Best Browser Apps for Android

Best Browser Apps for Android

Are you looking for the best browser app for your Android device? A default browser app is always pre-installed on every Android device. However, not all the browsers can provide you with a smooth and reliable browsing experience. From searching to collect information, or to download anything, the use of a browser is a common fact.

There are a lot of third-party browser apps available on the Google Play Store which can give a fast browsing experience and will consume as little data as possible. We have hand-picked ten best Android browsers which come with all the necessary features and top-notch performance. 

We’ve put together a list of 10 browser apps for Android that will give you more options for your mobile browsing experience. You have to find the browser that suits your needs. With that in mind, here are the best browser apps for Android.

Brave Browser

1. Brave Browser

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Brave Browser is the most reliable browser app for Android. It is fast, free, and safe browser that comes with Adblock, follow-up protection and an optimized user experience for data and battery life which for many would make it hands-down the best browser for Android. It has all the core features like bookmarks, history, extensions and a privacy (incognito mode). Brave is the fastest android browser that takes less loading time. It also increases with 2x time speed to download.

Brave gives a very clean and uncluttered browsing experience. It runs on a powerful web engine so you can expect quick page loads and smooth interface. The gateway has some powerful features to which can make it your favourite browser app for Android.

Cost: Free with no in-app purchases or ads

You can download Brave browser on Android devices.

If we missed any of the Best Browser Apps for Android, tell us about them!

Firefox Browser for Android

2. Firefox Browser for Android


For secure and incredible fast browsing speed, Firefox will be a good choice for you. This android browser app helps to enhance tracking protection and gives full privacy control to the users. It is one of the best privacy browser app for Android. It erases all your web activities upon exiting the browser, including your history, cache, cookies, and passwords. The android  browser is fast, easy to use & customizable, with the latest security and privacy features to help you stay safe on the internet.

This modern browser app for Android can be used when you are watching videos, reading emails, online shopping, video calling, voice calling, chatting among other amazing features. It is also easy to add add-ons and plugins to customize the browser to suit you. Firefox usually does a good job at loading websites quickly and properly. The look of the browser, the ability to sync with the app on your smart phone, and all features are my favorite things about Firefox.

Cost: Free

You can download Firefox browser on Android devices.

Opera Browser

3. Opera Browser

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Opera is a well-known Internet browser app for Android that will save data and allow you to browse faster even if your connection isn’t the best. The browser includes a built-in ad blocker, download manager, private browsing, video download support and many other powerful features with a very intuitive UI. 

Opera Mini is a smaller, more lightweight option. It comes with a Facebook notification bar, partial ad blocking, and more. You can be assured of your privacy and data information as it is developed by the internet giant opera softwares. Opera is the first ever browser to provide a built-in VPN. It is fast and has a reliable ad blocker that can eliminate unnecessary pop-ups. You can get your download files anytime at the download folder. It doesn’t matter whether you are online or not.

Cost: Free with no in-app purchases

You can download Opera browser on Android devices.

Dolphin Browser

4. Dolphin Browser


Dolphin Browser is the best free browser app on the Android app market. Dolphin Browser makes mobile browsing easy, adapting to the way you want to browse with a personalized home screen, voice and gesture control, customizable settings and sharing features. You can make a quick share of your media content with the dolphin browser to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

This browser also has a really nice-looking UI. Sonar is basically Dolphin’s voice search feature which allows you to access specific websites by talking to your browser. The browser also has many useful additional features that can be added as add-ons.

Downloading through Dolphin browser is also pretty fast and reliable. You can even download some flash videos and store it in your file manager which is why it tops many lists as the best browser app for Android. 

Cost: Free

You can download Dolphin browser on Android devices.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

5. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

DuckDuckGo browser is for you if you'd like to keep your browsing private. DuckDuckGo is an independent browser app for Android which does not track user data, cookies and other identity or site trackers. DuckDuckGo is one of the newer Android browsers with strong 'Privacy Protection' feature. If you open any web page, publishers wont receive any information on your usage, keeping your data private.

