Best Text-to-Speech Apps

Best Text-to-Speech Apps

Text-to-speech (TTS) app is often a vital resource for people with dyslexia—to aid reading, promote comprehension, and enhance overall literacy skills. A text-to-speech app provides you with the ability to create a speech for your videos using text. Just put your text into the website, select a voice you like, and you are good to go. 

The best text-to-speech app is the one that works for your unique needs. There are many options available on the market, each with different pros and cons. The best way to find the right app for you is to try them out and see which one fits. 

Here is a list of some of the best text-to-speech apps that are great assistive technology tools to convert any written text to spoken words.


1. Speechify

Speechify - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Speechify is a great text to speech app (TTS) on the market available for iOS, Android and web browsers. Text to speech from Speechify lets you listen to docs, articles, PDFs, email, and more. It is useful for older adults, people with developmental delays, and those with speech or language disorders. Speechify can detect and convert over 15 languages from text to audio. It is affordable, offering different plans to suit user needs. Speechify files are stored as text files rather than audio files, which saves storage space. As with other text to speech app, this app will highlight text and lines as it reads aloud. 

Device: iOS, Android, Mac, Chrome, Web browsers

Price: Limited (Free Plan): Get access to 10 standard reading voices, a listening speed of up to 1x, and text-to-speech features. Premium ($139/year).

If we missed any of the Best Text-to-Speech Apps, tell us about them!

Voice Reader Speech Central

2. Voice Reader Speech Central

Voice Reader Speech Central - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Speech Central is a fully featured text to speech app that can read text from variety of sources, including PDFs, word documents, ePubs and text files. It can also read web pages, import or type text, and convert text to audio. It supports 27 languages with automatic language detection. It can be helpful for people with dyslexia or other reading disabilities or people who want to listen to text while doing other things. If you are looking for a powerful and versatile text-to-speech app, Voice Reader Speech Central is a great option. 

Device: iOS, Android

Price: Free tier supports up to 1000 words per session and 10 voices. Premium tier is $4.99/month which supports unlimited words per session and voices.


3. FullReader

FullReader - 4 star rating


FullReader is a text reader that offers text to speech conversion. This text to speech app allows you to listen to any document, mail, audiobook, eBook, and others on your phone. FullReader has TTS engine support, and lets you to choose the voice, speed and tone of reading. It can also highlight the words it reads and let you make notes and tabs. It can convert texts from PDF, Doc, Zip, HTML and a vast amount of others into speech or mp3.

Device: Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Talk For Me - Text to Speech

4. Talk For Me - Text to Speech

(iPhone, iPad)

Talk for Me is a text-to-speech app that is available on iOS devices. It allows users to easily convert text files into audio files and help people who cannot speak to communicate. Talk for Me has the ability to convert text files into different audio file formats, and the ability to send thoughts in a robotic voice via text or social media.

Device: iOS

Price: $1.99

Google Text to Speech is probably one of the most familiar text-to-speech apps on the list. It's a free text-to-speech app that can be integrated with several apps and programs. The best feature of Google TTS is that it works with Google Translate. It can translate and speak any text in 109 languages. Other features include Read Aloud (from Google Play Books), TalkBack and accessibility applications (for spoken feedback), speech-to-text capabilities, and more.

Device: iOS, Android

Price: Free

NaturalReader - Text To Speech

6. NaturalReader - Text To Speech

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Natural Reader is a powerful text to speech app that converts digital text and images to spoken words. NaturalReader is useful for anyone who wants to listen to text instead of reading it. The free version has basic TTS features and can read from file formats such as Docx, PDF, ePub and Txt. It also has a floating bar which can be used to read text in other apps. The Personal version that allows you to read web pages directly, converting text to audio files and syncing everything between your phone apps. The Professional and Ultimate versions have OCR support and more natural voices. The web browser version of NaturalReader is free to use but limited comparted to the desktop and mobile apps.

Device: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Web browser

Price: Free with in-app purchases; Different pricing plans for desktop app.


7. TalkFree


Talk - Text to Voice Free is a very simple text to speech app for Android users. It comes highly recommended for users that want nothing else besides your regular TTS. Talk free is another text to speech app for android user which allows you to easily convert your text to voice. You can easily listen your eBooks or easily convert PDF, doc and text file in best TTS voice format using this app. It is best audio book reader app with a lots of different languages. You have to easily download eBooks from different platform and easily upload or open it using this app and will provide you a audio format of that file. Along with these it has also option to pause, stop, play to control audio.

Device: Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Speech Assistant AAC

8. Speech Assistant AAC

Speech Assistant AAC - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Speech Assistant AAC is a text-to-speech app designed for people who are speech impaired, for example due to Aphasia, MND/ALS, Autism, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy or other speech problems. With the app you can create categories and phrases, which are placed on buttons. With these buttons you can create messages that can be shown or spoken (text-to-speech). It is also possible to type any text using the keyboard.

Device: iOS, Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases


9. Notetalker

Notetalker - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

NoteTalker is an app for people with speech disabilities who need a sleek. It which has ability to speak and listen any text file on your smartphone. It is simple and smart way to start communication for those peoples. The app has an amazing algorithm which speak out the text which you type on your smartphone using your keyboard apps. It is easy to use with good user interface so that you can easily use this app. The app provide paid service so you must have to pay for its charge to better use this app.

Device: iOS, Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Text to speech is also known as TTS which helps you to easily convert your text file into different audio file format. You have to just easily enter text and it will convert your text to a audio in less time. It has listed more than 30 different voice and language. You can easily choose any of them and easily adjust the rate and pitch of voice and save and share your voice with your friends and family. It has an auto expanding text field which allows you to easily enter unlimited text for free.

Device: iOS, Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Text to Speech apps is great for productivity or for people with disabilities such as dyslexia, or others that cause reading to be a barrier.

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