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Our 5 Best Apps for Memorable History Lessons!

History can be brought to life, using apps!

Making history come alive in the here-and-now can be a bit of a challenge, but there are lots of super apps that can help you do just that. Learning about people and events in the past is fascinating to students, whether is be historical 'greats' such as the Great Fire of London, the American Forefathers, the World Wars or finding facts out about ancient historical civilisations. 

Apps can provide a great way for children to interact with times and places past, and can really bring history into the present plan for some memorable history lessons this term using our top 5 History apps:

World War One - WW1 For Kids

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Learn about WW1 using this super app which offers a narrated and embellished timeline, taking its users through the events and background. It uses both written and narrated methods of teaching about the war as well as some animations for further explanation. It's a super World War One resource for either home or school as it gives a broad overview and is highly engaging for children of all ages.

The Great Inventors

( iPhone, iPad )

The Great Inventors is a fantastic looking app, that has a wealth of super content and that encourages children’s curiosity to learn about the most important inventions and those who made them a reality.  With all text also spoken this app is ideal for younger children as they start to learn about history and those that make it. 

The Vikings - History For Kids

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Learn all about Vikings through this great app, which operates as an interactive eBook. Animated pages and some cute interactivity provide extra interest and children are encouraged to read and learn more about the history of the Scandinavian invaders of Britain. A super resource to support learning about the Vikings in both home and school and great for younger children.

Packed full of interesting and useful information about ancient Greece, this magazine-style app makes a great reference for learning about history and also just for general reading. In addition to the magazine section there are also a few interactive activities and it's suitable for children up to around 14 years of age. 

Knights and Castles

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Look back to medieval times by learning all about the chivalric orders of knights and the castles that dotted the landscape of the time. Essentially an eBook, this app also includes some interactive elements, some simple games and the facility to easily search through it.