Best Math Websites for Kids

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Best Math Websites for Kids

If you are looking for websites that can help children learn and improve their math skills, we have picked the best ones for you. These websites offer online math activities, exercises, puzzles and games that are interactive, fun and challenging.

These math websites offer interactive games and rewards that make math learning fun and engaging for kids. These math websites can help students test and practice their math skills. Teachers can incorporate free math websites for kids into their lesson plans in a number of ways.

Here is the list of the best math websites for kids that will reinforce basic arithmetic concepts and spark a love for learning math.

1. ByteLearn

ByteLearn is a math learning app that uses AI to provide personalized instruction and support to students. It offers a variety of features, including step-by-step walkthroughs, adaptive learning, and a teacher dashboard.

Key Features

  • Provides students with a helpful step-by-step AI guide to walk them through each part of the math problem-solving process.
  • Uses adaptive learning to provide targeted questions to individual students based on their previous responses.
  • Dashboard that allows them to track student progress and identify areas where students may need additional support.

Rating: ByteLearn - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: 11-14 (For Grades 6-8)

Price: Free

2. Brighterly

If you are looking for a math website that is specially designed for primary school students, you might want to check out Brighterly. Brighterly is an online math learning platform that offers fun, engaging, and personalized lessons for kids of different levels and abilities. Brighterly is a great option for parents who want to give their kids a solid foundation in math and help them develop a love for learning.

Key Features

  • Fun and engaging ways to practice math skills through games and activities.
  • Follows the standards and objectives of the national curriculum.
  • You can sign up for a free lesson to get a taste of the Brighterly experience before paying for any subscription plan.

Rating: Brighterly - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: 6-14 (For Grades 1-8)

Price: First trial lesson is FREE. Starts at $20/lesson.

3. Math Playground

Math Playground is a free site that offers a variety of math games and videos for kids of different levels and abilities. The site was founded by a former teacher and math expert who wanted to make math fun and easy to learn. You can browse by grade or topic to find games and videos that match your child's needs and interests.

Key Features

  • Each math topics are filled with math games, logic puzzles and a variety of problem solving activities.
  • Provides teachers with pre-made resources to use in class.
  • Games are aligned to the Common Core Standards.

Rating: Math Playground - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: 6-12 (For Grades 1-6)

Price: 7-day free trial or membership starting at $5.99/month

4. is a website that offers personalized learning resources for kids of all ages and subjects, including math. It has games, worksheets, workbooks, and study packs that cover over 800 key skills.

Key Features

  • Ready-made lesson plans for classroom educators and homeschoolers.
  • Access to free content such as downloadable worksheets, workbooks, and study packs.
  • A premium subscription gives access to more content and a progress tracker that monitors a child's learning outcomes.

Rating: - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: 4-11 (For Preschool-Grade 5)

Price: Free or membership starting at $5.00/month.

5. Adapted Mind

Adapted Mind is a website that offers a math curriculum that is aligned with Common-Core standards and explained by over 15,000 videos.

Key Features

  • Featuring a set of fun interactive math games, carefully designed and suitable for all grades
  • Reporting tools give parents and educators feedback on their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Rating: Adapted Mind - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: Kindergarten-Grade 6 (ages 4-14)

Price: Free for a month then $9.95/month

6. Funbrain

Funbrain has a plethora of online games, videos and learning resources.

Although the site is not the simplest to navigate (the ads and click-throughs are a little annoying and it’s easy to get lost in them), it’s worth exploring for the great content. As well as the key subject areas of reading and literacy, the math and problem-solving activities are high quality and educationally sound. Take the time to look around and curate some super learning resources to use with your kids. Most games can be adapted for different ages and abilities and the series of various math videos are engaging and fun.

Rating: Funbrain - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: Preschool-Grade 8 (ages 4-14)

Price: Free

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7. IXL Learning

IXL offers an almost infinite amount of practice questions to develop and test students’ Maths skills for all ages. Includes resources for teachers, student data reports, and instructive insights.

