Educational Game Websites

Educational Game Websites

Game-based learning turns potentially tedious study time into an adventurous knowledge quest, complete with catchy soundtracks and digital rewards. It helps keep kids engaged with the subject matter and motivated to pursue greater expertise. Best of all, web- or app-based gameplay integrates easily into both online and in-person classes.

Here is the list of the best K-12 educational game websites, arranged according to cost. Many are free (or offer free basic accounts), while some provide progress tracking and analysis tools for teachers. 

1. Ducksters

This easy-to-navigate site affords a wide range of educational digital games for students or anyone who enjoys gameplay and learning. Included are math, word, geography, puzzle games as well as classic games such as chess, checkers, backgammon, mahjong and more. But it’s not just fun and games at Duckster. An extensive collection of illustrated lessons in history, biography, geography and science are accompanied by quizzes and links to the relevant games. No account required to play or learn.

2. Funbrain

Browse K-8 educational games by grade level, popularity, and topics such as math, grammar, and vocabulary. New games include chess, sudoku, and What on Earth?! (geography). Free, no registration required.

3. PBS Kids Games

Dozens of free games, from math to social-emotional learning, will delight younger learners. No account required on this user-friendly website. English and Spanish. New games include Nature sights and Sounds, Puppy Pet Care, Road Repair, and many more.  

4. ABCya

More than 300 lively educational games and mobile apps for preK-6 students. Games can be searched by Common Core State Standards, as well as Next Generation Science Standards. Fully free for desktop use, premium plan for mobile devices.

5. Khan Academy Kids

An award-winning, free iOs or Android app, Khan Academy Kids offers a comprehensive collection of educational math, literacy, and music games and activities for kids aged 2-8 years. Top-rated by users, this free app includes no ads—and no subscription is needed. 

6. Vocabulary Spelling City

Three dozen free games cover topics including vocabulary, spelling, phonics, and language arts. Each game includes several variations, so the total number of games to play exceeds 100. Just start playing- no account needed. Looking for premium content? Head over to the new site for premium games at

7. Math Playground

Explore this extensive selection of math, logic, skills, and word games for kids in grades K-6. Created by educator Coleen King, Math Playground is kidSAFE/COPPA Certified and includes only COPPA-certified children's ads. Shareable in Google Classroom. 

8. Puzzle Playground

From the publisher of Math Playground, Puzzle Playground is a free game-based learning site that uses puzzles of every kind to engage kids’ imaginations. Don’t think “jigsaw” because these amazingly creative puzzles go far beyond shape-fitting. Instead, these varied digital puzzles will keep kids of any age busy challenging their problem-solving, trial and error, spatial reasoning, and perseverance skills. Super fun too. 

9. Wordle

Wordle’s simplicity belies its intriguing intellectual challenge. This new, highly popular word game tests memory, vocabulary, and spelling in a puzzle format that allows for rapid gameplay and feedback. Teachers and students can play this free game on the New York times website, no account needed. 

10. Moose Math - Duck Duck Moose

A multi-level math game that allows kids ages 3-7 to earn rewards and decorate cities by solving math problems disguised as adventures. Common Core-aligned for kindergarten and first grade. 

11. Geoguessr

A unique and visually captivating geography brainteaser that encourages children to decipher locations using hints from Google Street View and Mapillary visuals. Ideal for fostering cognitive abilities and logical reasoning, while providing an entertaining and immersive experience. 

12. GoNoodle Games 

Unlike most digital activities, GoNoodle is designed to get kids moving rather than keep them glued to the screen. The latest free GoNoodle games for iOs and Android feature kids’ favorite characters, moves, and music. 

13. Wordscapes 

Wordscape combines  features of crossword puzzles, word connect and word anagram games, all accompanied by scenery designed to relax and focus the mind. 

14. Mind Games

Don’t worry, this site doesn’t advocate gaslighting or psychological manipulation. Rather it’s a collection of free online number, word and logic games, brain teasers, sudoku, crosswords, and more. Free with (blockable) ads. For a premium ad free gaming, visit, where users pay only $10 for a full year of access. 

15. ChatterPix Kids 

Kids aged 5-12 can easily make images come to life with their own voices. Great for all types of creative expression, from funny cards to school assignments. 

16. ABC kids

Easy as ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), these super simple digital games are for young learners aged 2-5 years. Games include memory match, Alphabet Hunt, Fire fight, jigsaw puzzles, and more. Want more early education resources? Check out the ABC Kids Early Education curricula and ideas. 

17. Solving the Rubik's Cube!

From educator Ryan Chadwick comes this top-notch digital tutorial for one of the most challenging hands-on puzzles ever. Includes images and advice to boost your speed solving Rubik’s cube. Free, no account required.

18. National Geographic Kids

Free quizzes and games in topics ranging from animals and bugs to solving ciphers. 

19. Cells Alive! Puzzles and Games

Free digital memory match, jigsaw, and word puzzles help students reinforce classroom biology lessons. The interactive cell models are also a great way to learn about the parts and functions of plant and animal cells.

20. Education Galaxy

This imaginative K-6 online platform uses game-based learning to boost kids’ academic success. The two main programs are online assessment prep and adaptive intervention for struggling learners and at-risk students. Free basic teacher’s account allows one teacher and 30 students/all subjects or 150 students/1 subject.

21. Sumdog

Sumdog’s standards-based math and spelling practice platform aims to boost student learning and confidence with adaptive personalized gameplay. A hit with kids and research-validated to boot. Free 30 day trial.

22. MinecraftEdu

A block-based graphics game, designed for education, that allows students to build and explore virtual worlds. Built-in educator controls support a safe and education-directed experience. The abundant classroom resources include lesson plans, training for educators, challenge building, and more. 

23. Prodigy

An award-winning, standards-aligned online math game designed for grades 1-8, Prodigy is modeled on popular fantasy-style multiplayer games. Students select and customize an avatar, and then prepare to battle math problems. Free basic account includes core gameplay and basic pet features.  

24. Buzzmath

Buzzmath provides more than 14,000 interactive math questions, as well as manipulable objects, audio text reading, math glossary, brain teasers, badges, and digital rewards. Teachers can personalize learning for each student with this standards-aligned supplementary math resource. 

25. Blooket

A wonderful gamified learning/quiz platform with a user-friendly interface, Blooket offers nine different game modes and runs on student devices as well as desktop computers. Free basic account allows for unlimited sets & edits, unique game modes, and question set search for up to 60 players. 

26. Turtle Diary Online Games

An extensive collection of games, videos, quizzes, lesson plans, and other digital tools for preK-5 students, searchable by topic, grade, and Common Core standard. Free and premium accounts.

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