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A PDF writer is a PDF annotator, creator, printer driver, or editor, letting users easily create, write on PDF files, or perform more sophisticated tasks. Using such a tool will help you gain big efficiencies in your busy work.

For writing or editing documents, you may think that MS Office is the primary application you need. However, as PDF format becomes more and more widely used, free PDF writers also become increasingly popular. There are some of the top PDF writers available both online and offline. So how do you find the best PDF writer tool on the market for your needs? 

Here is the list of the 10 best free PDF writers for Windows, Mac, and many other devices.

1. PDFelement - PDF Editor and Writer

PDFelement is a PDF writer program compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems. It is currently one of the best free PDF writers for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Mac on the market. With its professional features, you can easily write on PDF documents, such as adding text, drawing shapes, and adding handwritten signatures in PDF. Moreover, with this software, you can also convert PDFs, create, edit, combine, and organize documents with ease.

For annotation, it allows you to add notes, underline or strike out any text, and draw on PDF using the Pencil and Erase features. What's more, if you need to protect your document from copying and editing, you can also add the passwords for it within PDFelement. So, this makes it a fantastic option for your needs, and you can download it for a free trial.

2. Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer

Acrobat is an offline PDF writer that you need to install on your PC or Mac. As a PDF writer free download to Windows and Mac , the functionality is limited to annotations and signing PDFs, and these features are available after the free trial period is over. Nevertheless, the advantage is that you can upgrade at any time to the full version, which allows PDF editing. The free version acts as a useful tool for making annotations and commenting on PDF files.

3. Free CutePDF Writer

CutePDF Writer is one of the best free PDF writers for Windows 10, 8, 7 available that allows you to export any files generated from a Windows application to a PDF file. You can export documents from their original file formats to PDF by choosing CutePDF Writer and by accessing the print menu on your computer. Supported models include Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

4. Document Cloud - PDF Writer Online

Wondershare Document Cloud is an online PDF writer that allows you to add notes, and draw and insert texts in PDF. To collaborate with other authorized users, the secure cloud storage platform is dedicated to PDF documents, allowing users to upload, share, print, download, and comment on PDF files in the cloud, making it the ideal tool for online PDF collaboration. It is also OS-agnostic since it runs off any modern browser on a connected device. Moreover, you can access it securely from any system using your Wondershare ID that also works with all other Wondershare products such as PDFelement, HiPDF, and so on.

5. PDFescape PDF Writer Online

PDFescape is a free online PDF writer, reader, editor, and form filler for all major operating systems, including Windows and Mac. It is available in most browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera. You can utilize the web-based application to edit, annotate PDFs and organize pages.

6. HiPDF Free PDF Writer Online

Another great online tool from Wondershare is HiPDF, a free online PDF service that gives you all the tools you need to handle PDF workflows. You can also register and take advantage of extra features, but even the basic service includes advanced tools such as OCR.

7. Xodo PDF Writer Online

Formerly operating under the name, this online PDF editor has now migrated to but it essentially contains all the same tools previously available. The service has some unique tools such as a viewer for Office files and a DICOM to PDF converter.

8. iLovePDF

Another online and free PDF writer worth mentioning is iLovePDF. It integrates a collection of tools that enable you to convert, secure, edit, optimize PDF documents, and re-arrange the pages. Like the majority of online software, it can be used for Windows, Mac, and many other OS. The handy web tool has the ability to produce or convert PDF files from /to image, and Office documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best PDF Writer for You?

Choosing free PDF writers is not an easy one because it depends on your specific requirements. However, you should also consider several other factors, as outlined below: Ease of use, Security features, Additional tools and Integration with desktop.

Is there a free PDF writer?

There are no completely free PDF writers for Windows or Mac. There are numerous free online PDF writers available, tailored to accommodate various needs. Moreover, many of these PDF writers also offer paid upgrades for users seeking additional premium features, such as iLovePDF, and PDF24 Creator. 

In summary, choosing the best free PDF writer is a matter of knowing what you want and then reviewing each product in that category and checking off the boxes where the product either meets your requirements or does not.

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