Best Online Math Programs

Best Online Math Programs

Many tools claim to provide personalized learning for all students. While not a cure-all, adaptive algorithms have been becoming more sophisticated and attuned to student needs. Whether programs offer an initial diagnostic test or adapt along the way, students are met at their own level.

From math-fact fluency through algebra, students will be able to build perseverance and reduce their anxiety. Check out these math learning programs to find resources, robust teacher dashboards, individual learning profiles, and live teacher feedback to incorporate into your classroom.

Here is our list of best online math programs for to help make math more approachable and fun for students at all grade levels.

1. DoodleMaths

DoodleMaths is a good, adaptive online math program that can be used to support a growth mindset along with strong math skills. DoodleMaths is an online math program that builds the confidence of 4-14 year olds by providing a personalised work programme tailored to children’s individual strengths and weaknesses. 

Aimed to be used for just 10 minutes a day, DoodleMaths is the perfect homework tool for catching up or getting ahead in maths.

2. Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game is an interactive and engaging online math program that helps build 1st to 8th-grade math skills. In Prodigy, an adaptive math-practice game set in a fantasy role-playing universe, students customize colorful, anime-style avatars and send them off to the Wizard Academy to prepare for battle.

Teachers can select from a variety of curricular standards when setting up their classes, including Common Core, Ontario Math, NCERTS, and National Curriculum (England).

3. Smartick Kids Learn Math

Smartick is an online math learning platform that uses a colorful, gamified world and an adaptive learning algorithm to help kids ages 4-14 develop and improve their math, logic and critical thinking skills. 

It’s important to note that Smartick is not common core or state standards aligned, focusing more on the fundamentals and more universal skills of the subject matter, and so is perfect for homeschooling families who prefer a more traditional approach, as well as those looking to hone their foundational math skills.

4. DreamBox Math Green

DreamBox Learning Math is an interactive, adaptive, self-paced math program that provides engaging practice activities. It creates a personalized pathway for students based on their demonstrated level of readiness and adapts this pathway as students learn.  

The Insights Dashboard gives teachers, administrators, and parents access to reports on skill and standards progress and mastery for each student. Using real-time data, teachers can identify learning gaps to elp them create differentiated long-term assignments for students.

5. JumpStart Academy Math

JumpStart Academy Math is a website that offers individualized math programs for the classroom. Students begin by taking a diagnostic assessment; the results are used to determine their skill level and to allow the program to place the student on a continuum of skills.

The games are interactive, with online manipulatives and fun characters. Kids start with an avatar and are rewarded by personalization options; as they play games, they can earn points, letting them individualize their avatar accessory by accessory. Teachers can monitor progress via their dashboard.

6. Maths Whizz

Math Whizz is a virtual online math tutoring program for elementary and middle school students.

The program provides individualized and targeted self-study math instruction  using a combination of direct instruction, adaptive exercises, game-based drill, a gamified learning environment, quizzes and more, all while allowing parents to monitor student progress and development via a digital dashboard.

With its personalized and targeted learning plans and adaptive questions, Math Whizz is a high quality virtual tutoring program that can be a good option for students who need some help strengthening their elementary and middle school math skills.

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy truly is a platform unlike any other: it offers some of the best math courses and is completely free. The mix of instructional videos and practice exercises really help you learn and master all you need to know about math.
What's great about Khan Academy is the range of learning techniques provided – from flashcards to quizzes to practice exercises to video lectures. With so many options you’re destined to find just the right thing. The platform offers versatility in math topics and excellent levels of teaching.

8. Mangahigh

Mangahigh is a web-based platform that boasts dozens of math games and hundreds of tutorials and quizzes, all aligned with Common Core standards. It teaches and reinforces a wide variety of math fundamentals, from counting and number sense all the way up to beginning algebra and geometry concepts.

If you are searching for the best online math program, the options can seem endless. The courses on our list vary from completely free, to around $50 each or can be taken as part of a subscription.


If you are searching for the best online math program, the options can seem endless. The courses on our list vary from completely free, to around $50 each or can be taken as part of a subscription.

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