Memorization Tools

Memorization Tools

You might be here because you need tools or apps on how to memorize quickly for that test come next week. Or maybe you have a theater rehearsal coming up and the character lines just won’t stick. 

Memorizing is a great way to keep our brains active and slow down the inevitable neuron changes as we get older. Nowadays there are plenty of memorization tools or apps that will help you absorb new information.

So, here is the list of memorization tools and apps you can use to keep your brain active. 

1. EpicMem++ Memory Training

EpicMem++ provides a memory challenge that gradually increases in difficulty to develop and protect players' memories. A neuroscientist has designed the game within EpicMem++ to train episodic memory using Paired Associated Learning.

EpicMem++ provides a long pathway of increasingly challenging memory activities. EpicMem++ requires concentration and focuswith the stimulation of games.

Devices: iPhone, iPad

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2. MemoCoach

Memocoach is a memorization tool to learn scripts, and texts by heart. The app has more than 10 different methods of memorization, to train your brain in various ways and increase retention.

You will be able to import PDF, TXT or HTML files to memorize. This memorization tool is ideal for actors, comedians and public speakers.

Devices: iPhone, iPad

3. Memorize By Heart 

School teaches us to memorize stuff by rote. That's not the best way to learn, but it is effective when you have to give a speech, retell jokes, or practice for an exam where memorization is the only way through. The Memorize By Heart app follows a method that it hopes will work for you.

Recite your content into the app. The app then transcribes that into text. Then all you have to do is recite back to the app as it gives you feedback on how accurate your memorization is.

The app helps you test your memory by removing letters and words, mimicking the first letter of each word, or even by re-ordering the sequence of sentences. The feedback forces you to practice and get better. Use it for learning new languages; the app supports 142 languages.

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android

4. Memorize Slowly

Memorize Slowly is designed to help people of all ages memorize word lists linked to categories. It animates the words to make concentrating on them more interesting.

Memorize Slowly is an app for memorising groups of words that are linked in some way. To help players memorise the words, the app animates them. The words linked with the category dance about on the screen. Then, players have to identify the related terms as the app displays the category.

Devices: iPhone, iPad

5. Peak 

Do brain training games really help? Scientists seem to be there on both sides of the fence. That hasn't stopped innovative brain training games and apps from flooding the mobile screens. Peak is one of the most popular games. Among the many exercises on the app is one that was developed by the University of Cambridge.

Decoder will help you test your attention and concentration powers. It was a separate app at first but now is licensed to Peak and is part of the app's Pro plan. The team behind the app claims that it is based on scientific tests across the course of a month. You can read the scientific study done by the Department of Clinical Neurosciences.

Using Decoder as a fun mental exercise could help you avoid multi-tasking lapses and improve your flow state. These two qualities are essential for better memory function. The exercises are part of the Peak iOS app and will arrive in Android soon.

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android

6. Any.Memorize

This app will help you memorize anything. 

This app is useful for all kinds of memorization such as exams, tests, texts, speeches, notes, scriptures, speech, movie or stage lines, language, scripts, lyrics, and just studying. It is useful for junior high school students, high school students, or college students.

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android

A stressed or tired brain hits your ability to focus, so you cannot learn efficiently. The quantity and quality of sleep allow the brain to cement whatever it has learned that day. Exercise, of course, changes the health of brain cells for better. Just goes to show that you can improve your memory and recall with old-fashioned habits too.

There is another way to boost your memory. Train yourself with the best learning techniques and they will propel you along for the rest of your life.

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