Best English Learning Websites

Best English Learning Websites

Want to improve your English language skills online? View our picks of the best websites for learning English and get started today.

Using the internet for educational purposes can be a fantastic resource. Thousands of websites, including those that assist you in learning English as a second language, can be found. 

You can study English online by visiting any of the websites listed below, which all provide materials that can help you learn English. You can learn English quickly by visiting the best websites on which we’ve created a list in this article.

Here is the list of the best English learning websites to help you achieve your individual language learning goals.

1. BBC Learning English

BCC Learning English website is available for free and gives you access to quality educaitonal materials to learn vocabulary, grammar and listening. It has video lessons, radio shows, multiple-choice quizzes, and articles that cover various topics, including news stories, strange vocabulary, and pronunciation. 

The website is for intermediate English speakers. It teaches English through BBC movies and radio shows. These include current events, new English terms and phrases, and even movies that illustrate proper English pronunciation. Their podcasts and films contain post-listening activities that allow you to double-check your comprehension. Overall, this is a great tool for improving listening skills.

2. FluentU

FluentU is a popular website to learn English that uses real-world videos and interactive subtitles to create an immersive learning experience. FluentU is a fun way to learn English naturally, just like native speakers use it in real life.  FluentU offers different types of authentic video content that is arranged by level. 

FluentU is a monthly subscription site that delivers native video language immersion through native language speakers. Because of their method, it is possible to acquire new words naturally and organically. Simple to use, it can be an excellent tool for language learning.   

When it comes to learning a new language, FluentU is a fantastic tool because it eliminates the need to develop it yourself through speaking or writing. As a result, FluentU should not be regarded as your only language learning resource; rather, it should be regarded as a helpful and enjoyable tool to supplement your studies or offer diversity to your practice. There are many different English language learning websites available nowadays, but this is one of the most well-known.      

Price: Paid (after free trial)

3. Learn English with Babbel

Babbel is an English language learning website that places a strong emphasis on vocabulary. Babbel also allows users to learn a language by completing and repeating phrases, which helps them understand the language better. Babbel offers a web app and mobile apps that will enable you to learn and practice a new language at your own pace, as well as new podcasts for a few languages and users of varying levels of experience and knowledge. 

With the help of your microphone, you can check whether or not your pronunciation is correct; if you are incorrect, Babbel will correct you. 

Babbel is one of the most effective language-learning programs available, thanks to its low cost and truly useful content.

Price: Free (with premium options)

4. British Council

The British Council’s Learn English website features a huge number of interactive lessons, videos, games and podcasts to learn just about any skill.  Adults, teenagers, and children can learn English with the help of the British Council’s free online tools. 

The website is divided into six main sections: Skills (for reading, listening, writing and speaking practice), Grammar, Vocabulary, Business English, General English and IELTS practice. The British Council offers a simple online exam to measure your current English language proficiency. It comprises 25 multiple-choice questions and takes 10-20 minutes to complete. 

They provide a free 7-day trial where you may study live with online classes from English experts. You can also enroll in their self-study online course for £5.99 per month, as well as their online one-on-one tuition for a low fee.

Price: Free (additional programs have a free)

5. Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free

When you think of learning English online, Duolingo’s jolly green owl probably comes to mind. Duolingo helps you learn English vocabulary and grammar through five-minute games and quizzes on their easy-to-use app. Each lesson comes with very cute illustrations and animations to make it even more fun to use!

Duolingo separates each lesson by category (food vocabulary, family vocabulary, the verb “to be,” etc.). It also includes helpful tips and notes in case you need more explanation.

Duolingo gets you to start creating sentences from the very beginning, teaching words in context, not just on their own. Every word comes with an audio recording so you can hear how to pronounce every new word that you learn.

Duolingo also lets you set goals and shows your progress as you use the program. You also have to complete lessons or take a placement test to “unlock” new lessons. And the best part is that you can do all this in just five minutes per day!

Price: Free

6. Busuu

Busuu is one of the best website to learn English vocabulary. You can attend online English classes with Busuu, a language learning platform that helps you learn English. You can also communicate with native English speakers if you join the Busuu community.

The lessons cover vocabulary, grammar, and writing practice, and you will have the extra benefit of having native speakers critique your writing and oral communication abilities. In addition to offering over a thousand courses created by language professionals, Busuu customizes a study plan for you based on Artificial Intelligence. 

To begin studying English on Busuu, simply navigate to the website and click on the Get Started button. You must select your language and submit certain personal information in the following step. Choose only one language to study for free, as there is only one available. After that, you’ll have to choose between performing a level test or starting from the beginning. After that, you’ll be asked to participate in a small survey that will help us learn more about why you’re studying English.

7. Dictionaries

WordReference uses a user-friendly interface to access a dictionary, thesaurus, translation, and word conjugation. 

Even while the program manages to give a vast and specialized bank of instantly accessible knowledge, it exceeds any of the built-in language reference features in browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari by a wide margin. 

WordReference is entirely reliant on the content contained on its website, and as such, it is best described as a user interface for an already-established website. Therefore, the app does not include any content but instead allows the user to access the information on a website through an app that is more visually appealing than a standard Internet browser. 

The software is available for free, but some pop-up advertisements are on the screen. In order to get rid of the advertisements, users can pay USD 4.99 for an annual subscription that removes the advertisements from most of the app’s individual dictionaries and the main menu. Even if the commercials are a modest price to pay for an otherwise outstanding service, the membership fee is likely to help the company that created the app and, as a result, may be well worth the money spent.

Price: Free (with premium options)

8. Lingua

Lingua is a free English language learning website. The website offers learners the option to study various languages, including English, through interactive exercises. 

English texts for beginners to develop reading and comprehension are available online and for no charge. Written English comprehension practice can help you expand your vocabulary while also improving your understanding of it and word order. This section contains texts meant to aid you in your development while also giving you an immediate assessment of your progress. 

There’s a limit in the lessons available, but if you want to broaden your options, you may purchase their premium offers for only USD 12.90 per year if you wish to upgrade. Even newbies will easily use the website because it is straightforward to use and navigate.

Price: Free (with premium options)

9. Daily Grammar

Daily Grammar is a popular website for learning English grammar.  It is entirely free for you to learn and improve your English. The website includes lessons and quizzes on nearly every aspect of grammar and vocabulary. 

New lessons are available on Daily Grammar’s blog weekly from Monday through Friday, making it one of the most comprehensive grammar-related websites available. Each week’s series of lessons comes to a close with a Saturday quiz. 

Daily Grammar makes it easier for educators to teach by condensing as many grammar concepts as possible into a single lesson. 

This website is a must-visit for instructors who are having difficulty with grammatical education in their classrooms. Although it has an untidy appearance, Daily Grammar is one of the most comprehensive resources available.

Price: Free

10. English Central

English Central focuses on learning through videos. First, you just watch the video. Then, you check the words in the video with the transcript, choosing the lines and saving the words that you want to practice.

Finally, you play each line one by one, and practice speaking them. The speech recognition program will let you know how well your recording matches up to the video’s. However, please note that at the time of this writing, the recording doesn’t always work.

You can also practice your listening skills and spelling by typing in the missing words in the “Learn the Words” part of each video.

There are many types of videos, from very slow and simple options for complete beginners, to more advanced and authentic clips.

If you need some extra help, you can book an online lesson with a professional tutor, who will test your listening, speaking and pronunciation skills and create a personalized lesson plan for you with recommended videos you should learn with.

Price: Paid

Which One Is the Best Website to Learn English?

Every day, the internet has more and more great resources for language learning. All the websites I list in this article are excellent options to learn English! It all depends on what you want from a learning resource.

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