Best Vocabulary Apps for Kids

Whether you are working with kids learning English as a second language or looking to expand the vocabulary of native-speaking elementary students, vocabulary apps are great additions to your teaching toolbox. These apps can help you add hundreds of words to the vocabulary of young children without boring rote memorization.

Memorizing vocabulary words and definitions is a chore, even for the brightest students. With these vocabulary apps for students, you can ensure that your kids learn the words they need, without boredom.

6 Best Vocabulary Apps for Kids

Endless Alphabet

( iPad - £4.99 )

Endless Alphabet is an app designed to teach letter sounds and new vocabulary. The child drags the correct letter into a word and the letter takes on a personality and makes the sound as the child drags it to it correct place in the word. Letters transform into living toys that voice their names.

World's Worst Pet - Vocabulary

( iPad - Free )

World’s Worst Pet – Vocabulary is an engaging English Language Arts game designed for fourth through eighth graders. This app helps children increase their vocabulary by taking players through an adventure. We love how the narrative grabs the attention of students without sacrificing the academic component. Children are introduced to domain-specific vocabulary words in word lists that are grouped by topic. According to developers, World's Worst Pet targets Tier Two and domain-specific words, which simply means it focuses on relevant vocabulary words.


( Android - Free )

SpellingCity is a word game app designed to help kids learn spelling and improve vocabulary and grammar skills. It's got 10 free sample lists for students that include math and science words, compound words, sound-alike words, analogies, prefix/suffix words, and SAT prep words.

Spelling Bee Lists 1000+ Spelling Tests Grade 1-12

( iPad - Free )

Spelling Bee includes over 1000 pre-build practice tests to choose from! Plus all the spelling activities are turned into fun games so kids feel like they are playing games. Spelling Bee teaches and tests kids on spelling and vocabulary word skills. After studying a wordlist, children are presented with a definition and an audio prompt of the word.

Montessori Words & Phonics

( Android - £2.29 , iPad - £2.29 )

Montessori Words and Phonics is a simple-to-use app based on the Montessori learning method that can help children develop reading, writing and spelling skills. The app helps children understand that words are made up of sounds and helps them memorise the phonics associated with letters. The app has 3 levels of difficulty that cover basic CVC words and more complex words with long vowel sounds and blends. 


PrepositionBuilder is designed to help elementary aged children learn the correct use of prepositions and learn how prepositions can change the meaning of a sentence. During play, the student is presented an image and must drag a preposition to complete a sentence about the image. If the student chooses the wrong answer, the image and sentence change to show the student the proper use of the preposition they chose and how it changes the image.

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