DIY Apps for Kids

DIY Apps for Kids

Tinkering, cutting out, coloring, shaping, creating ... Tinkering remains one of the favorite activities of children. It's an activity we can do together. Help the youngest to build their first paper planes, advise the older ones to create real objects or statues. At App-enfant, it's an activity we love to do with our children. And the more paper spread everywhere, paint on the aprons and glue strewn everywhere, the better!

Far from replacing DIY activities, digital can make them even more fun. For the older ones, there is Pinterest or Youtube where they can go find new creative ideas and a mess of tutorials. Be careful, there is no question of leaving them alone on these poorly protected social networks but of seeking with them the pearl that will make their eyes sparkle.

For the youngest, we offer applications that will take them from screen to paper. We explore creation in application and we copy for real! It's fun and easy. They can even almost do it alone!

1. Sago Mini Toolbox

Drive nails without hurting your finger, sawing wood without danger or sewing fabrics without pricking yourself with needles, it is now possible for toddlers with Sago Mini Toolbox. 15 projects to build using safe tools. 15 projects to carry out with many tools If you are used to ...

Price: Less than 5 €

2. Fish Paper Lab

With this application, children can learn how to cut, join beautiful fish of all species using the cardboard boxes, and play with them: photograph submarines, run in the sea, search for ABC, save friends, scoot submarines … All of these games are simple but interesting, which can also stimulate children's interest in the underwater world, the benthos.

Price: € 1.99

3. Cut, color and animate with Labo Paper Plate

DIY in virtual mode, we cut, we paint with the fingers. It's all clean and easy. And nothing prevents then making the same crafts with Mom for real. The Labo Paper Plate game allows, as its name suggests, to make pretty crafts from cardboard plates. First, you choose your model. More than 12 crafts ...

Price: Free with in-app purchases

4. Fun folds with Easy origami for kids

Fresh out of the bins, the Easy origami for kids application brings wonder to children between 6 and 8 years old and also allows parents to have fun playing with children. General information about the application Easy origami for kids has been designed for iPhone and iPad. Easy origami for kids: presentation Inspired by the Japanese origami activity.

Price: Less than 3 €

5. Foldify

From 6 years old with the help of an adult From 9 years old independently Foldify is a creation app: from conception to realization. No need to know how to draw like an artist, we let ourselves be guided by the app or by our own imagination and we create! How it works: Depending on its age, but also on ...

Price: Less than 5 €

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