Best Team Communication Apps

Best Team Communication Apps

Communication is essential in business and a foundation that every team needs to succeed. However, remote work and learning have made communication more challenging.

Many students have felt discouraged and lost after entering the new era of learning. With remote work, some students lacked the personal touch and consultations. Other students struggled to find motivation and instead discovered loopholes for slacking. Studies also reported that remote learners are more stressed than those going to classrooms. 

Luckily, online communication apps can make everything easier. As you already know, new tools and apps are popping out every day, and it can be hard to pick the best possible solution with such a comprehensive offer.

We’ve decided to compile a list of some of the best communication apps on the web to help anyone learning online.

More and more aspects of our lives happen online. Instead of meeting with friends, you can connect with them through Discord. You might choose online courses instead of looking for face-to-face lessons in other cases. 

And while such changes have led to flexibility and convenience, it has also exposed people more than ever. Users need to be careful, like exchanging files or communicating on unsafe networks. After all, it is convenient to join an online class or meeting from a coffee shop or a hotel while traveling. 

However, remember that each connection can be intercepted, and someone might be vicious enough to steal your data. For this purpose, get the appropriate security tools. For one, you need a password manager, antivirus program, and a VPN. The latter stands for a Virtual Private Network, and it encrypts internet traffic and masks IP addresses. Thus, initiate a VPN download, set it up, and connect to remote servers before joining networks. Even at home, it is recommended that your traffic would receive extra protection from harm.

1. Google Chat

Google Chat is the first app on our list, but it might not be the first one on your mind. There’s a high chance you already know about it. You might be yet to use it. 

This app has the cleanest interface and unique chat features. It ensures secure communication and optimized chat features for teams. It was previously available only for Google Workspace users, but that changed recently, and now everyone can download it.

This app provides communication in three ways - Chat, Meet, and Spaces. Google Meet is often compared to Zoom, showing its ability to compete with possibly the most well-known platform. 

Chat serves for 1:1 chatting, and it’s the simplest way to communicate with a member of your team quickly and directly. The Meet option is a video tool that allows you to organize online video calls with all members. The Spaces feature lets you assign tasks, share files, and collaborate on a specific project.

Google Chat is available on: Web, Android, Windows, iOS, Mac

2. Slack

Slack is another team communication app that’s very useful for larger teams. It provides an outstanding balance between simplicity and functionality. It allows you to connect with your friends, colleagues, and teachers by using three different options. 

You can use direct messaging, channels, and voice or video calls. Direct messaging and calls are the best options for 1:1 chatting. Channels are perfect for remote teams that require constant conversations regarding specific matters, subjects, ideas, or long-term projects. 

This app also has a user-friendly interface, and it offers excellent real-time chat features. It allows you and your team to integrate with other software, share files, view message history, etc. You can use Slack for free, but it also has a premium version.

Slack is available on: Web,  Android, Windows, iOS, Mac

3. Flock

Flock is a platform where you and your team can collaborate and communicate simultaneously. It’s excellent for remote learning and office teams because it has a simple interface and a project management option. 

This app also offers different ways of communication, like 1:1 chatting, video chatting (with screen-sharing), extensive search features, channels, and group chatting. With the Flock app, you can even request to add external users if you need some consultations or suggestions from people who are not part of your team.

This app has other handy features like polls, to-do lists, and daily reminders. It is optimized to support a team of 20-100 people.

Flock is available on: Web,  Android, Windows, iOS, Mac

4. Zoom

Zoom is an application that proved to be the best communication tool during the pandemic. While all other apps had bugs, errors, and difficulties providing adequate service, Zoom became the most functional app for improving remote communications.

This virtual platform has an intuitive interface and excellent features. It offers simple communication options, which means you and your team can use video calls, direct chat, or channels if you’re using the app’s desktop version. 

You can also simultaneously chat with your team while on a video call. So, if you want to avoid chaotic apps and provide your team with a simple communication solution, Zoom can give you straightforward and quality service. 

The app also has exciting features like screen-sharing, HD video calls, searchable chat history, fast drag-and-drop file sharing, and recording and transcribing team meetings. 

Zoom is available on: Web,  Android, Windows, iOS, Mac

5. Microsoft Teams

For teams who are already using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams is a natural choice for easing communication along. It includes 1:1 and group chats, video calls (which you can launch straight from your chat window), file sharing, and more.

Packed with features, Microsoft Teams makes it easy to connect and collaborate with your colleagues — even within a free personal plan.

Microsoft Teams is free! However, if you’d like Microsoft 365 (which includes Microsoft Teams), pricing starts at $5/user per month.

Microsoft Teams is available on: Web,  Android, Windows, iOS, Mac

Before choosing a communication app, we recommend talking with your peers to gain an insight into their needs and pick what suits them the best. Teachers should consult specialists on which apps suit their needs best. 

Some apps are better for video chatting, but your students might feel uncomfortable with video chatting all the time and prefer messaging. Pick an app carefully and check out the features to see if they meet your team’s needs.

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