Book Creating Websites

Book Creating Websites

It's never been easier to create and self publish your own book or ebook. Start creating your book online today with these book creating websites. In this post, we are sharing with you a collection of some of the best apps you can use to easily create and share books.

Experiencing success and enjoyment with writing is something we all want for our growing learners. The computer or tablet can be a great tool to get children writing. Here are some websites where kids can make digital books. 

Here is the list of the best websites to publish your own books.

1. Storybird

Storybird is a great website that lets students create their own stories with images, making it ideal for school and home learning. Students can design picture books on their own or work in teams (e.g., author and artist) to create visually appealing representations of their knowledge. Teachers and parents can pay to have students’ books printed through the online shop. 

A huge library of imagery means once the words are entered, it's easy to pair up a suitable image to create a visually engaging story, or be inspired by images first. It’s a great tool for allowing kids to develop their writing skills through storytelling.

Storybird is a unique story writing website that aims to help spark creativity in students for original writing and the creation of professionally finished storybooks.


MyStoryBook is a book making website that helps writers of all ages publish a storybook with writing, illustrations, and characters. gives users the opportunity to engage in literacy in creative and fun ways.

The website also gives users a writing lesson that teaches them how to craft their own books, which you can then get printed out once it’s complete.

MyStorybook allows students to create a short illustrated story online which can be presented easily. Character images are provided along with a number of backgrounds and other images to go with one’s text.

3. WriteReader

WriteReader is a research-backed writing tool that lets users write their own stories in their own words. Teachers can then translate kids' writing using proper spelling and conventions. Books can be shared, printed, or published, with a teacher permission and assistance, using the in-app library. Kids can also read other kids' writing that has been published in the library.

WriteReader helps users learn how to read by writing books. The app enables children to take photos of their surroundings or family members and write about them in their level of written language. Teachers or parents can then edit their writing and help children improve their reading and writing abilities.

4. Book Creator

Book Creator is one of the best websites for making books. You can use it with your students to create different types of ebooks including comic books, photo books, picture books, journals, textbooks, among others. 

Create your own ebooks online with Book Creator! Students are motivated to explore their creativity by creating books and stories that are based on their learning. Educators can also create interactive resources to share with students.

5. Storyjumper

Storyjumper is a popular tool for creating storybooks. It is easy to use for students of all ages and it can help them create their very own storybooks. Students can use their imagination and create new storybooks from scratch or customize pre-designed templates.

Students can also have their digital storybooks converted into hard-cover books so that they become authors of printed books! Changes in the book are saved automatically. Several users can work together on the same book.

6. Little Bird Tales: Storytelling Made Easy

Little Bird Tales offers a platform for kids to create digital storybooks. In their own unique accounts, kids use a drawing pad, upload images from a computer, add text, and record their own voices to create original slideshow stories. 

Kids can choose to share their tales through email or post them on the Little Bird Tales website. Teachers can ask individual kids to create stories, present research, document science projects or field trips, make photo slideshows, and more.

7. Scribblitt

Scribblitt is a creative tool that allows children to express their writing capabilities. This tool gives children the chance to feel like established authors by adding an “about the author” section. Scribblitt gives kids free access to creating illustrations and stories which they can then publish! It promotes creativity, allowing kids to grab ideas and collaborate with other kids, writers and publishers.
This is a fun opportunity for kids to tell readers about themselves. Young authors on this website can design images using tools on the website or upload their own images for a book cover.

With Scribblitt, children are not limited to creating hardcover books, your children can also create soft comic novels.

8. BookBildr

BookBildr tops the list of best tools available to make books online for free. It’s a great tool with an easy-to-use interface and plenty of options to create professional eBooks, picture books, and storybooks for kids. You can even use BookBildr to create books that can be later self-published on Amazon. 

BookBildr is for everyone who loves reading and wants to write unique picture books for children and adults. It’s for parents and grandparents who want to turn their precious stories into beautiful books for their children.

9. BoomWriter

BoomWriter is an online collaborative writing tool that helps users develop their writing skills. The tool also offers pre-made lesson plans for teachers to provide students with writing techniques that they can use to improve their skills.

Boomwriter’s Stories feature allows students to build their confidence writing fiction stories. When using the Stories feature, students work independently or collaboratively to complete a fiction narrative.

10. Write About This

This app has fun pictures and prompts that guide kids on their storytelling journey. Write About This encourages kids to write by using fun and interesting visuals and questions that help them make use of their imagination to create fun stories.

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