Education Software

Education Software

Education software is a broad term that encompasses any software that is used for educational purposes. This includes learning management systems (LMS), assessment software, student information systems, classroom management software, and many other types of software.

The influx of AI software and the private sector's acknowledgment of the potential of educational software has made the transformation of education even more interesting and challenging.

Here is the list of the best educational software, organized by category.

1. Canvas LMS

Canvas is a an educational software that can be used by schools and universities from kindergarten to graduate school. It is used by learning institutions, educators, and students to access and manage online course learning materials and communicate about skill development and learning achievement. 

Canvas is a highly functional, flexible, and reliable learning solution, which makes it the LMS for easy learning and productivity. Top features and credentials are the reason the LMS solution accounts for 21% of academies and 27% of enrollments. It also offers Bridge, its open-source and corporate counterpart.

Category: Learning Management System

2. Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is well-known educational software that can be used by schools, universities, businesses, and government organizations. Blackboard Learn is available in three deployment models: SaaS, self-hosting, and managed hosting.

Blackboard Learn enables educators to design and manage blended and online classes, deliver assessments and grades, and augment their systems using a voluminous library of plug-ins called Blackboard Building Blocks.

Blackboard also offers collaboration tools (Blackboard Collaborate), analytics for tracking student retention, enrollment, and engagement (Blackboard Intelligence), a mass-notification system (Blackboard Connect), and a social media manager for K-12 institutions (Blackboard Social Media Manager). 

Category: Learning Management System

3. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a popular education software that allows teachers to create and manage lessons quickly, provide timely feedback, and communicate with their students. It is available for any device, so teachers can use it with their phone, tablet, or laptop.

With Google Classroom, teachers can easily create assignments, upload lesson content, make announcements, share links and YouTube videos, and more. All contents shared in a Google Classroom will be posted to Google Drive, allowing teachers and students to view them from anywhere. Teachers can also create quizzes to distribute to their students.

Category: Learning Management System

4. Wisenet

Wisenet is a cloud-based platform that provides a suite of integrated applications to help higher education institutions enhance learning outcomes, increase productivity, and grow their business.

Wisenet has been a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for education and training organizations for over 20 years. They work closely with their clients to continually improve their products and services, while leveraging world-class technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Category: Student Information System (SIS)

5. Nearpod

Nearpod grants academic institutions the capability to launch interactive lessons with collaborative tasks, including quizzes, simulations, virtual reality, and more. The classroom management software permits teachers to host classroom sessions live and in online settings.

Nearpod features an activity dashboard that allows teachers to upload Google slides, videos, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and more for holding interactive lessons. With this software, academes can submit audio responses, real-time checks on the student portal, and formative assessments to study student performance. It also lets teachers launch game-based lessons and analyze students’ works by evaluating post-seminar accounts.

Category: Student Information System (SIS)

6. ClassDojo

Classdojo is an online sharing and communications platform for K-12 education used by over 52 million students. The platform aims to foster a sense of community, allowing teachers to share and document class happenings with parents. 

ClassDojo helps academic institutions engage students and parents through customized messages, images, and videos. It authorizes teachers to make and share online portfolios, letting students and parents log in by scanning a QR code and write journal entries, record videos, and submit work via images.

It provides stories to help teachers share photos, links, files or announcements, and videos using private imagery. ClassDojo further hosts useful features like classroom music, project activity directions, noise meter, feedback, event sharing, and more. A random student generator allows teachers to pick volunteers during lessons or activities.

Category: Classroom Management Software

7. Kahoot

Kahoot! is a learning assessment software tool that can transform training and presentations into an engaging experience on any topic in minutes. Kahoot! encourages healthy competition among students. They can respond to queries and gain access to what their peers are saying about the actions they take.

Teachers can create a live game where students can participate together or share the game with remote players. You can create an objective question format for various assessment exercises like the True/False format.

Category: Assessment Software

8. Dyknow

Dyknow monitors students’ iPads, Chromebooks, PCs, and MacBooks to gather useful insights into their classroom attitudes. It helps educators see their students’ internet usage during class to guide them in enhancing classroom performance. It gives teachers the option to block specific content or websites that they perceive as distracting or unpleasant.

Dyknow helps teachers prepare tests and assessments. With its software database, teachers can choose questions for the test. The database also provides diverse sets of questions with various difficulty levels for every subject. It gives teachers the option to reveal answer keys or conduct Q&A sessions after the assessment as they see fit. Further on, it hosts online tutorials for several subjects so that students can review them for their yearly assessments.

Category: Classroom Management Software

9. Socrative

The quiz-based, formative assessment software Socrative delivers several features to enrich teaching and learning environments. With it, teachers can create quizzes, exit tickets, and more to gather and review student data on the fly and make real-time changes and revamp student learning. Students do not need to create accounts to be able to use Socrative; teachers can simply invite them by giving them a URL to let them access a quiz, question, and more.

Socrative can be accessed via Chrome, Windows, and Apple. Users do not have to download anything. It is also functional on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Category: Classroom Management Software

10. Schoology

Schoology specializes in course teaching, curriculum administration, and materials sharing and collaboration. It delivers the most comprehensive blended classroom platform by providing teachers with personalized learning roles and augmenting the entire results for students. For many institutions, the top-notch features make it the best LMS for K-12 and third-party integrations.

For nearly 10 years now, Schoology has been supporting all instruction types like distance programs and blended learning arrangements. It is part of Powerschool Unified Classroom™ and has 20 million users in 50 U.S. states.

Category: Classroom Management Software

Education software can enhance learning in your classroom. It encourages new ways for students to participate in learning activities. 

Why Use Education Software?

Education software is hugely beneficial for teachers, administrators, students, and parents alike. Solutions in these categories provide users with a host of benefits, from improved visibility and content distribution to analytics and better communication channels.

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