IXL Learning is great for revision covering 2,000 skills across early math and they have a comprehensive reporting system. IXL Math and IXL English are available in UK version. IXL Science, IXL Language and IXL Social Studies are only available in US version. A subscription is required to access IXL's unlimited exercises, tracking, awards, and certificates. IXL Math is one of the very best math platforms for students of all ages and is also IXL is available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Rating: IXL - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: 4+

Price: Membership from £7.99/month

8. Coolmath Games

As its name suggests Coolmath Games, this site provides the user with plenty of cool math games which can be searched for via topic or name. A popular game-based site for online math-learning resources. It covers algebra, geometry, statistics, and more.

The games are simple and fun, but in order to help kids get the most out of the learning concepts, they may need some assistance navigating the site. As well as helping to practise some key number skills, there are logic and reasoning games alongside a number of familiar favourites making it a great math website for kids. A premium subscription provides an ad-free experience as well as access to customisable avatars and unlimited game ‘playlists’. This makes for fun math experiences but it’s not suitable as a standalone math learning site.

Rating: Coolmath Games - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: All ages

Price: 1-month free trial then $5.99/month

9. Math Learning Center

Math Learning Center is great for students Pre-K – Grade 5 curriculum and helps to develop mathematical ability and confidence through providing practice of key skills, the Math Learning Center is a not-for-profit organisation founded by math experts.

The Math Learning Center website is not designed for children to use by themselves, but it provides support for parents and educators to guide their learning at home or at school

Rating: Math Learning Center - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: Preschool - Grade 5 (ages 4-11)

Price: Free

10. 99math

99math is a free tool game like Kahoot that modifies math problems into a kind of social gaming experience. Setting up the game and playing it with the students requires only 5 minutes from the lesson.

The content is already generated beforehand, teachers just require to pick and select the topic they want to teach and practice, and no extra time is spent here on preparation for the topics.

Rating: 99math - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: Grades 1-8 (ages 6-14)

Price: Free

11. Prodigy Math

Prodigy is a comprehensive math learning platform designed to help children practise and improve mathematical skills. This is a free game that students can use at school or at home.

Key Features

  • Have over 50,000 math questions covering grades 1-8
  • Monitor your students’ progress on specific math skills, and even set individualized goals for each student.
  • Offers a premium 1-on-1 math tutoring service for students.

Rating: Prodigy math - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: Grades 1-8 (ages 6-14)

Price: Free or membership starting at $4.99/month

12. Khan Academy

If you haven’t heard of Khan Academy already we encourage you to try this free tool for both students and teachers and parents.

You need to know that the app is an extension of the Khan Academy website which is a non-profit, open source educational website with the aim of ‘changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere’. Through a free website account, you can watch more than 4,300 video lessons on topics including math, science, economics, and humanities either by streaming them from the site or downloading them for later viewing or when you don’t have an internet connection.

Rating: Khan Academy - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: 6+

Price: Free

13. Mathletics

Mathletics is the world’s leading educational resource for mathematics, created by the team behind the World Education .

Over 4 million students in schools across the world are a part of their global learning community. The main part of Mathletics is the maths practice section. Here, children select an aspect of maths that they have been working to understand and then answer quick-fire questions on it. The incentive to do well is to beat other children working on the same questions at the same time. Parents may well find that a child previously reluctant to spend time on learning maths becomes much more interested when it is for competitive reasons.

Rating: Mathletics - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: 6+

Price: Free trial then membership from $99.00/year

14. focuses on the key number operation of multiplication and helps children to develop times table skills through a tried and tested method of visual story-telling and picture representation.

Many children struggle to learn their tables, and to fully understand the concept of multiplication (alongside the other number operations) this math website for kids offers a platform for them to hone their skills. Many resources are available for free but an upgrade to premium provides individualised teaching sequences and a super tracking and reporting tool so parents or educators can monitor progress. With daily practice a child can gain speed and accuracy whilst having fun!

Rating: - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: 3+

Price: Free 1-week trial then from $7.95/month

15. Top Marks

A teachers’ favourite for math interactive whiteboard games and teaching tools, Top Marks is also easy to use to support a child’s math learning at home.

The ever-popular ‘Hit the Button’ is always a first-choice on this site - and is a proven way to help develop times tables confidence - but don’t stop there: there are many other top-class interactive games and activities that can be accessed here, for free! As well as their own material, Top Marks links to other high-quality content to support the learning of key concepts. It’s worth downloading Adobe Flash Player in order to access all of it.

Rating: Top Marks - 5 Star Rated Website

Ages: 3-6

Price: Free 1-week trial then from $7.95/month

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