Best Online Guitar Lessons

Best Online Guitar Lessons

Don't you have time for face-to-face guitar lessons? Online guitar lessons might work great. Educational App Store focuses on helping people find the highest quality guitar lessons and websites for learning guitar.

The websites offering online classical guitar lessons can be found by performing a quick search online. Content quality, educational quality, topical organization, and song lessons are just a few of the factors we look at and use to come up with a rating and grade for each online guitar lesson program. 

The websites that offer guitar lessons online categorize the lessons for beginners to the advanced learners. These online lessons have become quite popular because they are effective and convenient for a broad audience. 

Here is the list of the best online guitar lessons – all of which will help you reach the desired destination on your guitar-playing journey.


1. Fender Play

Fender Play is one of the best online guitar lesson platform that teaches you how to play the guitar from the comfort of your own home. you can work your way through Fender Play’s curriculum at your own pace and at a time convenient to you, even if you only manage a few minutes a day – you are free to learn whenever you can!

Fender Play app is ideal for those looking to simply start messing around on a guitar or who are returning to the instrument after a short time away from playing. Whether you’re picking up a guitar for the first time, or you’ve been playing for years, there will be something new to learn with Fender Play. 

The video tutorials are way better than those found on YouTube, providing all the information learners need to get playing a guitar in no time. The videos are also professionally filmed, making it easy to mimic what the tutors are playing. 

Price: 14-day free trial, then $9.99 per month or $12.50 per month (billed annually)

Key features: Guided paths; bite-sized lessons; suitable for guitar bass and uke players; 100+ popular songs to learn; multi-angle camera

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2. Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is one of the best online guitar lessons for beginners. The tricks and tips made available to everyone that registers are aimed at encouraging a practical approach through the online lessons. 

The three main sections of Guitar Tricks contain some of the best online courses for learning guitar. The lessons on this site are about eleven thousand in number. They have been divided into the beginner lessons, experienced lessons, song lessons, and the style lessons. With a fun approach, students find out learning how to play classical guitars is not difficult. The online lessons on this site have been prepared by accomplished instructors from all parts of the world.

The beginner and advanced classical guitar lessons help the learners become better by avoiding repetitive lessons. The structures of these lessons are done in a way that the participants practice every day. The beginners’ classical guitar lessons start with simple popular songs.

While practicing with these songs, the students learn how to pick the chords. Many of the reviews have identified the friendly approach of the instructors as the reasons behind their success while learning on this site. Private lessons are also available as well as the group sessions.

Price: $19.99 monthly, $179.99 yearly, free 14 day trial

Key features: 11,000 lessons; guided pathways; song tutorials including amp and guitar settings; artist and genre studies; chord and scale charts; maintenance tips.

3. TrueFire guitar lessons

TrueFire is an excellent online resource for guitar players looking to learn guitar at any skill level. They house over 33,000 total lessons spread over 700 courses, which is the single largest online guitar lesson repository in existence, eclipsing even the Guitar Tricks lessons database. 

The video clips and online classical guitar lessons can be viewed on laptops and mobile devices running on iOS and Android. This makes it easy to study and practice with the materials on this site from any location. Enhancements added to the site to make learning easier include the playback functions, video looping, power tab, slow-mo features, tuner, and many other features.

The website has become very popular because over 150 professional classical guitar players are available to teach students. The learning lessons have been developed and divided into the beginner level, intermediate, and the advanced level. These lessons have been improved as practical lessons which make it more fun for the participants.

Price: Free to join, free 30-day trial, $29/month for monthly plan, $249 annual, $2,499 lifetime

Key features: over 40,000 lessons, over 30,000 tabs, over 20,000 jam tracks, new courses weekly, pro instructors, 1080p HD video, Slo-Mo and Looping

4. Gibson's Guitar

The Gibson’s guide to learning how the classical guitar is played is organized by the pro guitar player Steve Krenz. The package includes online learning instructions that last over forty hours. The lessons are divided into shorter classes to help participants understand and follow the instructions.

Visitors can view the sample lessons published on the site to understand what the process involves. Online support for all students is also accessible while learning how to play the classical guitar. Students are encouraged to record their practice sessions after learning the basics.

These videos can be uploaded to the site to be reviewed by Steve or other students who have become better classical guitar players through the website. Practice options are endless with the play along CDs included in the package. They include songs added according to the students’ level at that time.

There are simple songs for beginners and more complex songs for experienced players. Overall the entire package makes it easier for everyone to learn and practice with the classical guitar on his or her terms.

Price: Packages start from $35/month for 3-month plan, $30/month for 6-month plan, $23.25 for annual plan

Key Features: Over 50,000 video lessons, 9 guitar teachers

5. Justin Guitar Online Guitar Lessons

Justin Sandercoe is a really good teacher. He’s so good, that perhaps it’s only fair that he uses the internet to teach; that way he can spread the wealth. If you are a beginner, you should probably sign up now, because the beginner’s course is free and Sandercoe’s ability to walk you through the fundamentals is peerless.

