Book Summary Apps

Book Summary Apps

Book summary apps can help you both pass the time and expand your knowledge. There are many book summary apps out there to help you get core ideas from the book. By reading the book summary, you get to know a brief insight into the content of the book. It contains all the important ideas of the original text and acts as the help book summary.

These book summary apps and websites saves your time by learning the key insights of best selling books in minutes. You can now keep moving on to the next book in your library until the summary fits your kind of mindset and lifestyle. You can read, listen or watch summaries anywhere anytime.


1. Blinkist

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Blinkist is one of the best book summary app for the entrepreneurship, self-development, life hacking, and science genres. From its collection of over 2500 e-books, the user can read and listen to the short summaries in less than 15 minutes.

Highlights allow you to save your favorite lines, quotes for referring to later. Integration with Amazon Kindle and Amazon Alexa allows you to send your favorite books to your Kindle device for easy reading.

Devices: iOS and Android

Price: Free, $1.99/monthly

If we missed any of the Book Summary Apps, tell us about them!


2. StoryShots

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

StoryShots is a learning app with free book summaries in text, audio and animated formats. The app has one of the largest collections of book summaries from a wide range of categories including management, history, science, communication skills, economics, and more.

It is an excellent tool if you are somebody that requires visual aids to remember and retain what you have read. If you are always traveling and would like to listen to the stories, the app also has an audio summary option. You can also set the speed at which the words are dictated, which means you can read at your own pace when you are on the go.

Devices: iOS and Android

Price: Free, $1.99/monthly


3. Instaread

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

This book summaries app has a good roster of over 1000 titles that provide quick highlights of bestsellers and famous books. Offline Reading allows you to download the content offline to consume on-the-go where you may not have data connectivity like while traveling or on flights.

Apart from offering professionally written titles, it also provides The New York Times Magazine articles which you would like to read to bolster your knowledge. Plus, the app also offers originals on important topics and well-known people.

Devices: iOS, Android and Web

Price: 7-day free trial, $8.99/monthly


4. QuickRead

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

QuickRead is another book summary app for book lovers. It's a treasure trove of free book summaries available to listen to on an app or online, or read as text. And they're all done by humans, not AI.

As you'd expect, the books at QuickRead are the non-fictional variety, including categories like entrepreneurship, history, economics, marketing, spirituality, philosophy, etc. Considering it's all free, it hosts a shockingly large collection of popular books in these genres from reputed authors. Each book is summarized by one person and narrated by another.

Devices: iOS, Android

Price: Free, $5.99/monthly

getAbstract Book Summaries

5. getAbstract Book Summaries

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

getAbstract is the largest book summary website with over 20,000 book summaries in audio and written formats in 7 different languages. Book summaries are pretty straightforward and don’t require more than 10 minutes as compared to Blinkist’s 15 minutes.

Advantage where it has an edge over other book summary app is language support as it supports multiple languages including English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Russian.

Devices: iOS, Android and Web

Price: 3-day free trial, $99/year

There you go! Now that you have got an extensive lineup of the best book summary apps and websites. Choose the most befitting one that can boost your reading without taking away much of your time. You'll find a similar feature in most of these apps, and that by itself might be enough to make you well-read.

Pros and Cons of Book Summaries Apps

  1. Book summary apps cut through the fluff: Some non-fiction books are based on certain core concepts. A book summary app helps you cut through the fluff to get straight to the key points. You can read the summary beforehand to find out if the book is worth exploring or buying.
  2. Reading on the go: The summaries can be read or heard on the go. You don’t even need to carry a book or an ebook for people who don’t like to read books on mobile. Many apps let you download the summary for offline reading.
  3. Strip books of the reading experience: A book summary strips the tone, examples, and thought process of the author. It leaves only the essential ideas. For some books, it may dampen the experience.
  4. Provide a second-hand reading experience: Sometimes, the author of the summary may miss critical points, examples or give you a generalized presentation of the book. For some people, it becomes harder to retain the information from a summary.

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