Best Scavenger Hunt Apps

Best Scavenger Hunt Apps

Planning a scavenger hunt may seem like an overwhelming task, but there are some exciting new apps available that make it easy. Whether as a casual event or as your next office team builder, a well-planned adult scavenger hunt can be just as fun of an event for grown-ups as it is for kids. They're easy, inexpensive, they can be indoor activities or outdoor activities (so they work in any weather) and they can often be done using things you already have at home.

Free scavenger hunt apps are available in this list to encourage users to interact with other players and their environments for a more engaging experience.

Here is the list of best apps to help you organize a scavenger hunt for both adults and kids.

Eventzee - Virtual Events

1. Eventzee - Virtual Events

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Eventzee is one of the better event scavenger hunt apps. With a wide variety of challenge types, users can either choose from pre-made party packs, or contact the Eventzee team to commission a game for a custom event. EventZee is also the most customizable Scavenger Hunt app. Since customization is an option, gamerunnings can ask designers to create a game tailored to fit particular teams, events, or brands. 

Most games involve 25 challenges, with a combination of photo, video, and quiz responses, and are suitable for up to 25 players. The party packs revolve around themes like holidays or fantasy adventures, making them an option for distant family gatherings or remote company parties.

Participants do not need to be in the same locations to play together, and using the app is simple and straightforward. The app allows you to chat with other players in the app to strategize and work together. Users can share photos and videos to social media to flex their accomplishments.

Devices: iOS, Android

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2. NaviCup

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Navicup is one of the best scavenger hunt apps for team building. Navicup enhances outdoor activities where players, learners, or competitors make their way from point to point. These include self-guided tours, orienteering competitions, treasure hunts, and more. 

The app tracks users' locations and reports back to the event organiser. It can also set tasks or provide text and audio-based information for the users when they arrive at marked locations.

Navicup provides its users with the tools they need to create, enhance, and enjoy map-based practical activities. The maps can cover a zone of your choosing, from areas large enough for motor vehicle-based challenges to treasure hunts on a school's grounds.

Devices: iOS, Android

Photo Treasure Hunt is a fun activity for both children and adults to play. This app makes it easier and quicker to prepare a photo treasure hunt while taking it to a whole new level of fun to play. 

As Treasure Hunt by Photos is for creating and playing a treasure-hunt game, it could be used by any age group. Treasure Hunt by Photo has two parts to it. First, a treasure hunt needs to be created, and then players must follow the clues.

Devices: iOS


4. GooseChase

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

GooseChase is a DIY scavenger hunt platform. You can either choose a theme for your game from the existing "mission bank" on the app or you can create one from scratch.

To complete missions, participants submit photos through the app. Each mission has a set point value, and the team (or individual) that collects the most points by the end of the game wins.

The game is free if you use it for organizing a small team hunt, and GooseChase offers paid packages for large groups or businesses. Check out the video below for assistance with getting started.

Devices: iOS, Android, Website


5. Loquiz

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Loquiz is an app that enables the user to create team games using its unique platform. Suitable for professionals this application can create games for any occasion, anywhere. Created on the website the games can be indoor quizzes, outdoor quizzes, outdoors games, and much more. This application is ideal for teachers and schools who wish to create a cool location-based game.

Using Loquiz, build scavenger hunts by making the locations appear on the map according to some rules. Teams see the locations appearing on the map with activations depending on the score, time or previously solved tasks. Scavenger allows assigning different starting points for teams.

Devices: iOS, Android

Let's Roam: Scavenger Hunts

6. Let's Roam: Scavenger Hunts

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Let’s Roam features a clean and beautiful design, making it easy to both plan and run scavenger hunts. The app has scavenger hunts available in over 400 cities worldwide, so you’ll be able to properly explore your surroundings no matter where you find yourself for your next holiday.

For adult readers, you can try out the Bar Hunt option, which basically allows you to turn your scavenger hunt into a mini-pub crawl. You can play a solo mission, complete team trials, or even set up an adorable date night scavenger hunt.

Devices: iOS, Android


(iPhone, iPad)

If you visit or live in a major city, is one of the fastest and easiest scavenger hunt apps available to use. Created by the producers of Let's Roam, the app allows users to mark hidden items and locations across a given geographical area.

As other users continue to use the app and the community grows, more and more hunt locations are getting added to the map.

This scavenger hunt works as a question-and-answer game. When you arrive at one of the hunt locations, your mobile phone will prompt you with a question. You must then locate the answer in your surrounding area. This could be a secret message or a historical fact.

Devices: iOS

Camera Hunt - Scavenger Game

8. Camera Hunt - Scavenger Game

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

CameraHunt is one of the more straightforward photo scavenger hunt apps. The game gives players 60 seconds to find and show as many objects as possible. Participants use smartphone or tablet cameras to capture the images. Players do not have to snap and submit photos of the items, only show the objects on screen. The game uses machine learning to distinguish and identify clues, and awards players points accordingly.

Devices: iOS, Android


9. Geocaching®

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Geocaching is one of the best outdoor scavenger hunt apps. The platform bills itself as “the world’s largest treasure hunt.” Geocaching is a high tech hobby that involves searching for objects by using GPS-enabled devices. Participants hide objects in waterproof containers and post coordinates so that other players can find the caches. Typically, players replace the caches so that other players can uncover them after entering the find in an online log.

To use the Geocaching app for team building, you can deposit items in your teammates cities while visiting or enlist the help of a local to hide items for you. Or, you can encourage your crew to hunt nearby treasure and share their findings in a group chat or cloud photo album.

Devices: iOS, Android

Scavenger hunt apps are an exciting alternative or supplement to traditional remote team building exercises, since these games often involve players travelling to new locations and acting out challenges. 

Many of these apps allow participants to play on their own schedules in separate locations, for a low-pressure experience that more folks can take part in. 

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