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Whether or not your child has been diagnosed with any speech challenges, there are many apps for speech therapy at home that you can use to help build your child’s communication skills, especially as a toddler. Language building is essential during the first years of a child’s life, as this is when most of the pathways for developing speech, language and cognitive skills are formed.

Help your special education students to concentrate on their speaking and communication skills with our range of apps on Speech, Language and Communication Needs.

Speech Blubs: Language Therapy

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Speech Blubs is a Speech Therapy application that uses voice controlled and video technology to develop speech articulation for young children with or without speech difficulties. The app has thousands of activites that aid over practice of speech sounds in a fun and engaging way.

From the moment I first had a play with Speech Blubs, I knew it would be a very useful app to use in our classrooms. Working in a school for Autism, many of our children have complex communication needs with the majority being non/minimally verbal. Speech Blubs has been a huge hit with children, teachers and Speech therapists alike with it being the go to app in supporting our young people with their language development.

Articulation Station

( iPad - Free )

Articulation Station is a comprehensive articulation application to help children speak and pronounce their sounds more clearly. The app enables practice at letter, word and sentence level to improve pronunciation and phonological awareness. Each word has 60 target words and all together Articulation Station Pro has over 1,000 target words. 
Hugely popular with Speech and Language therapists and SEN teachers alike, Articulation Station allows children to practice their pronunciation at letter, word and sentence level. The App has 6 activities at word, sentence and story level for 22 different sound programs. There are 60 target words for each program allowing you to target initial, medial and final sounds.

InnerVoice: Communication

( iPad - £19.99 )

InnerVoice Communication is a fantastic AAC application that is easy to use, containing features I have not seen in other apps on the market.The particular feature I have been really impressed with is the Avatar, an excellent feature that I have not seen in other apps or VOCAs. 
The app contains a library of faces that can speak the message, wants or needs through video. The videos can be shared through social media or as a message. You can even use the child’s photo as an avatar, brilliant! Whilst using Inner voice at school, we sent a message to a parent from her son who is minimally verbal, she was so happy and rang the school immediately to say how it brightened her day and would be getting the app straight away.

Boo Articulation Helper

( iPad - £7.99 )

Boo Articulation Helper is an app that helps children to practice speech sounds that they need to improve. The app encourages children to imitate articulated sounds and raise phonological awareness.
Boo Articulation is a fantastic app that aims to improve the articulation of phonemes and sound blends. This app is particularly useful for Speech & Language Therapists, Educators and parents to support children with speech disorders and complex communication needs. Speech sound disorders include problems with articulation (making sounds) and phonological processes (sound patterns). 


( iPad - £249.99 )

Proloquo2Go is an Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) application that can provide a voice for those with expressive and receptive language difficulties. From basic wants and needs to more complex sentences, Proloquo2go as a viable communication tool for children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, apraxia, aphasia, or traumatic brain injury.

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