Lesson Planning Websites

Lesson Planning Websites

Creating lesson plans is an essential step in providing an outstanding educational experience to your students. With a solid lesson plan, you can start the day with a detailed strategy for delivering the curriculum to students.

In the past, many teachers relied on paper planners to keep track of upcoming lessons. Now, digital tools make it easier than ever to manage your classroom using cloud-based solutions. When you find the best online lesson planner for your needs, you’ll streamline your workflow and improve the quality of education you deliver to your students.

Classroom planning includes organizing and coordinating everything about your day at school: lesson plans, homework assignments, meetings, student commitments, and more. Organizational tools make it easier for teachers to plan their daily schedules and look ahead to the upcoming weeks and months.

With the right strategy, you can catch scheduling conflicts early and ensure you’re staying on track with your lessons and meeting curriculum requirements.

There are many free lesson planning websites available online, but which ones are the best and most effective? These websites are exceptional lesson planning websites for teachers in all subjects and at all grade levels.

1. Nearpod

Nearpod offers teachers an easy-to-use tool for creating interactive lesson plans, presentations, assessments, and digital content. Nearpod allows teachers to create digital lesson plans, share it with students during class, and track individual progress. Lessons are comprised of teacher-created slides that can include text, video, images, websites, questions, quizzes, polls, and assignments. This effective tool helps teachers plan and offers a variety of resources to enrich their daily lesson plans.

2. Planbook

Planbook is a popular planning tool for teachers, with features like tutorials and outstanding customer support to improve your workflow. You can easily rearrange online schedules to accommodate last-minute changes or reuse lesson plans from past years.

3. Planboard

Planboard is a free, online planning tool that lets you track your students’ lesson progression to see how it matches up with district standards. You can also share lesson plans with fellow teachers and students.

4. iDoceo

With the iDoceo app, you can plan classroom seating arrangements, work with rubrics, and even add handwritten notes. It also offers a gradebook that includes attendance and lets you track statistics and calculate grades.

5. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a popular choice, offering teachers an all-in-one solution to plan, manage, and measure learning experiences. Not only are these tools easy to use and accessible from anywhere, but they’re built for collaboration. For example, teachers and students can edit the same document simultaneously and use Google Meet to talk face to face.

6. Common Curriculum

Common Curriculum integrates with Google Classroom, so you don’t have to leave your planning app to look at the assignments for the upcoming week. One unique feature is the ability to add attachments or files from Dropbox or Google Drive.

7. OnCourse

With OnCourse lesson planning, you can easily align your lesson plans with Common Core standards. If you misplace a lesson, you can search for it by keyword to bring it up. This tool also allows you to submit lesson plans and receive feedback on a central, digital platform.

8. Standards Planner

With Standards Planner, you can color-coordinate your schedule, link up with Google Calendar, and organize your workflow with drag-and-drop resources. Other features help you communicate with administrators and parents to show current progress and upcoming lessons.

9. PlanbookEdu

Use PlanbookEdu to collaborate with colleagues, share your plans with parents and students, and embed your planbook on another website. These digital tools are in the cloud, which means you can access them from anywhere, even on your phone.

10. Teachers.io

With Teachers.io , it’s simple to communicate about assignments with students, organize your classes by adding a syllabus and attachments, and send out announcements to teachers and parents. Select the weekly view or class view to see an overview of upcoming lessons.

The next time you're feeling overwhelmed, don't worry. These free resources for teachers are well-vetted and recommended because of their effectiveness and usability, and they can be great supplements to any classroom.

See Comparing AI Lesson Planner Apps to see how you can refine your lesson-planning process.

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