Games Like Blooket

Games Like Blooket

Blooket is an online platform that allows teachers to create games for students to play. Teachers can create new or choose from existing question sets, select a game mode, and create a unique game ID, so students can join the game.

Gamified learning with Blooket makes learning more fun for students. It reduces the monotony of study and can motivate students to do their homework or review what they learned in class.

At its core, though, Blooket is simply a multiple-choice question game for kids, gamified in different ways. If you want other forms of gamified learning, such as flashcards, or if you want solutions for higher education or business, you might need to look elsewhere.

Here is the list of the best games like Blooket, including multiple-choice questions and other types of games.

1. Kahoot

Kahoot is a gamified learning platform with over 50 million games available. While Blooket has premade sets that you can pick from, Kahoot has a wider range of ready-made games, on a wider range of topics. It’s also suitable for older and more advanced students.

Like Blooket, Kahoot allows you to host games that students can join using a unique ID. You can also host games on a big screen in front of the whole class. Not only that, but Kahoot also allows you to host a game via video conference, giving it even more points over Blooket.

You can even assign questions to students via Microsoft Teams, making Kahoot an excellent option for distance learning. Google Classroom, Apple Schoolwork, and Remind are also supported.

Kahoot is also great for the family. You can host games for family get-togethers and even for virtual get-togethers via video conference tools. There are over 100 million games ready for families to play, including those created by partners such as National Geographic and Marvel.

As you can see, Kahoot is simply much more advanced than Blooket, with more game options, more questions, better apps and device support, and more options for teachers, families, and students.

Not only that, but Kahoot also has options for businesses that want to offer training and education to their employees. Kahoot for business allows companies to host virtual events and gamify training and onboarding processes to streamline them and make them more exciting.


  • Create different types of questions, such as multiple-choice, polls, puzzles, free-text, and true/false, to make your games more varied and engaging.
  • Import slides from PowerPoint to save time and effort, or use existing questions from other users to get inspired.
  • Use images as visual answers, which is great for testing young children or visual learners.
  • Create study groups and connect with friends using the Kahoot! app, and play and compete with other students.
  • Adjust the timer and the points to suit your students' needs and preferences, and assess their learning outcomes.
  • Customize your games with images from premium library and make them more attractive.


  • Platform competitive nature could cause stress in some students
  • Need strong internet connection

Price: Kahoot is free for teachers who want to create quizzes. However, premium plans for teachers, schools, families, students, and businesses are available.

2. Quizizz

Another great platform like Blooket is Quizizz, which claims to have more than 50 million users across the globe.

Teachers can join for free and create multiple types of questions. You’re not limited to multiple-choice questions like Blooket, although those are available too.

Here are some additional types of questions you can create:

  • Reorder items in the correct order, Match images to the correct answer, Fill in the blank, Free drawing, Open-ended typing responses, Recorded audio responses, Recorded video responses
  • With over 30,000 teacher-created activities in the library, you can create quizzes for your students in as little as two minutes. You can also create your own activities from scratch.
  • With different themes to choose from and even music to add to your quizzes, you can switch things up and keep students interested and engaged. You can also motivate them and introduce an element of competition with a leaderboard.

Not only that, but you can get in-depth insights and reports into class performance, the needs of different students, which questions and topics are the hardest for your students, and more.

Quizizz is also great for preparing students for tests. Furthermore, unlike Blooket, Quizizz has solutions for businesses that want to create polls, onboarding training, presentations, and more.


  • Extensive library of pre-existing quizzes and presentations
  • Creation of quizzes, presentations is straightforward and flexible


  • Spending virtual coins are limited
  • No option to edit responses

Price: Free with limited features; $12 per month

3. AhaSlides

AhaSlides is a great alternative to Blooket that allows you to add polls, quizzes, and more to your presentations. You can use it with tools like Google Slides and display the results of polls in the form of charts and graphs in real time.

Available charts include donut, pie, and bar charts. Games are available as well. For example, there is the spinner wheel, which allows you to randomly select a player to answer a question. You can, of course, create image or text multiple-choice questions as well.

