Best Weight Tracking Apps

Best Weight Tracking Apps

If you're trying to lose weight then you know exactly how hard it can be and why every little bit counts as motivation to keep going. Losing weight is no easy task which is why apps such as these exist. These are so much more than just weight tracking tools as many provide customized meal plans, exercise routines, tracking tools, and plenty more. Once you have set your goal it will make it much easier to pick the app that works best for you. You’ll find each of these to be user-friendly and powerful.

There is BMI, fat, and so much more modern weight tracker apps do. Here are some of the best apps to track weight on Android and iOS.

1. Weight Loss Tracker

The app will be shown as aktiBMI when you install it on your phone for some reason. Weird name but an excellent app to follow your weight loss or gain goals. It will help you track your weight and calculate BMI using manual entries. You can log your weight with this app and it shows the entries on a graph which gives you a decent idea of your weight loss/gain progress. Once you open the app, you need to input your height, weight, DOB, gender, choose metrics, and enter target weight. It can calculate the desired weight automatically.

Keep adding your daily/weekly weight date and time. The database is maintained on the app, however, you can export the file to the phone’s storage and even import data from the phone to the app. You can then share the database with your cloud storage. The app has a pro version ($4.99) which lets you log your body data like muscle, fat, and water percentage as well as the size of belly, waist, and hip.

Devices: iOS, Android

2. Monitor Your Weight

This is the most comprehensive app in the list giving a detailed analysis of your weight and diet. You set up a basic profile in which you choose the units of weight, height, energy. You can password protect the app with a PIN. It integrates with smart scales, like Garmin, Wahoo Aria, WiT and few popular health apps like Google Fit. Monitor Your Weight allows you to automatically log weight using IoT smart scales.

The main details page shows comprehensive statistics. You can see your current, target, and starting point weight. It tracks the progress and time elapsed since the goal started. If you don’t have a smart scale, you can always enter the data manually. You can delete any redundant entries which may affect the graph.

There is support for family members and multiple profiles. The smart weight tracker app will also calculate fat and water percentage, calorie intake needed to gain weight or shed weight, and BMI index. You can also track daily, average, and total stats in the widgets. The pro version will cost $0.99 and unlock cloud sync.

Devices: iOS, Android

3. Lose It

Lose It is another one of the popular weight tracker apps. Rather than just track weight, it also tracks your calorie consumption, macros, and nutrients. You get a nutrient tracker that tracks how much protein, carbs, and fats you consume in a day and creates a weekly graph that monitors your progress. Just scan the barcode and record what you eat. You can view calories consumed and left for the day based on your goals.

Connect your social media accounts to challenge friends and track weight loss and calorie intake together. The goals tab shows the weight tracker graph which is updated every time you enter your weight.

There are support groups to talk to and get help from. Lose It will suggest your foods based on your goals and even recipes if you know how to and love cooking your own meals. There are meal plans vetted by other users so you know what works and doesn’t. Subscription plans start at $9.99.

Lose It works with a number of fitness apps and smart weight scales.

Devices: iOS, Android

4. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

FatSecret is an intelligent weight tracker app which will give you insights about your weight and dietary habits. You can maintain a diary which logs your daily caloric intakes. The homepage is a social media style timeline which shows what other people are eating. The community is active. You can like, comment, and share your own progress with friends. It has diet, exercise, and weight goals. Follow the nutritional chart to know about all mandatory nutrients and how much you should consume. Like working out? There is also an exercise diary fat secret food log.

Reports section shows calories, macros, and nutrients which create a graph of carbs, fats, and proteins consumed over a week. It also compares your total amount with the goal for easy comparison.  You set a weight goal and log your weight every day to create a graph. FatSecret comes with a number of healthy recipes to choose from. You can also scan barcodes to enter food details like name and nutritional values. Receive reminders to eat, drink, workout, and record weight. 

FatSecret integrates with fitness apps but not smart weight scales.

Devices: Android

5. Mi Fit

Mi Fit connects with Mi Band fitness tracker and Mi Smart Scale to collect and display a number of data metrics inside the app. You begin by creating a profile with details like age, sex, weight, weight and daily steps goals. You can then use two smart devices to log your daily activities. No need to enter anything manually.

You get two goal-setting features: activity and weight. It tracks outdoor running, treadmill, outdoor cycling, swimming, walking and more. Everything is automatically fed into the Mi Fit app to generate insights about your health and body. You can turn activity alerts, wakeup notification, and workout reminders. If the app doesn’t recognize your sport or exercise, you can tag the activity on Mi Fit and it will recognize it the next time you do it. The Mi Band also tracks your sleep and pulse.

Mi Fit is free but Mi Band and Smart Scale are not.

Devices: iOS, Android

6. Happy Scale

This is a weight tracking app for iPhone. Dieting is hard enough. But when you work hard, hop on the scale, and see a number that's higher than yesterday? Well, that's just not fair!  It's time to tame the scale with the happy scale app for iPhone. Happy Scale helps you make sense of the frustrating ups and downs of weigh-ins by using mathematical analysis to make sense of your scale weights. Happy Scale uses sophisticated math to learn the true trend of your progress. You can see what you're really losing each week.

The report shows a weekly, monthly, and yearly graph plotted with your weight numbers showing a clear pattern of how your weight fluctuates. Easy backup is also available and you can also sync between devices with Dropbox. The deluxe version will allow syncing entries with other apps. You can export to CSV file and once you buy, you can use it on all of your devices for $1.99.

The Happy Scale app is unique in that it takes a different approach to tracking your weight loss goals on your iPad, and iPhone.

Devices: iOS

7. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is not just a weight tracker app for iOS but a complete weight loss program, often recommended by doctors. That’s right. You don’t want to just track your weight but also do something about it. Understand what foods you must eat and what you must avoid, nutritional contents of what you are eating, and prepare a diet plan that suits your goals. Find new recipes in an 8000 strong catalog so eating healthy is never boring again. Scan first, eat later is what they preach.

Are you active? There is an activity tracker to track what you are doing and how much is it benefitting you. Finally, Weight Watchers have gamified the whole process so when you work out, eat right and track weight, you get points. Need help? Talk to a real coach. I like the community. They are supportive and helpful.

The yearly plan will cost you $219. That can sound a little steep when compared to other weight tracker apps, but Weight Watchers is like no other weight tracker apps.

Devices: iOS, Android

8. My Diet Coach

Primarily targeted at women, My Diet Coach is a weight tracker and calorie counter app. You begin by setting a goal and tracking your progress over time. The app will show motivational images to help you stay focused. It will also send regular reminders. Then comes the challenges that will help you set small habits and achieve more health goals without you even knowing. They also share helpful tips and tricks from time to time.

The app has gamified the whole process so that when you achieve new milestones, you will receive rewards that will boost your confidence and motivate you to work harder and stay true to your objectives and goals. My Diet Coach is a lot more than a weight tracking app. Plans begin at $1.99.

Devices: iOS, Android

Monitor My Weight and Lose It are good for people looking for a comprehensive app that gives you detailed insights. Weight Watchers are excellent for those who want everything including a community for support and coach for help. Smart Scale and Happy scale have inbuilt support for smart scales which automates the weight entry process. Mi Fit is a fitness app that takes care of all your physical activities.

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