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Best Time Management Games

A time management game is an online, video, or offline game you can play alone or in a group – these games require you meet certain objectives, in a specific order, but with limited time and resources.

Most of the time, you’ll be able to hone the skills you learn by playing these time management games, to solve real-life work challenges. Time management games helps to improve your real-life time management skills, such as planning, organizing, and strategizing.

Time management games are fun, enjoyable, but also eye-opening, as they correlate to your real-life time management skills. Here’s everything you need to know about their usefulness, complete with a list of great time management games you can play.


This top-selling game may not have started the time management genre, but it remains one of the more popular examples. In this game, you play Flo, a hard worker who buys an old diner and has to make enough money to fix it up and expand her business. In all tasks, accuracy and speed are key – you earn points for all successful tasks, and if you perform the same set of tasks fast, you get combo bonuses.

Type: Restaurant Time Management Game

Platforms: Web, PC, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, iOS, Android, Xbox Live Arcade

Player Mode: Single-player


Sally’s Spa is hugely popular time management game because of its mini-games which are nicely integrated in the main game, offering a bit of a challenge in terms of tasking and a respite from the monotony. The variety of the mini-games and the punch of color they offer make the game fun and challenging at the same time. Pretty much like your standard time management game, tasks revolve around seating customers, keeping them happy while waiting for their turn, performing massages and giving them baths. 

Type: Fashion Time Management Game

Platforms: iPhone and iPad

Player mode: Single-Player


Uncle George has left you his farm – but the farm is in bad shape and you have to use all your skills and help from companions to build a reputable farm business. Your objective in Big Farm is to grow products, harvest them, and take care of your animals.

Type: Farming Time Management Game

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS

Player mode: Single-Player, Multiplayer


Airport Rush is an airport management game where you play the traffic controller who has to manage the constant flow of airplanes and make sure no one crashes. The gameplay is simple, and once again, you have to make sure you manage your work as fast and accurate. It's also different than a lot of time management games because the busier you get, the more your strategies must evolve. This can get very complicated, especially when you're trying to get color bonuses. But the challenge makes things more fun!

Type: Hotel Time Management Game

Platforms: Web

Player mode: Single-Player



This is a great time management game set in the Disney universe. The Kingdom has been overrun by dark magic, where Maleficent is the prime suspect. The Kingdom is an amalgamation of Disney parks and players are required to unlock adjoining ‘lands’, where rides, houses and restaurants can be built.

The social media interaction with this game is great for on-the-go gaming, as players can view friends' parks for inspiration and improvements, so the game can be considered even whilst players are waiting for unlocks.

Type: Kids Time Management Game

Platforms: iPhone and iPad

Player mode: Single-Player

All the time management games we've included on this list are games we thought were innovative, unique, and easy to complete.