AhaSlides is perfect if you want to give students more freedom and creativity in their answers.

Instead of multiple-choice questions, you can use sliding scales for people to rate statements, word choice generators to see how many people share a certain sentiment, and open-ended questions to get honest feedback from users.


  • Extensive library of slides, images, templates
  • Accessible on desktop and mobile devices


  • Lack collaboration tools
  • Limited customizability options

Price: Free version with basic features and paid plan starts from $23.95 per month

4. Brightful

Brightful is an excellent alternative to Blooket for businesses. If you want to engage your teams with gamified learning, Brightful has solutions for you.

With a massive catalog of games that you can play over video conferences, remote work is more exciting than ever with Brightful. It works with your existing tools, like Zoom and Google Meet.

With icebreaker games and fun activities, teachers can keep students engaged and improve communication, social skills, and relationships with other students. With hundreds of games to choose from (suitable for kids), you can create virtual game rooms that students can join without creating an account.

Using games, you can quiz your students and test their knowledge. Alternatively, you can use games to reward students, thus incentivizing them to learn and pay more attention during class.

Brightful works with Slack as well, allowing team members to connect with each other and build personal relationships remotely.

While Brightful was originally designed for businesses, it offers solutions for the education industry as well, making it a great choice for teachers tired of Blooket.


  • Seamlessly create game rooms that don't require accounts to play
  • Get instant feedback and insights
  • Customer support is outstanding


  • Interface is not user-friendly
  • Free version is too limited

Price: 14-day free trial (no credit card required)

5. Gimkit

Gimkit is a gamified educational technology platform that allows teachers and students to create and join games.

Gimkit introduces spaced repetition to help improve memory. Throughout a “kit,” students will see the same question multiple times, helping them remember the correct answer, even if they got it wrong the first time.

One way which Gimkit helps encourage critical thinking is by allowing students to earn in-game “cash” money, which they can spend on upgrades and power ups. Getting the wrong answer can cause them to lose money.

One advantage Gimkit has over Blooket is that when signing up as a teacher, you can find your school by using your zip code to search for schools in the area. You can then find kits created by other teachers at your school or add your own kit to your school library.

You can also allow students to submit their own questions to be answered by other students with KitCollab. There are a few types of games to choose from when gamifying a quiz, including classic games like Capture the Flag.

Gimkit gives teachers class management options. You can ensure students use only appropriate names while joining, track assignments and their completion, see how long it took each student to complete each assignment, and more.


  • Minimal setup
  • New game mechanics and live view with class progress


  • Limited searchable gallery
  • Pricing structure

Price: Free with limited features; $10 per month or $60 for the annual plan

6. EdApp

For gamified workplace learning, EdApp is an excellent alternative to Blooket. With over 80 templates to choose from, you can create custom quizzes, games, assessments, and videos for your team to learn from.

There are over 1,000 ready-made courses on different topics in the course library, and all of them are fully customizable. With topics like bike safety and workplace discrimination, there is plenty of content to educate your team.

A great option is the microlearning courses, which you can create in just a few minutes using multiple-choice question quizzes and other tools. Designed to be completed in just five minutes a day, the micro-courses help employees learn without the typical challenges and distractions of longer courses.

With a wide range of templates and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, creating microlearning courses is easy. EdApp provides insights into the most popular templates, which sequence of templates can increase retention, and more, based on data collected from users around the world.

Gamification is a big part of EdApp, and multiple-choice questions are not the only type of questions you can add to your courses, unlike Blooket. Other quiz types include matching images to words, true/false questions, memory tile matching, crossword-style puzzles, and more.

EdApp will also give you in-depth insights into the overall performance of your courses and the engagement they are getting. You can see what each person is doing and use notifications to reengage employees or students who have not completed a course.


