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Best Times Tables Apps for 5 to 11 year olds

Maths apps can be a fun way to learn the times tables. These times tables apps have been selected to provide practise for children who are beginning to understand the concepts of multiplying numbers.

These apps provide the repetition necessary for children to consolidate their knowledge of times tables and they include apps involving factors and multiples. You can multiply the fun in your child's math practice with these interactive multiplication apps.  

The new curriculum requires children to know all times tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4 and this is a great resource to help with that. Children who know their times tables rapidly are much more able to access all areas of the Maths curriculum.

Best Apps for Learning Times Tables

Space Pig Math is an action game for practicing the times tables - up to 12x12 - with retro-inspired visuals and sounds.  The purpose of the game is to laser the aliens to save Space Pig's Friends - and they will provide you with help on the progress through the game.

The game rewards correct, consecutive, and quick answers.  It is easy and accessible for the novice, but it can become increasingly difficult. The user is drawn into the narrative of the story carefully and cleverly so that they empathise with the Space Pig, then they are sold on the idea that maths is easy. Practicing times tables can be fun with this action game.

Space Pig Math comes in two versions: free with in-app purchase, or the 'School Edition' which is just a paid app.

Math 8: Talk math with Leon! is a unique mathematical learning platform that guides the child through a proven method for teaching basic maths using vocal dialogue and visual prompts. The Math 8 Learning programme includes lessons, exercises, and quizzes designed to help your child engage and understand Mathematics. 

The app focuses on basic math skills and are organized by topic: times tables, mental math, equations, and word problems. The app provides you access to lessons and quizzes on times tables.

Times Tables and Friends, 1-12

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Have a laugh learning multiplication tables with this app and its colorful, interactive design. Offering 5 different modes, the app adapts well to children with various learning styles and abilities. In the game mode, children tag along on Bear’s balloon journey while tackling each table one at a time. Challenge mode is timed and covers all of the times tables at once as children strive to build up the highest score that they can. Training mode lets children or teachers construct a set of questions concentrating on those that are causing difficulty. This is an excellent function that lets the app be tailored to an individual's needs. 

As a single player they can concentrate on just one or all of the tables. When children are confident in their ability, they can play against a friend to see who has learned the best. Learning times tables fluently enough to be quickly able to recall the answer to any question up to 12 x 12 has a renewed emphasis in the English school system but is just as important in all maths curricula. Times Tables and Friends is full of opportunities to learn and practise.

Maths Rockx EDU - Times Tables!

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Maths Rockx mashes together maths and music to inspire kids to learn the times tables in a unique and upbeat manner.  The students sing along to popular tunes but with the original lyrics replaced by the list of multiplications from 2 to 12. 

Each Times Table is a different colour and has both an Instrumental version and a Vocal version. Enjoy the professional “studio quality” of the music production as your children learn. It will make them feel like they are simply singing new lyrics, to really cool songs, rather than actually doing work.

2x2 simulator

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

This app helps children to memorise the times tables through a series of games. The application relies on the mastery the principles of multiplication and division. A series of game based tasks work through the different levels.

The trainer will help children to memorize their times tables easily through series of engaging games. While playing and having fun they will master the principles of multiplication and division. Interesting game-like tasks, a special system of encouragement together with an opportunity to control and check the progress make the learning process highly effective.

TimesX Times Tables Tester

( iPhone, iPad )

This is a times tables app that lets children concentrate on practising the tables that they are currently learning. With excellent reporting features and a facility to target questions that are causing problems, it could support a child in achieving proficiency in multiplication.

TimesX is an app type that most teachers will have already encountered - a multiple-choice times table quiz. It has been updated with type the answer questions as well and the user can use one or both types in testing. In the main exercise, a question appears and children must tap one of the four numbers presented as possible answers, or type in the answer. For multiple choice, the selection of 'possibles' are sensible and don't leave a single number standing out as the correct answer.

Times Tables Rock Stars

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Meanwhile, competition can be a great motivator in the classroom and systems like Times Tables Rockstars makes good use of that. Sign your whole school up for £60 a year and unlock a system that encourages daily times-table practice. Children can play single or multiplayer games and work their way through the ranks of Busker, Rock Star and Rock Legend, depending on how quickly and accurately they can answer the questions. 

The app allows the children to create a rock star character and then practise their times tables and the corresponding division facts – they are rewarded with ‘money’ and can ‘buy’ things for their rock star. They can see their own progress and compare themselves to other users.

Squeebles Times Tables 2

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Squeebles Times Tables is a beautifully designed app to learn times tables and also helps students practice their times tables in the most fun and interactive way possible. Children learn whilst helping Whizz rescue the Squeebles from the clutches of the nasty maths monster. There are six different game modes for children to practice their times tables on with a number of characters and rewards available to encourage children to improve their scores. Teachers and parents can also monitor a player’s progress and can view a list of tables children have previously got wrong to assist with ongoing learning.

Hit the Button Maths

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Hit the Button is an interactive maths game with quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts and square numbers. The games which are against the clock challenge and develop a child's mental maths skills.