Best Driving Test Apps

Best Driving Test Apps

Are you getting ready for your driving test? First of all, it’s highly important to take the DMV test to be greatly prepared. This can be achieved by taking sample tests as more as possible. Thus you will avoid unpleasant situations during an actual test itself.

We constantly monitor the newest versions of your state's official driving handbook and traffic laws and then update our driving test apps in the list accordingly. They are always accurate and up to date. 

There are many different driving theory test apps to choose from on both The App Store and Google Play. Theory test apps allow you to practice both the important parts of your theory test, the multiple choice and the hazard perception. 

Secondly, there is a high chance to meet the same questions in the test that you have already practiced. And finally, there is a great opportunity to practice tests using listed below DMV test preparation apps that are available for Android and iOS as well.

Worried about the driving test? Driving test apps to help you pass with flying colors. Be confident with these apps for driving test.

1. DMV Practice Test Genie

DMV Practice Test is a popular driving test app that covers all US states. It includes tests that were formed with the help of the official DMV handbook with little differences related to a particular state. DMV Practise Test offers preparation programs for cars, motorcycles, and CDL driving tests.

This app enables you to choose the state where you plan to take your driving test from. It then prepares you accordingly. You can also select the global driving license if you want. The app consists of a massive set of practice test questions and answers. These immense aid your knowledge for your driving exam.

The app has two different modes: Read Mode which allows you to take your time to learn questions and answers, Exam Mode with a time limit with questions for you to answer. 

Clear road signs will be displayed followed by a question to teach a potential driver about its specifics. As well as clear explanations will be above each question to not let the user feel confused. Those questions that weren’t fully comprehended can be bookmarked for further revision. Surprisingly statistics is formed as a result of your preparation in the app displaying data in a pie chart view.

DMV Genie is designed to work offline, you can study anytime, anywhere. DMV Genie is the perfect app for anyone preparing for their car, CDL, or motorcycle knowledge exam. 

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iOS, Android

2. DMV Permit Practice Test

This driving test app is intended to help you prepare for the DMV written knowledge test that is required before you can get your driver’s license. The app includes the information about the road signs and law of all the 50 states – all you need just to select one where you are going to take your exam.

The app contains the full list of all the traffic signs that you are going to face on the road and under each image you can find a short description of it. For more detailed information you can click on the sign.

Also, you can practice the test questions, choosing the right section. In case you’re not sure about any of those, you can find the right answers in the app as well.

Among other additional features, you will find the calendar – “exam planner” where you can put the date of your upcoming exam. All the database is updated for the 2023 DMV tests.

Cost: Free

Devices: iOS

3. DMV Written Test

Are you preparing for the DMV test and you need additional training for the written part? Look no further than this app. It is an extremely convenient tool for practicing, where all you have to do is to click on “start” and then the app will provide you the questions with several variants of answers. Your task is to choose one.

After you selected one answer, the app will inform you if that’s correct or wrong. Those questions, that you answered wrong, will be repeated automatically. You can practice as long as you want and the app includes all the necessary questions which will be upcoming in the tests of 2023.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iOS, Android

4. DMV Practice Test by Zutobi

The Zutobi app is built like a game and keeps you motivated. When you have finished the app, you are prepared to sit the DMV Test.DMV Practice Test by Zutobi is available for both Android and iOS. It’s a very popular free application with in-app purchases to unlock all features. The app has a colorful design and a comfortable interface. It is arranged in a style of the game where you need to pass levels an see your progress.

All answers go with explanations in case if users gave a wrong answer. There are questions with pictures displaying road situations. The app also has a built-in manual that contains all the necessary information followed by appropriate pictures giving even more explanation.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iOS, Android

5. 2023 Driving Theory Test UK

An app licensed by the DVSA, the Driving Theory Test 2023 app combines six apps in one. It covers car, motorcycle, LGV, PCV and ADI theory tests, as well as the hazard perception test. The Driving Theory Test 2023 app also includes your own personal trainer who works out which questions you struggle with the most, and helps you to review them later.

The app does not require an internet connection so you can practice mock tests anywhere and anytime. 

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iOS, Android

6. Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit

The official app from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency contains everything you need to pass your theory test the first time around. It includes the Official Highway Code, interactive hazard perception video clips and extra tips and tricks. 

The app has over 700 official DVSA theory test revision questions for car drivers. You can choose to download the voiceover separately. This will read out all the theory test revision questions, answers and explanations for you and will need additional storage space.

Price: Paid

Devices: iOS, Android

7. PA Driver’s Practice Test

The driving process can be not easy. It can be even more difficult if there various signs and rules on the road. Knowing these rules will not just help you to pass the DMV test but also will save you from many troubles.

So to conclude, there is not just one reason to spend more time preparing for your actual driving test. Besides the driving license itself, the studying process will make you be confident on roads.

Driver`s Practise Test app is dedicated to simplifying your life. Literally. You are just suggested to pass lots of sample tests with questions that are more likely will be present on the exam. The app is due to the theoretical part of the exam.

Luckily the app is available for both platform Android and iOS and gained high popularity as well as a high rating. The interface, color pattern, and font assist with questions perception. In addition, you can share your results with your friends or family members via different messengers and social media platforms.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iOS, Android

So, these were the best driving test apps you can get on iOS & Android. I’d highly suggest anyone who’s yet to take a driving test to get the theory correct. Take the practice test with the DMV app and also learn about as much traffic/road signals as you can. 

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