  • Drag-and-drop authoring tool
  • Intuitive templates


  • Steep learning curve
  • Limited integration capabilities

Price: Free plan available and paid plans starts from $2.95 per month

7. Quizlet

Quizlet allows students to learn with flashcards and quizzes. As a student, Blooket might be too focused on younger grades for you to learn much, but Quizlet has flashcards in over 100 subjects, including medicine, math, and more.

In any case, using flashcards with Quizlet is easy, as it has Android and iOS apps that allow you to learn on the go. You can test your knowledge with multiple-choice questions, true/false questions, quizzes, practice tests, and more.

There are also thousands of textbooks on a wide range of subjects, allowing you to learn from experts. Quizlet isn’t just for students who want to review their studies in their free time. Teachers can use it as an alternative to Blooket in class.

Quizlet Live allows teachers to turn Quizlet sets into interactive games to reinforce vocabulary and other knowledge that was previously taught. Just pick a set, and Quizlet will generate a game for you within seconds.

With both individual and team modes available, you can engage students in the classroom or even while learning remotely. Quizlet Live supports distant learning, so you can use it on Zoom.

With Quizlet Checkpoint, you can test your students’ knowledge and discover their weak points. It comes with animations, timers, and music. While Quizlet is free for students and teachers, teachers can sign up for Quizlet Plus, which gives them access to better insights and more advanced tools.


  • Clear overview of progress and achievements
  • Can help set goals and track progress


  • Overemphasis on competition rather than collaboration
  • May not be suitable for all subjects and learning styles

Price: Free option with limited features and paid option called Quizlet Plus for about $36 per year.

8. Socrative Teacher

Socrative is another tool you use in place of Blooket. It allows you to create not only multiple-choice questions but also true/false questions, quick-answer questions, and polls.

It’s great for assessing students and provides a fantastic alternative to traditional testing, as Socrative will automatically grade your students for you. Students can use it for free on any device, including computers, laptops, phones, and tablets.

It’s suitable not only for K-12 learning but also for higher education. With up to 200 students per room and up to 20 rooms with private or public login access, the Socrative PRO for Higher Education plan allows you to create a competitive but fun learning environment.

Corporate solutions are also available for businesses that want to provide employee training and assessment quizzes.


  • Varied answer types
  • Provide immediate feedback


  • Formatting issues on mobile
  • Slow loading

Price: Free with limited features; $10 per month

9. Nearpod

Nearpod is the ultimate resource to create interactive lessons to capture and hold your student’s attention. Slideshows created by Nearpod are not only entertaining while staying educational and informative, but also are beneficial in terms of encouraging student participation through the app’s interactive features.

Additionally, through real-time reports, you can check your student’s progress as they work on the class activities. Nearpod is ideal if you’re looking to vivify your student’s learning, and in turn, create more memorable lessons - not only for the learner, but also for yourself, the tutor.


  • Library of resources
  • Multimedia integration
  • Provide timely and individualized feedback
  • Varied assessment tools


  • Internet access is needed
  • Free version is too limited

Price: Free with limited features; $10 per month

10. Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free

Duolingo is perhaps the most successful example of gamification in language learning. It allows both children and adults to learn new languages with gamified puzzles.

However, it’s more than that. Duolingo is an entire experience, complete with points you can earn and a leaderboard in which you can compare your progress to other users learning the same language.

Duolingo uses bite-sized lessons to help improve focus and concentration, and it encourages consistent, daily learning with streaks. If you miss a day, you will lose your streak, although you can earn a “streak freeze” if you learn diligently.

With gems, treasure chests, in-app currency, and more, Duolingo makes learning languages fun and exciting for kids and adults alike.

As a teacher, you can also use Duolingo in your classroom. Duolingo for Schools uses ACTFL and CEFR learning standards, allowing you to create fun assignments for your students and test their knowledge.

You can track your students’ progress and more, all built on Duolingo’s existing curriculum and language learning content.


  • Gamified learning
  • Free and accessible across all the devices


  • Not for serious learners
  • Quantity of material varies by language

Price: Free 

You can pick one of the top alternatives to Blooket based on your needs and pricing.

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