Best Storytelling Apps

Best Storytelling Apps

Use these great storytelling apps to help children of all ages tell their stories in compelling, well-structured, and thoughtful ways. As children become more comfortable with storytelling, it's fun to introduce more structured storytelling activities and games. Each children can create their own stories combining the key elements such as pictures, videos and narrations that demonstrates their creative thinking and understanding. 

Digital storytelling apps will motivate and engage children, helping them to make deep connections to learning. Children have an innate love of stories that create magic and a sense of wonder at the world. Stories can link not only between the world of classroom and home but also between the classroom and beyond. Reading is such an important part of finding out who we are and book apps undoubtedly help to shape our lives.

Below are ten storytelling apps that approach storytelling in their own way and encourage imagination and creativity.

SmartDreams Bedtime Stories uses AI to create unique, personalised bedtime stories accompanied by vivid illustrations. Children’s love for reading will grow through this app which has endless story possibilities. The app is safe and uses only the child’s first name to start the personalised story.

They can then choose from a wide selection of fun characters, fantastical worlds and foods to generate an individualised tale to read. Each story delivers valuable morals and lessons that your child can learn from through customised, colourful artwork and animal noises.

Price: Free 

Devices: iPhone, iPad

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Smart Tales: Kids ABC Learning

2. Smart Tales: Kids ABC Learning

Smart Tales: Kids ABC Learning - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Smart Tales is a digital storytelling app full of interactive and animated stories that teach STEM subjects through narratives.

Every two or three pages of the story you will find an interactive game designed to develop specific skills: logic, memory, visual attention and calculation. The app has over 80 stories and 1000 challenging educational games.

Each Smart Tale contains many animated and interactive storybook pages. Children, led by a voiceover, can interact with the animations with a single touch and discover a world filled with magic and fun. The storytelling is dotted with games that change every time they are played. This always lets kids enjoy the stories in an active way.

Price: 30-day free trial to try the premium features

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android

Stella offers 50+ hours of specially written stories, sounds meditations, and music to help your child learn to fall sleep better. The stories includes bedtimes stories, social emotional learning and son on.

Stella Sleep is an app to help parents establish an effective bedtime routine for their kids and is full of soothing stories, music, and ambient sounds. It is distinguished from other bedtime apps by its scientific basis - its content reflects research into children's sleep.

Price: 7-day trial with monthly or annual plans

Devices: iPhone, iPad

Storytime Sam

4. Storytime Sam

Storytime Sam - 4 star rating

(iPhone, iPad)

Storytime Sam is a generative artificial intelligence app for creating kids' stories. The app constructs brand-new child-friendly stories from characters and prompts entered by the user. Users of Storytime Sam create a simple character by inputting a name, pronouns, and description in the app and then asking the app to tell them a story, including other details or themes.

Storytime Sam is an interactive storytelling app containing many activities that build social and emotional skills in children. It works exceptionally well when parents and children play it together.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iPhone, iPad

Imagistory is one of the best app for creative storytelling. Imagistory is a storytelling app that allows you to create your story with wordless picture books. The app comes with two free stories, and other stories can be purchased via in-app purchases. The app is set up so that each time a new page in the story appears, it automatically records your speech. The process makes it easier for a child to record since there are fewer steps to the recording process.

There is also a school edition that lets kids record their voice as they narrate premade picture books. A simple guide introduces users to the two main activities in the app: narrate stories and review saved stories. This storytelling app foster creativity and develops early literacy skills.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iPhone, iPad


6. Toontastic

Toontastic - 5 star rating


Toontastic 3D is a powerful and engaging digital storytelling app that will help you to tell a story while being highly creative and having fun. This app provides kids with a set of digital tools to create their own cartoons. It's visually appealing, has great in-app support and sharing features, and relies on self-created animation and narration to tell stories. Toontastic 3D provides a stunningly easy way by how it makes the complicated process of creating an animated short movie so simple.

Price: Free

Devices: Android

Book Creator for iPad empowers kids to use their imaginations for a fictional story or compile information on a nonfiction subject to create books. Plus, they'll use critical-thinking skills as they brainstorm and make decisions about their books.  With guidance, even kids in primary schools can use this technology tool to produce and publish their own simple books or comics with images, videos, and audio. 

With free version, you get 1 library with 40 books in that you can share with your students. 

Price: Free for individual teachers. Premium plan starts at $13/month.

Devices: iPad, Windows, Chromebooks, Web browsers


8. Tellagami

Tellagami - 4 star rating

(iPhone, iPad)

Tellagami is a storyteller app that allows your students to create a short 30 second voice message using an animated character. Students will love to create book talks using Tellagami. After reading a book, they can write down a short script telling why someone else should read their book.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iPhone, iPad

Puppet Pals HD

9. Puppet Pals HD

Puppet Pals HD - 5 star rating

(iPhone, iPad)

Puppet Pals HD Directors Pass is an easy to use cartoon creator storytelling app that allows you to create your own animations using a variety of themes and characters. Puppet Pals HD allows you to create an endless array of animations and can be used in most lessons. The app can really help to develop children's imagination skills as well as teaching them how to sequence, explore narrative, character, plot, voice projection, expression and unleash their creative skills. 

Price: $3.99

Devices: iPhone, iPad

Kidlo Bedtime Stories For Kids

10. Kidlo Bedtime Stories For Kids

Kidlo Bedtime Stories For Kids - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Ease into bedtime with the educational and fun stories contained within this storyteller app.  The app designers specifically refer to the stories being used by parents with their children at bedtime and breakfast time. 

Despite its wide spread of coverage, the app makes it easy for teachers to see just what each story addresses.  Taking the free Raptastic story as an example, children are exposed to different aspects of literacy, history, geography, music and P.E. as they see and hear the characters of the story talk. 

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android

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