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Best Summer Learning Apps for Kids 2018

As children set out on summer adventures, send their parents a much need - a list of 10 apps to share and enjoy with their children. These summer learning apps cover all subjects and grades; there truly is something for everyone.

It's the time of year when parents take on the challenge of keeping their children physically busy and mentally active during long summer days. Over the next 2 months, Educational App Store will list two set of 10 apps that will not only reinforce skills taught during the year, but also to entertain students through the summer months. Share the list with other parents to help them and their children make the most of the lazy days to come!

Hopster: Learn & Watch Kids TV

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Hopster provides a safe place for young children to access educational and entertaining media. Hopster provides video, music, books, simple games and creative activities specifically chosen for young children. Famous characters, actors, and writers all feature in its superb content. 
All of these are available in a format that children will find easy to browse and access.  It is completely child-friendly.  There are no advertisements, no inappropriate media, and no buttons where an accidental click could take children to a website or social media account.  Children can scroll through the main screen before selecting a pictorial representation of each of the media types.  Within these, a thumbnail picture depicts the show, music, activity or book.  Even young children will soon find using the app to be easy and frustration-free.
Toonia Colorbook - Educational Colouring game for Kids & Toddlers

( iPad - Free )

Toonia Colourbook is one of our new favorite colouring books for toddlers and preschoolers.This is a cute and fun colouring book option for kids that gives them plenty of themes and pages for free. There are lots of rubbish digital-colouring apps available for iPad. Thankfully, Toonia Colourbook looks like one of the good needles in the App Store haystack.

Toca Life: Vacation

( iPad - £2.99 )

Toca Life: Vacation is part of the Toca Life series. Like the others, it's a digital playset that lets kids pretend they're going on holiday. The main screen acts as a navigation tool so kids can tap on the place they want to play: the airport, the hotel, the beach, etc.


( iPad - Free )

Musical monster adventure is an application suitable for children 6 to 11 years of age in which they learn the basics of music. This beautifully presented app explores the adventures of the Mussila band on a musical journey. Help them find instruments, costumes and create your own music. The app is based on a music curriculum and the player progresses through skill building levels such as recognising instruments, instrumental sounds, rhythm and melodies. This extensive game has over 60 levels of engaging game play and creativity.

Sago Mini Friends

( iPad - Free )

The fun part of Sago Mini Friends is being in control and directing the activities. Let kids play individually so they can choose their own animal, choose which doorbell to ring, and fully interact with each activity. However, to extract learning from this experience, teachers should use Sago Mini Friends as a prompt for discussion about social interactions, working with others, and feelings. 

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