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Best Video and Cartoon Streaming Sites for Kids

Best Video and Cartoon Streaming Sites for Kids

Out of all the kids cartoon streaming sites available online, how can parents like you know which kids videos are best for your children? If you or your kids love watching cartoons and cannot do without them, this is just the place for you.

As a parent, determining what kids cartoon and videos are appropriate for your child is very important. If you're a parent who worries about this, then having a good selection of apps that deliver the best kid-friendly video content might be a good idea. These kids movie apps are great for any age of child as well as some that the whole family will enjoy.

Kids cartoon videos that encourages children to be more active are useful for all age ranges. Choose cartoons that focus on topics you’d most like your child to learn. Look for cartoons with clear, positive messaging about empathy, acceptance, racial tolerance, respect, integrity, as well as understanding and learning from consequences. 

Stop wasting hours looking for good cartoon streaming sites. Here is the list of best cartoon streaming apps for fun and safe entertainment.

Amaze Kids

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Amaze Kids curates some of the best kid-friendly video content from YouTube to protect kids from unsuitable content. These videos provide entertainment and education for children. It also lets parents set a timer so that children don't spend all of their time watching videos.

Amaze Kids covers a broad range of video genres from mini-documentaries to cartoons, from book-based stories to sing-along music videos. Children can easily find videos to suit their mood such as music, stories, learning content and more.


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Hopster is one of the popular cartoon streaming sites that provides a safe place for young children to access educational and entertaining media.  Hopster is a kids’ TV cartoon streaming app, with learning games for kids, as well as great pre-school, pre school, or preschool books and fun music.

Hopster have handpicked a great range of the best preschool kids TV, with hundreds of your child’s favourite cartoons from Ben and Holly, Mummy Pig, Sid the Science Kids to Sesame Street.

Hopster provides video, music, books, simple games and creative activities specifically chosen for young children.  The cartoons aren't just in-house shows but ones including famous and popular characters.  The books are childhood favourites - often with the option of being read aloud by a famous voice and showing the illustrations.

Hopster is a mix of education and entertainment like how the most popular children's television shows mix a fun story with examples of how to treat others, or how they show zany characters using letters and numbers.  

Download Hopster app now


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Use this free app to access all of the best PBS Kids shows. You can watch your child’s favorite educational cartoons like Arthur, The Magic School Bus, Bob the Builder, Daniel Tiger, Curious George and more. 

PBS Kids Video has long been an excellent in cartoon streaming for kids, with great shows like Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Super Why, Sesame Street, and a lot more all being found on the network. The PBS Kids cartoon streaming app is the home for all these shows and more, all in an intuitive, kid-friendly interface.

PBS Kids Video can be streamed 24/7 for free and watch free episodes of PBS Kids show. This kids streaming app promises to extend PBS' mission to deliver curriculum-based entertainment across all platforms. This kids cartoon app also was designed so kids could stay current on various PBS children's shows. 

Download PBS Kids Video now

Cartoon Network App

( iPhone, iPad )

Cartoon Network is a popular cartoon streaming app for kids with their favorite Cartoon Network shows. Kids can use this app to view clips, songs, and full episodes of more than 25 cartoon network shows, some of which have pretty iffy content.

The app lets you watch old cartoons or any of the missed episodes of your favorite cartoon,or you can even watch some small video clips to entertain yourself. You can also watch a selection of full-length episodes from your favorite Cartoon Network shows without any login or authentication. Kids can watch videos from hit Cartoon Network shows like Teen Titans Go!, The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, Clarence, Adventure Time, Unikitty, Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, Mighty Magiswords, Uncle Grandpa, and many more. The cartoon network app is a must-have cartoon watching app for your phone if you are a cartoon lover.

Download Cartoon Network app now

BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

BrainPOP is a trusted learning resource covering all core subjects, reaching thousands of schools around the globe. BrainPOP Jr. movies – each running three to five minutes – serve as an engaging way to introduce, review, or further explore a concept. Movies are accompanied by a set of features including leveled quizzes, drawing activities, writing prompts, graphic organisers, learning games, and more. 

BrainPOP Jr. is full of accurate content accompanied by beautifully illustrated videos. They have short movies with characters Annie and Moby who explore topics across different subject areas: Science, Maths, Reading and Writing, PSHE, Arts and Technology, and Health through fun and informative videos.

