels
  • Customize each child's experience for tailored learning
  • Access individual performance statistics showing test scores


  • App may exhibit varied performance on different devices 

Ideal age: 5-11

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire

Price: $4.99

Sir Linkalot Spelling

8. Sir Linkalot Spelling

Sir Linkalot Spelling - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Sir Linkalot Spelling is an entertaining and effective app for helping children improve their spelling skills. It has many animations that help children learn about words and how to spell them.

This app helps children learn, remember and recall the spelling of 150 common words that they need to know. This spelling game also helps kids with dyslexia and ESL students learn to spell. Sir Linkalot's multi-sensory app enhances spelling for students of all ages.


  • Information presented with fun animated videos
  • Perfect revision for spelling, punctuation and grammar tests


  • No way to play without subscribing 

Ideal age: 4-13

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android

Price: 7-day free trial for parents, one month trial for schools

A game based spelling app to help your students or kids improve their spelling skills. The app helps with the spelling of nearly 300 of the most common words in the English language and improves the vocabulary of the users. Spellwick helps kids improve spelling through pre-made or custom lists and word building. It also helps in improving the spelling of high-frequency words.


  • Aligned to Common Core Standards, UK National Curriculum
  • Lots of supporting resources


  • Voice-over is little jarring

Ideal age: 5-11

Devices: iPhone, iPad

Price: Free

Buzzy Bee Spelling

10. Buzzy Bee Spelling

Buzzy Bee Spelling - 5 star rating

(iPhone, iPad)

Buzzy Bee Spelling lets kids enter spelling lists into the app by typing them in, importing them from a photo or scanning them with their device's camera. These words are then used for different learning activities for kids to learn how to spell them. The app also adds definitions and pronunciations to make it more educational.


  • Monitor kids usage using statistics page
  • Ideal for homeschooling parents


  • No parental lock for features

Ideal age: 3-11

Devices: iOS

Price: 30-day free trial then subscribe

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my child's spelling?

Help kids learn the rules underpinning the correct spelling of words, especially those that turn singular words into plurals. Many words in the English language are exceptions to rules, so highlight them when reading with your kids.  Practice lots!

Why do kids struggle with spelling?

Kids who do not read much often struggle with spelling because they don't absorb the written words as frequently. It can also signify a deeper learning issue, such as dyslexia or ADHD. Ask your child's teacher or Special Educational Needs specialist if in doubt.

How can I help my child get better at spelling?

One way to help children improve their spelling is to play spelling games with them. These games can make learning fun and challenging, and also reinforce the word lists that their teacher assigns for spelling tests. Another way to boost children's spelling ability is to encourage them to read more books, magazines, comics, or anything that interests them. Finally, parents should look for any obstacles that might prevent children from writing, such as poor grips on pens and pencils, or lack of motivation. By helping children develop a good writing technique.

From iPhone to iPad and Android tablets, and from preschool to middle school and high school, there are many spelling apps and games that are great for students. These fun and simple spelling games and apps help you teach your child spelling words and improve their confidence.

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