Music Making Apps

Music Making Apps

Music-making apps can turn a built-in microphone into a makeshift tape machine or a turn touch screen into a software instrument all while benefiting from interconnectivity for collaboration and beyond!

Not too long ago, making an entire track on your phone may have felt like a pipe dream. However, rapid advancements in technology have enabled music making apps to become exponentially more powerful - and they’re continuing to evolve every day. 

It’s no surprise that todays producers regularly use music production apps. There’s even a handful of hit songs that were originally written on smartphones.

Here’s the list of the best music-making apps for iOS and Android.

1. GarageBand

GarageBand is Apple's free music creation app that comes preloaded on Macs, iPhones, and iPads. GarageBand operates like a fully equipped music studio, giving you a library of lessons and sounds that include percussion, rhythm, and vocals.

Apple's music creation studio has a sound library composed of instrument presets, synths, loops, and more. Novice musicians to veteran engineers have flocked to the digital studio for its accessible and up-to-date way of creating music.

Whether you want to produce multitrack recordings with your phone mic, write electronic music with virtual synthesizers or mix a track together—you can do pretty much anything with Garageband.

You can even connect external interfaces that accept proper microphone inputs for more advanced recording on-the-go. If you’re an iOS user, the undisputed best app for music making is GarageBand for iOS.

Devices: iOS

2. Medly

Medly is a free and easy-to-use music making apps for iOS devices. With this app, you can unleash your creativity even if you’re not experienced in music production. To start off, you simply need to select one of the available instruments, and use the intuitive drag and drop feature to place your 8-bit tones.

There are loads of in-built sound effects and filters to add an extra layer of quality to your creations. There are 16 instruments that you can use in the free version, and the affordable premium version allows much more flexibility.

Medly is an app for capturing musical ideas and building them into finished works that you can share. You don't need to be able to read or write musical score and a helpful tips and tricks section will guide you on how to elongate or increase the volume of notes, duplicate or move notes.

Devices: iOS

3. BandLab

BandLab is an amazing free music creation and music recording application that more than 50 million users use worldwide. You can create music irrespective of your skills and background. It comes with a multitrack studio using which you can make, edit, and remix your music.

It lets you add creative effects, make beats, and use samples and loops from their royalty-free soundtracks. These sound packs come from genres such as dubstep, EDM, hip-hop, garage, rock, house, rap, etc.

BandLab also has a social networking feature that lets you find new friends. You can also start a band with fellow musicians or connect with collaborators.

Here you come across 180+ vocal/bass/guitar effects, 330+ virtual MIDI instruments, looper, video mix, and more exciting features.

Devices: iOS, Android and Web Browsers

4. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is a powerful music creating and editing app that has the capability to let you create and store multitrack projects right on your phone or tablet device. The app is completely customizable and offers a wide range of effects, drum kits, piano, and drum pads.

FL Studio is a well-loved DAW that’s especially popular in trap and hip-hop circles. Its mobile DAW offering is equally as excellent and makes a great option for on-the-go music making.

The app can do it all, whether you’re looking to multi-track, produce with software instruments, mix or record with an interface and microphone.

Devices: iOS, Android, macOS and Windows

5. Beatmaker 3

BeatMaker 3 combines the power and efficiency of real hardware and traditional desktop software into one solution. This app lets you perform, play, and record using inspirational tools like roll, repeat, swing, etc.

This app brings you across 128 banks of 128 pads. These let you record live, chop, mangle, assemble, and resample conveniently. Its precise sequencing gives you amazing editing advantages. BeatMaker 3 features an amazing library of exclusive content.

Devices: iOS

6. Spire Music Recorder

If you like quickly drafting ideas in your bedroom or studio with the voice memo app, this music-making app might be a better option that’s completely free.

Spire takes the technique of multi-track recording and makes it easy to do on your phone. It’s basically like having a 4-track tape machine in your pocket (except you get more than four tracks).

It’s a user-friendly way of recording and overdubbing is great for writing demos and sketching out ideas. It can even recognize what instrument you’re playing and change its recording settings to better suit your sound.

If you want to upgrade the quality of your recording you can even buy its connected blue-tooth microphone that directly interfaces with the app and your phone.

Devices: iOS

7. Groovepad

Want to produce music like DJs? Groovepad can let you do this without high music skills. This app teaches you to create your songs and tracks. Here you can advance step-by-step and experiment in a large number of ways.

It comes with a vast library of music tracks and sounds. Some popular genres that you can find on this app include House, EDM, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass, etc. You can easily share your creation with your family and friends.

Devices: iOS, Android

8. Drumpad Machine

Drum Pad Machine is a music mixing table where you can create your own songs in a fun way. If you're looking for a simple and complete tool, this app lets you enjoy the mix in a different and entertaining way, with very fun free or minigame modes.

Upon starting Drum Pad Machine for the first time you'll find a tutorial full of levels that help you understand the gameplay and the functioning of this mixer. With the tutorial you can learn to create rhythms and understand the tables, which have different sounds based on your needs.

On the other hand, one of the great advantages of Drum Pad Machine is that it has a large number of sound packs, so you can pick your favorites and start composing based on a certain sound.

Devices: iOS, Android

9. Fender Guitar Tuner

Here’s a shout-out for all the guitarists out there looking for a solid app to improve their playing.

Fender Tune has a great tuner but it’s got a lot more than just that. It comes with fingering charts for every possible chord on the guitar neck, a variety of drummer grooves to play along with, a metronome and scale charts.

You can also set it to help you tune to alternate tunings. It’s a great all-in-one tool to help with everything guitar.

Devices: iOS, Android

10. Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM is a free music making app that lets you easily create beats, music, or songs. It is an easy-to-use app offering a wide range of music genres.

These genres include EDM, trap, rap, hip-hop, dubstep, garage, house, rock, pop, and more. Whether you are a novice or experienced, this app gives you the most simple way.

Here you can explore over 300 mix packs with over 500000 loops. You can record your music and utilize its 8-channel mixer for a perfect mix. Making beats and remixing is just a matter of shaking your smartphone with this app.

Devices: iOS, Android

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