Download BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week now

YouTube Kids

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

YouTube Kids is a free video app specifically designed for kids, makes it easier for children and parents to find cartoons and kids tv shows they are interested in. The child-friendly kids tv app is free to download for Android and iOS. This free cartoon streaming app includes a section of just kids movies.

'Shows' section features clips and full episodes of popular children's cartoons like Winnie the Pooh and Thomas and Friends. You can search for your favorite cartoons and animes by studios like Walt Disney, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Brothers, Marvel Comics, Pixar, and many others.  

YouTube Kids limits the world of content on the service to curated, family-friendly videos, channels like PBS Kids, and educational clips from Khan Academy, and includes such titles as Thomas the Tank Engine, Reading Rainbow, and National Geographic Kids. 

YouTube Kids is mostly safe with a wealth of excellent, family friendly content from fun tips and tricks about school, to educational channels, music, creative pursuits, and any number of interesting ways to waste time. YouTube offers fair warning that kids may see something that you don’t want them to see and you can block and report inappropriate videos. 

Download YouTube Kids now

Popcornflix Kids

( iPhone, iPad )

Popcornflix is a free movie app that lets kids watch free movies away from your computer. Popcornflix Kids is a free streaming website much like Popcornflix but includes only kid friendly movies from their selection, which you might prefer so that the kids can't accidentally find an adult movie. Some of the more popular free kids' movies we've been able to find here include Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, White Fang, Benji, Popeye, and Jack and the Beanstalk. There's also a Popcornflix Kids app for iOS and Android users that's exactly the same as this cartoon streaming app except it has films just for kids.

Download Popcornflix Kids now

Toddler Fun Learning brings their fun and educational videos for babies, toddlers and children to the App Store. They have a library of videos including Gecko's Garage, popular nursery rhymes and Dr Poppy's Pet Rescue.

Picture a classic children's educational show, one that teaches about numbers letters and words, but spices it all up with songs and stories. Toddler Fun Learning recreates that experience while adding the chance to choose what segment is viewed next.  If your child fancies another number story, they can choose it.  If they want to sing along with a favourite song, just make the selection. 

Parents can set a time limit on this kids cartoon app so their child gets the right balance of digital and real-life adventure. New videos are added weekly and adventure mode on this kids cartoons app allows to watch videos offline.

Download Toddler Fun Learning: Educational Videos For Kids now! 

KidsCast - Watch, Play & Learn

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Kids Cast is a educational videos app for kids with a mix of education and entertainment activities that are completely safe and appropriate for children. Videos, games, books, songs and paper-based activities will give your child a great resource to learn from and use to avoid boredom. You will get unlimited access to brilliant shows like Milton, Ludwig, Little Monsters and other 100+ hours of original and exclusive kids TV.

The video content is of high quality both in terms of how it is displayed in this kids cartoon app and in its production.  Two series of the popular puppets of Sooty and Friends are included as well as other entertaining shows.  Some of these shows are instructional and creative, such as how to draw. This will pair nicely with the simple art package built into this kids streaming app. In a novel approach, there are also some broadcast TV shows from times past.

Download KidsCast now

On Boomerang you can stream and watch over a thousand classic cartoons for free. You can also download cartoons to watch on-the-go. Boomerang packs thousands of your favorite cartoons and movies into one place. From A to ZOINKS, watch Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, The Jetsons, The Smurfs, Garfield, The Flintstones, and much more. 

Download Boomerang app now

Nickelodeon Play

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Nickelodeon offers some great entertainment for the tween set. Whether kids are looking for musical sitcoms or martial arts superheroes, this channel (and its sister channels -- NickToons, Nick Jr., TeenNick, etc.) has some good choices that will keep kids laughing.

Nickelodeon was a fixture in the childhood of many kids from zany cartoons to captivating live-action shows, kids were hooked on the network's original content. Some of the popular cartoon series include PAW Patrol, Kung fu Panda and so on.

Download Nickelodeon Play now

You know your child best. While these kids cartoons apps will give you some direction in discovering the best content for your child, they aren’t the final say. You’ll be able to curate better kids videos by asking yourself (or your child) what he or she is interested in, where he or she needs reinforcement, and what topics make the most sense in the context of his or her life. Regardless of your child’s age range, it’s imperative that you remain an active participant and guide for your child in his or her screen content consumption.

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