It secures all the data send from the browser. Their protection will block all the hidden third-party trackers and force unprotected sites to be encrypted. DuckDuckGo itself is a search engine which rivals Google offering tracker less browsing experience. On the browser front, you get a very clean and simple browser with all major mobile browser needs. DuckDuckGo is much recommended if you are looking for the privacy of your data. DuckDuckGo is one of the recommended privacy browser app for Android.

Cost: Free

You can download DuckDuckGo browser on Android devices.

If you're looking to download the best browser app for Android then you need to check-out UC Browser for Android. This browser app provides you fast and smooth Web surfing experience. This android browser is compatible with any device with low configurations in a poor network. It works best for multi-taskers, frequent browsers, and people who really like Chrome Custom Tabs.

It offers a quick and safe browsing experience and of course it has all the features you've come to expect in a modern browser. The app is designed for both speed and security, so you can enjoy a lightning fast browsing experience without popups, malware and other annoyances.

UC Browser Mini is a small size, fast, and simple browser with functionalities such as Data Saving, Ad-Block, and more! It's a totally free mobile browser. 

Cost: Free

You can download UC Browser on Android devices.

Microsoft Edge

7. Microsoft Edge

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Microsoft Edge is a decent browser app for Android and a successor to the famous Internet Explorer. The app is found it to be pretty fast. The Edge on Android surprisingly does not use EdgeHTML engine to load pages but instead uses Chrome’s Blink engine and is built on the Chromium project. The performance of the application is very good and the pages do load quite quickly. The interface is similar to Chrome. Microsoft Edge provides a seamless browsing experience by syncing the content and data across the devices. The app has a powerful inbuilt Adblocker by Adblock Plus which can be switched on in the settings.

Microsoft Edge is an excellent Android browser. It'll soon prove a viable alternative to Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other browser giants. 

Cost: Free

You can download Microsoft Edge on Android devices.

Vivaldi Browser

8. Vivaldi Browser


Vivaldi is a lightweight, ultra customizable web browser that adapts to you, not the other way around. Vivaldi’s extensive built-in options and features, you can mix and match settings for a browsing experience that’s uniquely yours. Tab management is a huge component of Vivaldi, and there are so many options here that those alone could fill up an article. 

Vivaldi is the best web browser for privacy which has built-in tracking protection and a strict “do not track” philosophy. Vivaldi is the most versatile and customizable web browser.

Vivaldi is available for Windows, macOS, Android and Linux.

Cost: Free

You can download Vivaldi Browser on Android devices.


Maxthon Android Web Browser

9. Maxthon Android Web Browser


Maxthon is pretty basic browser app but remains to be a brilliant choice for many Android users. Maxthon browser uses the least amount of CPU resources allowing you to search and navigate faster for a browsing experience that will not drain your mobile phone battery as fast as other browser apps for Android.

Maxthon is based on Internet Explorer’s engine, so if you’re accustomed to Explorer’s layout, you’ll have no problem finding your way around. All the buttons are clearly labeled, and you can fully customize the browser to be as simple or complex as you want. Maxthon is the one of the fastest android browser that is very easy to use and offers very fast download speed. To get efficiency, browsing speed, and less data consumption to control effectively, this gorgeous browser can make a great difference. 

Cost: Free

You can download Maxthon Browser for Android devices.

Puffin Web Browser Free

10. Puffin Web Browser Free

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Puffin is a good browser app for android devices and is pretty reliable considering some of its smart features. You can experience fast browsing even with slow connections because of its advanced JavaScript rendering engine. 

The Puffin Web Claims to be “Wicked Fast” by means of switching the heavy page load on resource-restricted devices to the cloud servers, thus making the URL page load very fast. This load shifting is done by means of an inbuilt Adobe-Flash-Over-Cloud. The app is highly encrypted and the Puffin servers can even protect the data in an open Wi-Fi network. Puffin uses a sole algorithm and transmits web data with 90% bandwidth compression as compared to regular web browsing. 

Cost: Free

You can download Puffin Browser for Android devices.

So if you’re looking for the best Android browser that fits your preference or needs, then look no further as we have listed down the best browsers for Android in every category.

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