There is a lot on JustinGuitar that is free to access and is complemented by a wealth of YouTube videos. You can choose lessons in theory or in skills, and there are lessons for all abilities.

Sandercoe also provides affordable add-on apps ($/£1.99-$/£2.99) and a variety of subscription program, such as a music theory course that delivers over 120 lessons with PDF, audio and Guitar Pro downloads to support your progress.

Price: Free to join, packages from $9.99/month for 6-month plan

Key Features: Grade system to track progress; PDF materials; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Spectrum courses; various add-on apps

6. Guitareo

Guitareo is one of the newer platforms on this list, and it has its sights aimed clearly at the younger, less advanced players. In fact, it is almost perfectly suited to people who have never picked up a guitar before, thanks to its guided lesson paths dealing with everything from the fundamentals through to crafting your own songs from the chords you’ve learned. 

It lacks the bells and whistles of some of the bigger sites, with no interactive tabs, plus mobile integration isn’t as advanced as some others, but what Guitareo does have is bundles of charm. If the more intensive courses on offer from its competitors are a bit daunting, but you’re committed to making a positive start to your journey, then Guitareo might just be perfect for you. 

Price: $15 per month, $120 per year, 7 day free trial

Key features: Guided learning, Growing list of coaches, Simple to use, downloadable tab

7. JamPlay Online Guitar Lessons

JamPlay is one of the popular online guitar school with over 5000 on-demand lessons and additional song tutorials. On this site, beginners can learn the basics about playing the classical guitar. There are also online lessons that have been developed for experienced classical guitar players who wish to improve their skills.

The instructors on this site are world-class professionals who are more than willing to share their knowledge. JamPlay has continued to grow its online community; they are present on the popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This online presence allows more people to find and register on the site to learn how the classical guitar is played.

Members are eligible for the freebies regularly offered on the site. Free bundles that can be downloaded and used for daily practice. The regular courses are also refreshed and improved to ensure students get the best value on the site.

Live courses are offered every week in real-time, while the site offers crucial tools such as learning materials about the chords, licks, and scales to help students become better at playing the classical guitar.

Price: $19.95/month for monthly membership, $49.95/month for 3 months, $159.95 annually

Key Features: 7,271 lessons, over 100 teachers, 4K video, over 450 courses, live in-studio lessons, Master Classes, interactive tab, wide variety of add-on apps

8. Orange Learn

A great new Orange Learn feature is Orange’s partnership with MGR Music to provide live help, enabling students to get assistance from a teacher whenever they need. Simply click on the Need Help? Button and players will be able to ask a qualified guitar tutor in real time.

Orange Amplification were ahead of brands like Fender when it launched its own online course and now works with Online Music Exams to offer recognised accreditation covering Grades 1-8 for rock guitar.

The syllabus is designed to be worked through alone and at a pace best for you, or alongside your tutor. Downloadable and streamed online lessons include videos and notation with the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses taking students from beginner level to Grade 8.

The exams and resulting certificates give an added incentive to learn, with the flexibility of taking them when you feel it’s the right time, and can form a part of your CV too. There’s a relatively quick turnaround to find out your results too.

Currently the Orange Rock Guitar Foundation is available for free and there's a new vocal coaching program for the singers out there too.

Price: Free to join, current offer with free foundation course and exam trial, £79.99 for Grade 3-5, 6-8 or £7.99 per month for Grade 1-8

Key features: Accredited course, covers Grade Debut-8, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses

9. JamTrack Central

The JTC set-up is hugely impressive. Prices for the packages start from $/£25 per month, with a number of add-on features such as the eponymous Jam Tracks. Instructors include the likes of Jeff Loomis, Guthrie Govan and Jess Lewis. 

While there are fewer choices for beginners here – 62 courses as opposed to 207 advanced and 429  intermediate – we love the syllabus and the bite-sized formats. It’s so flexible. You can sign up for a free account and can download a module for $/£19.99. If you want interactive tab to go with it, then $/£19.99 will last you a year. 

Premium accounts let you access all of the entire library of lessons (excluding Bootcamp) and you get 25 percent off downloads should you want the files on your computer for offline practice.

Price: Premium from $/£14.99/month

Key features: Personalised coaching, masterclasses, over 1000 play-along Jamtracks, over 450 videos, over 1000 tabs, artist lesson packs, 13 different styles

Learning how to play the classical guitar online has come a long way. Now there are so many options available to people who wish to add playing the classical guitar to their skills.

The online lessons are flexible. Many people who may have postponed their plans to learn how the classical guitar is played state their reasons as the limited time to learn. Overall, the best online guitar lessons cover music theory, music lessons, and practical training that are needed to develop the master skills needed to make wonderful music.

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