Digital Storytelling Apps

Digital Storytelling Apps

Digital storytelling is important in education. Digital storytelling can empower, motivate and engage students, helping them to make deep connections to learning. It also provides an opportunity to connect with a group of kids by creating a shared experience. Each student can create a unique story with combining the key elements such as pictures, videos and narrations that demonstrates their creative thinking and understanding.

The apps across both platforms (iPad and Android) are engaging for students and teachers of all age groups and can be used across the curriculum.

Imagistory provides an entirely new reading experience, not only is it very fun and easy to use, it's also highly educational! Helping foster creativity, imagination and to develop language and early literacy skills. Imagistory: Schools Edition - Creative Storytelling lets kids record their voice as they narrate premade picture books. A simple guide introduces users to the two main activities in the app: narrate stories and review saved stories.


( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

OOKS is an app that combines the virtual with the physical. Children follow and influence a story until its conclusion. Parents then have the option of turning it into a real book that they can hold and read together with their son or daughter.

Book Creator

( iPad - £4.99 )

Book Creator for iPad empowers kids to use their imaginations for a fictional story or compile information on a nonfiction subject to create books. Plus, they'll use critical-thinking skills as they brainstorm and make decisions about their books.  With guidance, even kids in primary schools can use this technology tool to produce and publish their own simple books or comics with images, videos, and audio. 

Shadow Puppet Edu

( iPad - Free )

Shadow Puppet Edu is a utility app which allows students and teachers to make engaging presentations and slideshows adding their own narration and text. Shadow Puppet Edu has so many excellent features that it's a creative must-have for elementary classrooms. The teacher resources are impressive and inspiring, giving ideas for using digital creation across curriculum.


( iPad - Free )

Tellagami is an app that allows your students to create a short 30 second voice message using an animated character. Students will love to create book talks using Tellagami.  After reading a book, they can write down a short script telling why someone else should read their book.

Puppet Pals HD

( iPad - Free )

Puppet Pals HD Directors Pass is an easy to use cartoon creator app that allows you to create your own animations using a variety of themes and characters. Puppet Pals HD allows you to create an endless array of animations and can be used in most lessons. The app can really help to develop children's imagination skills as well as teaching them how to sequence, explore narrative, character, plot, voice projection, expression and unleash their creative skills. 

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