Mac Utilities

Mac Utilities

There are hundreds of utility apps on the Apple Mac App Store that you can find practically anything you need, but it can be extremely overwhelming when we’re talking about organizing your life on a digital device, not a physical one like your desk or kitchen.

Whether you’re new to using a Mac or an experienced Mac user looking to take your productivity to the next level, you’ll find something new and useful in our collection of the must-have Mac Utilities of 2023. Most of these apps are free and cater to general Mac users, not just the geek crowd.

1. Raycast

A powerful Spotlight replacement for your Mac that lets you quickly search and launch apps, search the web, and more. You can also create custom workflows with JavaScript.

Raycast is quickly becoming the go-to app for macOS users looking for a powerful and reliable automation tool. Raycast is a modern macOS app launcher allowing you to quickly and easily create shortcuts to save time and make your workflow easier. This tiny, free app lets you open programs, search for files, and create keyboard shortcuts for literally anything!

2. Notion

Think of Notion as a note-taking app, a wiki, a to-do manager, a calendar, a spreadsheet and a project management tool, all rolled into one. Notion for Mac is an outstanding tool for organizing documents, databases, audiovisual material, notes, meetings, and calendars, all from the same program. You can also share any part of the workspace with other Android or Windows devices.

3. Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the best email client for Mac and you no longer need a Microsoft 365 subscription or Office license to use Outlook. Like most Microsoft Office-branded products, Outlook includes excellent support for mail templates. Use Microsoft's included templates or design your own, so you can roll them out time and time again. 

Outlook delivers all of these mail features, plus a calendar, chat, task manager, and note-taking.

4. Magnet

A perfect windows management app for Mac that lets you move and resize windows with configurable keyboard shortcuts. You can move windows between multiple displays too.

It lets you snap different app windows using keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop, and from the menu bar. You can snap your windows in various arrangements, like corner snapping, vertical and horizontal halving, and more. It works like a charm and is helpful, especially if you manage multiple Mac monitors.

5. Setapp

A collection of premium Mac Apps and Utilities in a single package. Includes favorites like MindNode, Ulysses for writers, CleanshotX for screen capture and Capto for screen recording.

6. Shottr

Shottr is a screenshot app for Mac designed to cater to the needs of creative professionals. It’s lightweight, fast, and relies on a bunch of hotkeys to simplify screen capturing. With Shottr, you can take full-screen screenshots and capture a predefined area, just like most screenshot utilities.

An innovate screenshot app for Mac that lets you capture and annotate screenshots with ease. You can perform OCR and also capture full web pages. I also use CleanShot X and Xnapper.

7. ImageOptim

ImageOptim is one of the simplest macOS apps I’ve ever used. Simply navigate to the image file you need to compress (I export all my photos to an Exported Photos folder on my desktop), click, and drag the images into ImageOptim’s window. You’ll immediately see a few spinning circles beside each file as ImageOptim mashes away unnecessary bits of the file to bring its size down.

Always run your images through ImageOptim before uploading them on to your website. The app will reduce the size of your image files without affecting the visual quality.

8. Warp

A modern replacement for the Mac Terminal. It is fast, beautiful, and includes AI search to convert natural language into executable shell commands. Also see - Essential Tools for Programmers.

9. Site Sucker

SiteSucker is an application that automatically downloads Web sites from the Internet. It does this by copying the site's HTML documents, images, backgrounds, movies, and other files to your local hard drive. Just enter a URL and click a button and SiteSucker can download the entire site.

SiteSucker can be used to make local copies of your Web sites for easy maintenance. SiteSucker can download files unmodified, or it can "localize" the files it downloads, allowing you to browse a site off-line.

10. App Cleaner

If you only need to uninstall apps on Mac, AppCleaner & Uninstaller is a great Mac cleaning software. This app uninstaller lets you remove applications, plug-ins, widgets, startup apps, and app-related files. The app's interface is also clean and easy to understand for a newbie.

It also has a helpful Drag and Drop feature: simply drag any of your apps into the AppCleaner & Uninstaller window, and you'll see a complete list of files the app stores on your Mac.

11. Maccy

Maccy is a light-weight clipboard manager. With this, you can fit in the missing piece of clipboard history in the jigsaw puzzle of macOS.

A clipboard manager that stores all that you copy to the clipboard and lets you paste the copied snippets into other apps with a simple shortcut. [CopyClip] is a good alternative.

12. Alfred

Alfred brings productivity to your fingerprints! This app for macOS boosts your efficiency by helping you search your computer and web with great speed.

You can use Alfred for multiple things. It allows you to open things, search for things, define and time them, easily calculate things and expand tests, contact people and manage clipboard and so much more. Definitely give Alfred a try and experience its possibilities.

13. Malwarebytes

Don’t believe people who say that you don’t need a anti-malware program on your Mac. While, there might not be a need for heavy-weight and cumbersome applications, Malware Bytes is all you need.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware scans your computer, finds and removes code that lowers system performance or destroys your system. If your Mac is running slow and annoying adware and pop-ups keep coming, definitely install this app and revive your Mac.

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