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Best Music Games for Kids: For Parents

Music is a natural part of life, and many children start music education at an early age. If your child is also beginning their adventure into the realm of music, then you might enjoy this list of music games for kids.

From the earliest age, children are introduced to different types of melodies, tunes and music, which become a significant aspect of their mental, emotional and physical development. In school and later on in education music is often used as an efficient tool for helping in memorizing and learning, as well as for improving communication and for boosting confidence. Being a musical kid brings about various benefits during upbringing and later in adult life.

By encouraging your child to love music, you’ll be setting them up for success in every area of their life. By introducing them to music at a young age and showing them how much fun you have when you’re singing, playing an instrument, or listening to music on the radio, you’ll keep them motivated and interested. 

Dancing along to music helps your child build their gross motor skills. If you want your child to excel at sports, introduce music and dancing.  Children can learn new words from songs or, if they’ve heard the words before, songs can help them understand the meaning of the words. 

Here is the list of the best music games that will encourage your children to sing, compose or dance.

Music With Grandma

( iPhone, iPad )

Music with Grandma offers a diverse set of games and activities that engage kids to learn, and exposes them to a variety of musical instruments. Kids can learn basic music concepts such as musical scale, note values, and rest duration. They will also be introduced to various musical instruments — what they are called and how they are played. The app includes 7 different games in all, each designed to present these concepts in a fun way.

The first game you can play is called Instrument Sounds. The second game is called Musical Patterns. The next game, Memory Match, is a classic pairs game but with musical instruments.

At the end of each game, you will be rewarded with a fun animation such as watching Grandma dance and giving her a high five. You might also be subjected to a musical performance by Grandpa, although you might want to cover your ears first.

Little Fox Music Box is a fantastic musical app that offers three nursery rhymes captioned in English or German. There is a karaoke mode where you turn off the voiceover and sing along to the music. 

Little Fox Music Box is a beautiful, fun sing-along songbook for children aged 2-6. It features 3 songs: Old Macdonald Had a Farm, London Bridge and Evening Song, and has more than 100 interactive elements which children can enjoy discovering. There is also the ‘Fox Music Studio’ where children can make their own songs. 

Animal Band - Music Time

( iPhone, iPad )

Animal Band is a beautiful music game that encourages young children to explore music while listening to their favourite nursery rhymes and popular early years songs. All the animals that make up the band are asleep and the user has to wake them up and they then begin to sing or play instruments. The animals have a limited time before they start falling asleep again so the child will have to remain observant to keep them awake.

Sesame Street Makes Music

( iPhone, iPad )

Sesame Street Makes Music has serious music-making lessons to learn, from different instruments to how tempo affects songs. Ernie, Abby, Elmo and Cookie Monster are all there to help, with eight instruments to explore.

Kids get a sweet -- and very basic -- introduction to a small handful of musical genres and instruments. There's a nice mix of styles, and because the band plays familiar songs, it's easy for kids to make comparisons between how they usually hear the song and how it's being played in the app. This could help kids identify the uniqueness of each genre, though some song makeovers are more successful representations of their genres than others.

Maths Rockx EDU - Times Tables!

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Maths Rockx mashes together maths and music to inspire kids to learn the times tables in a unique and upbeat manner.  The students sing along to popular tunes but with the original lyrics replaced by the list of multiplications from 2 to 12. The songs on offer are from top names in the music industry such as Pharell Williams, Pink and One Direction (for those of us a little out of touch with what the kids listen to, this is quite a big deal!). There is even the odd classic thrown in, like Jerry Lee Lewis’ ‘Great balls of fire’ for the two times table.

Baby piano for kids & toddlers

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Baby piano is a music game for preschoolers of 1 to 6 years old. Our kids game features 5 entertaining and educational activities for toddlers. Our learning game for girls and boys will allow little ones to develop creativity, an ear for music, hand-eye coordination, fine motor and attention. Baby piano is perfect for pre-k, kindergarten and preschool education. It is also suitable for kids with developmental disorders, such as autism.

Toca Dance

( iPhone, iPad )

Toca Dance is one of the popular music game app that gives kids a platform to create and imagine. In this case, kids choreograph a dance routine for up to three dancers and then watch the characters perform on stage.

Kids can learn about creative expression, moving bodies, and sensing the beat in a song. Freedom to move their characters empowers kids to get creative and silly, and they can feel proud ownership when they see their choreographed show performed on stage. Challenge kids to move to the music and they'll learn about listening for tempo and beat, transferring real-life movement to digital representation, and build some body awareness. Toca Dance is definitely for fun, but with some offscreen extension, kids can learn more.

Musical Me! takes children on a magical, musical journey. Explore elements of music with familiar Duck Duck Moose Characters and superbly arranged children's songs. Enjoy little surprises throughout this app as your child learns about rhythm, instruments, pitch, and musical notes. Sit down as a family to dance, laugh and create music with Musical Me!

This award-winning musical experience teaches notes, rhythm and pitch. Listen to notes, copy patterns and learn to recognize pitches; Learn about rhythm, short and long notes; Play with a drum, cymbals, triangle, maracas or egg shaker; Learn to read music and create songs by moving notes on a staff; Listen to children’s songs featuring the violin and cello. 

Tongo Music - for kids and families

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Tongo Music-for kids and families is a shining example of a high-quality music game that is both beneficial and fun. 

Tongo Music-for kids is suitable for the whole family, and will provide hours of educational entertainment. Tongo Music does a great job at introducing kids to the fundamentals of music without providing any kind of explanation. There is a good mix of interactive music games and animated stories, so kids have plenty to do and see. Even though there is no text, navigating the app is easy and intuitive.

Carnival of Animals: Music Education for Your Kids is especially for children’s early music education. This music learning app integrates Carnival of Animals composed by Saint-Saëns with animated storybook. Through interactive music practice, kids learn about rhythms, duration and pitch. Meanwhile, the pop-up facts in this educational app consolidate their knowledge on both music and animals.

A sea creature story with interactive music games help kids to learn musical phrase and melodic contour. Listening to the musically-rich melody created by flute, violin , viola and pianos, it is as if looking closely at all the sea creatures in a dimly lit aquarium.