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Best Singing Apps for Music Learners

Best Singing Apps for Music Learners

Do you dream of being a singer one day? Maybe you don’t quite have the vocal chops to go pro but you still love singing along with all your favorite tunes. If that’s the case, then this list of best singer apps will be a great one to go through. There are all kinds of ways to strengthen your skills, show off your talent, and just have a whole bunch of fun.

Forget singing in the shower, this is 2019. Bet you didn’t know that your iPad or Android provides a 21st century outlet for your love of music and performing. Check out our roundup of the 5 best singing apps for folks who love to sing. Not just about Karaoke anymore, users can take legit voice lessons, or improve their musical ear. Express yourself and show talent to the world by connecting and sharing your voice or video mash-ups using social media.

No matter what kind of singer you are, this list of the best singing apps for karaoke singers can provide you with a large selection of songs to try out and master.

The course Voxtrain is a vocal training class. It is aimed towards any student interested in understanding their voice and improving their singing from absolute beginnings, to developing the complexities and understanding the depth of singing through use of breathing, tone and control. The display is very easy to navigate and understand, and needs no further instruction. 
The use of the videos is engaging and helpful, aided by diagrams where suitable, and further exercises to practice. This app is designed to give students some interactive enjoyment when improving their singing, without necessarily having to have a singing teacher too, and being able to practice in their own home.
Voxtrain provides the student with an interactive way to improve their vocal skills using any of their devices. The app gives students the opportunity to practice vocal skills, and understand how to improve their singing. It offers some basic explanations to get started, and when completing the beginners course, you can then move onto the intermediate and advanced courses to improve your singing further. The detail in this is very impressive. 
We love the engaging way in which the presenter goes through the biological reasoning for singing. This often really helps people as it makes them realise that singing isn’t something that you ‘can or cannot do’, but can be trained, and this is taught very simply, without the emotion and lack of confidence that often comes with singing. 


Smule - The #1 Singing App

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Smule - The #1 Singing App lets users record and upload their own karaoke versions of popular songs, either solo or with other users. Teens can stream themselves singing live, and they can interact with other users by inviting them to sing with them live or on their recordings.
SMULE - The #1 Singing App lets people create and share their own music videos by recording video on their device as they sing along to karaoke tracks of popular songs. Smule app provides sound effects that gives your song that edge that professionals have. You can enhance the vocals, you can sing in groups and duets, record yourself singing with video, and then you can share your song on a global network. People will be able to comment on your song and just how incredible you sound. This app is currently being updated with additional songs so that you're sure to find stuff you like.
  • Sing all your favorite songs
  • The app is constantly updated with new songs
  • Add sound effects and enhance your vocals
  • Record yourself singing with video
  • Share your song on a global network within the app

Learn to Sing, Singing Lessons

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Learn to Sing, Singing Lessons app replaces the need for a expensive vocal instruction to help you learn to sing, or improve your voice. Using its “What You See is What You Sing” technology, users can “watch” their pitch in real-time and thereby reinforce auditory pitch awareness. Record your session and instantly play it back. Since breathing is key to singing well, the developers have included a breath filtering engine. Let friends and family know you’re thinking of them by dedicating and sharing songs. Train + Track feature keeps track of scores, statistics and progress, with at-a-glance reporting.
  • What You See is What You Sing technology
  • Record and playback
  • Breath filtering
  • Dedicate and share songs with friends
  • Train + Train feature
When you first start using Learn to Sing, Singing Lessons, by Sing Sharp, I would suggest starting by checking out the Vocal Range section. This features a tool which measures your highest and lowest notes so that you can identify the full extent of your range. Free singing coach, songs, voice exercises, by Sing Sharp is a great app, and the perfect festive addition to your iPhone and iPad for the holiday season.

SingTrue is an interactive voice teacher in your pocket. Created by the developers behind RelativePitch (and used by over 200,000), the app utilizes the microphone to analyze your response to over 30 voice lessons, in a game context. Lessons focus on improving pitch sensitivity and feedback includes specific instructions that will result in improvement. Train not only your voice, but tune your ear for intonation in music. Track your improvement over time, you’ll be amazed at how much improvement is observed in a short time. The app is equally useful for singers and non-singers alike.
The SingTrue app takes on the stance that everyone has the potential to be musically gifted with just a little bit of learning and practice. The app is able to help you control your voice and learn to use it in a way that isn't just pleasing to listen to but also sounds natural and even powerful. The way the app works is that you will progressing through levels which are actually interactive singing exercises. There are more than 30 of these exercises to complete and each one will be taking you one step closer to that perfect voice. The developer also has plans to add more levels.
The SingTrue app for your iPad, and iPhone may just be able to transform your voice into one you never thought possible through a variety of user-friendly and educational interactive singing exercises.

Vanido: Learn to sing

( iPad - Free )

Vanido app is your personal singing coach. You can learn to sing with Vanido and it’s engaging, fun and free! 
It allows you to practice exercises that will improve your breathing, pitch, ear, range and vocal consistency. Singers also get feedback on your pitch as soon as you sing. It also helps to train your ear and know when you’re off pitch. Singers can practice singing their favorite songs through an innovative repetion-based technique. It is also powered by Apple Music and Spotify.
Track your progress, set challenging goals, get reminders and practice everyday. The singing lessons are personalised as each exercise is tailored to your vocal range and past performance.

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