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Best Virtual Pet Apps and Games

Everyone can own a virtual pet which lives on your mobile. So here are the best virtual pet games for Android and iOS.

Pets are cute, fuzzy, and a source of comfort. And they're the source of plenty of online memes. However, not everyone can own a real pet, which is why virtual pet games exist.

While most of us love animals, it isn't always possible to own one. Maybe due to the cost, living space, or allergies. However, everyone can own virtual pets which live on your mobile.

In this article, we list the best virtual pet games for Android and iOS.

Toca Pet Doctor

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Toca Pet Doctor is a free-play app for animal-loving kids that empowers them to care for 15 sick or injured animals and nurse them back to health. Kids can feed the animals, who promptly fall fast asleep, happy and well. Kids can wake up the animals if they want to care for them again.

Kids use cures such as bandages, ointments, and casts, which they may see or experience in real life. The app also reinforces the message that eating healthy helps those who are sick feel better.

Pet Shop Story

( iPhone, iPad )

Like the other games on this list, Fishdom is a free-to-play virtual pet game for your mobile. It has a very simple premise, where you can create and build up an aquarium for your tropical fish through a series of "tapping" puzzles. 

Pet Vet Doctor Dogs

( iPhone, iPad )

Cat Game is another really cute virtual pet game. In many ways it's even simpler than Fishdom, and this is because it's semi-automated. The whole idea behind this automation is that the collection of coins lets you earn supplies to build up your dream house and fill it with cats.

Petting Zoo allows children to experiment with a group of cute and crazy animal doodles. With some unusual animations, this app can get children’s imaginations going. This is such an unusual app and truly inspires a sense of wonder and delight you can’t help but love it. We were particularly pleased to see the focus on pencil sketches – so unusual nowadays. It’s great to inspire children.

My Talking Tom 2

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Real cats aren’t always the first in line to play with young children, so this app lets kids care for their own kitten electronically! Watch your kitten grow, take care of him and be responsible for his food, play and toilet habits.

Now that we've gone through the best virtual pet games, you can try out some of them for yourself. You can also search through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for more. After all, we've been pretty picky with this list, and there are a ton of other options to explore