Gift List Apps

Gift List Apps

Holiday gift-giving can be a daunting task no matter how long you’ve been at it. Drawing up a wish list can benefit everyone involved: It relieves stress for the giver, it ensures you get something you really like and it makes sure no one’s time or money is wasted. That can make holiday shopping a confusing task and inevitably lead to forgotten items.

A Gift list app helps you keep track of everyone you need to buy for. Once you make your list, you won't have to check it twice because a good gift-list app handles most of the hard work: syncing across platforms and figuring out which stores have the items you're looking for, as well as things like the sizes of your gift recipients.

A gift-list app is probably one of the least expensive gifts you'll buy this season because most are free or under a dollar. It will certainly save you from some holiday blues and could help your holiday budget from going into the red.

Here is the list of the best gift list apps that you need to keep all of the gifts you buy for family and friends in an organized way.

1. Christmas Gift List Tracker

Christmas Gift List Tracker app allows you to keep track of all your holiday gift ideas and purchases for friends and family. You can also seamlessly share your gift list and collaborate with other users.

You can also organize the gift recipients into groups. It also allows you to budget and track overall spending on the gifts. The app syncs the data across various devices. There's a countdown feature to Christmas within this application.

Price: Free

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

2. Giftster

Giftster is a two-way registry, where family members can view and shop each other’s lists, in one central place, year-round, for any gift-giving occasion. Giftster is a free wish list sharing service for families, connecting members in a group.  Gift items are marked purchased, avoiding duplicates, and the list-maker can’t see that.

Giftster is best for families wishing to simplify the Christmas holiday and birthday gift-giving, creating Secret Santa draws and for baby, wedding and donation registries.

Price: Free

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android

3. The Christmas Gift List

The Christmas Gift List is an absolute must-have app for the upcoming holiday season. This handy app offers everything you will ever need to create a list of people whom you can't leave without gifts, make a list of gifts you are going to buy, and keep your Christmas budget under control. 

The app lets you add people from your Contacts with a couple of taps and efficiently plan your spending for all of them. The Christmas Gift List offers best-in-class budgeting and analysis tools that are a breeze to use.

Price: Free with pro option

Devices: iPhone, iPad

4. Giftful

Giftful helps you create the perfect wishlist or registry to share with family and friends. They can see your wishes and claim the ones they want to get you. Add gifts from any website using the in-app browser, or click the share icon on any link you find, and we'll load in the details! Adding wishes has never been easier.

Giftful is great for any occasion including birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Christmas, house warming, Father's day or Mother's day, or even just inspiration.

Price: Free

Devices: iPhone, iPad

5. Gift Recorder - Gift List app

This is a gift record list app that allows you to track your daily gifts and received items. It is recommended for those who have been giving/receiving more gifts due to marriage or childbirth. Couples and Families can record and view the list together.

Price: Free

Devices: iPhone, iPad

The above list of gift-list apps can sync across platforms and even figure out which stores have the items you need. Here's what to download on Android and iOS.

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