Latest Reviewed Educational Apps

Latest Reviewed Educational Apps

The latest reviewed educational apps have covered many topics, including teacher productivity, AI student support, math, and more.

Each app was reviewed and certified by one of our teacher experts, who assessed them for home and school use. Look and see if any of these educational apps will provide the extra boost your child's education needs. 

Anatomy by Muscle & Motion

1. Anatomy by Muscle & Motion

Anatomy by Muscle & Motion - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

An educational app that allows users to learn about the human body and muscle systems through videos and imagery. The app is aimed at college students and above with scientific, medical and sporting interests.

App Features

The app has four key areas: Anatomy and muscular systems, Skeletal system, Kinesiology and Energy mechanisms.

  • Over 2000 videos
  • Download and share videos
  • Audio and subtitles.


  • Helps users develop and consolidate their understanding of the human body's functions.
  • Academically relevant, easy to navigate, and inclusive to users of all literacy abilities.
  • Supports independent learning, retrieval of information, and visualisation of movements.


  • Some buffering delays when loading videos
  • Lacks any type of assessment or feedback mechanism to test the user's knowledge and progress

Best Anatomy Apps

If we missed any of the Latest Reviewed Educational Apps, tell us about them!

Merlin AI

2. Merlin AI

Merlin AI - 5 star rating


Merlin is an AI-driven plug-in extension for Chrome web browser that allows users access to an online assistant which uses the internet

AI and Education - Knowledge Hub

App Features

  • Powered by AI models such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude 2 by Anthropic, LLama 2 by Meta
  • Multipurpose
  • Chrome Plug-in


  • Video summarisation
  • Email composition
  • Learning support
  • Supports independent learning, retrieval of information, and visualisation of movements.


  • Only 51 queries per day on the free account

Mindgrasp AI

3. Mindgrasp AI

Mindgrasp AI - 5 star rating


  • Mindgrasp app: A learning app that uses AI to make new resources from text or video content. Users can upload a file, paste a link, paste text, or ask the AI a question without uploading any content.

App Features

  • Generate notes and summaries,
  • Make flashcards, quizzes, and audiobooks
  • Supports 19 Languages


  • Save time and enhance learning outcomes for students and professionals
  • supports diverse learners with accessibility features such as Bionic Reading Mode and dark screen settings


  • Lacks read-aloud features

Coursebox.AI is an AI-driven learning management system (LMS) that can design courses on any subject. It is useful for designing lessons for students or professional development courses


  • Guided creation process
  • Design courses from prompts, documents or videos in seconds
  • Web and mobile apps.


  • Very easy to use
  • Can incorporate existing material


  • Needs a more supportive new-user experience

Kaspersky Safe Kids

5. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Kaspersky Safe Kids helps parents monitor and protect their children’s online activities across different devices and platforms

Buyer's Guide to Parent Control Apps - Educational App Store


  • Content filtering
  • Device usage controls 
  • Location tracking
  • view reports on digital behavior.


  • Supported set-up process
  • Detailed tracking and monitoring
  • No child email necessary


  • Full reporting features only available to parents in the browser not app

Animath app is an app-based calculator that solves math problems with a visual step-by-step breakdown of the problem


  • Step-by-step animations
  • Multiple themes
  • No internet dependency
  • Responsive to screen size
  • Calculation history
  • Permanently free features for non-subscribers


  • Clear and genuinely helpful math insight from the animations
  • Permanently free features for non-subscribers
  • Useful as an explanation tool for teachers


  • Not a math-solver app in the typical sense
  • Doesn't have the full functionality of a scientific calculator

A guide to math solver apps


7. Q-files

Q-files - 5 star rating


Q-files is a web-based collection of 2000+ articles written for kids between 7 and 13. The articles cover many subjects, such as math, history, science, and general interest.


  • Expert-verified articles
  • Multimedia content, including videos, illustrations and quizzes
  • KidSafe Certified


  • reliable and safe source of information for kids and teachers.
  • No advertisments


  • Screen space is not well-used on all screen-sizes

Dynamilis is a handwriting development app for children between 5-12 years old. It uses Apple Pencil and iPad to analyse and improve handwriting through fun games and guided practice.


  • Apple Pencil and iPad and iPad support
  • Gamified learning
  • Guided practice


  • Intelligent assessment improves progress
  • Little-and-often programme of learning 
  • Effective use of the Apple Pencil's sensors to guide kids


  • Apple Pencil and iPad requirements make it expensive if you don't already own them

Why is it still important for your kids to develop strong handwriting skills? 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who reviews these educational apps?

Experienced teachers write all the reviews that form part of the certification process for the apps featured in our libraries.

Are the educational app reviews independent?

We give the developers of the educational apps a chance to respond to our certification and review, but the final decision rests in the hands of our independent teacher reviewers.

What are the Educational App Store Libraries?

The Educational App Store Libraries provide advanced search tools to find the most appropriate apps for each child. Each app has been certified to ensure its quality and educational value. Subscribers to our libraries get further tools and information to support their kids' learning. There is a free trial for the Parent App Library and Teacher App Library.

We'll update this list of the most recently reviewed and certified educational apps each month. Bookmark it and check back to keep up to date with the world of educational apps.

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