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Best LEGO Apps for Kids of all Ages

The Lego Education brand has been working with educators for over three decades to develop experiences in the classroom that bring learning concepts to life. There are a lot of LEGO mobile apps and gaming apps based on kids’ favorite LEGO® themes from LEGO DUPLO and LEGO City to LEGO Star Wars™ and LEGO Super Heroes. I mean, a lot. So where do you start on your journey into the LEGO Gaming Universe? Your Teen Lingo-savvy friend is here to help with a road map to the best LEGO games and apps of all time.

Lego — we all know it. Most of us grew up with it. It is one of the largest brands in the world, is instantly recognisable and has a massive fan base. But have you ever thought of the educational benefits of Lego? 

Benefits of Lego

  • Lego provides tools that develop lateral thinking in a fun environment
  • It teaches kids to think in three dimensions
  • It improves literacy as kids work with instructions
  • It develops problem-solving, organization, and planning by construction
  • It improves creativity
  • It enhances communication and critical thinking
  • It boosts kids motor development.

Here are a few apps for your LEGO-lover, when busting out the actual LEGOs just aren't an option: 


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

LEGO Mindstorms fix the factory is an excellent app for teaching the principles of Coding. The app has excellent graphics and is very engaging creating competition within the classroom. Once a profile has been set up students must guide a robot through 24 levels filled with switches, batteries, conveyor belts, force fields and more. This lego app focus more on puzzles and platforming than other Lego titles.

LEGO Mindstorms fix the factory is a beautifully presented FREE computer science app that will keep students entertained for some while whilst teaching them the basic and complexities of programming even though it could be a little bit more user friendly.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

LEGO Boost is a robotics kit for kids aged around 7-12. The focus is on building and coding to create models that kids can play with. Boost provides the pieces to build five different robots, along with an entertaining app that turns learning into a game that even preliterate children can master. The colorful and inviting Lego Boost app (iOS and Android) starts by showing you a landscape of possible projects. You must complete basic building and coding tasks before you can access the tougher ones, which makes perfect sense when you think of Lego Boost as a fun-filled teaching tool. Normally, you’ll start by building and programming simple Lego robots and, with each success, the app guides you to progressively more complex projects and coding tasks. 

The LEGO Boost approach to coding uses brightly coloured drag and drop blocks. Icons are used rather than text. The drag and drop approach works really well on a tablet and there's lots you can do with the available commands. The commands are very specific to the model you are building and have quite a lot of intelligence built in to them. This means that kids get to the fun bits quicker. 

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Blast off into outer space, explore the underwater world, catch thieves in a car chase – with a whopping 15 mini games, LEGO City: My City 2 has it all. As you progress, the levels increase in difficulty – win one, two, or three stars depending on how well you complete the level, a la Angry Birds. Simple controls of touch/tilt make it simple for even the youngest player to enjoy the game.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5–7 covers the darker half of the Harry Potter saga. While the game's focus feels more on the side of puzzle-solving and exploration than it does on fighting, there are still plenty of wand-zapping wizard battles taking place throughout. 

Colorful LEGO mini-figures act out retellings of the evil Lord Voldemort's return to power and the resistance movement against him by heroic students of Hogwarts. Kids can learn about solving problems and puzzles while collaborating with others to explore and understand new environments. Kids entering this magical world must use a keen sense of observation and logic to figure their way out of story-based predicaments. As kids learn to use the magic, they work out the rules of a new system and learn how to survive and thrive within. For kids who thrive in open worlds, this is a magical way to learn about logic and collaboration.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

The LEGO® Movie Video Game

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

In a mission-based adventure lego game, kids play as Emmett, Vitruvious, and Wyldstyle, destroying villains and objects and collecting the broken studs as they work to complete objectives that earn points and unlock other levels. 

Kids can learn problem-solving and practice using strategy in this highly engaging app. They're empowered with choices in how to play -- using the touchscreen or the control -- as well as how to approach each challenge. They even decide which character to use. Clear instructions are given to guide kids who need a little help. The movie's positive themes don't come across as well amid the action and fighting, but kids will have fun solving problems and thinking critically, not even realizing they're developing those skills.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

LEGO Star Wars Battle

( iPhone, iPad )

Lego Star Wars is a popular lego game for iPad to use the movie-to-video-game conversion. You essentially experience the movie but in an alternate Lego universe. Star Wars squashed the notion that a game based on a movie is usually a train wreck, and it set the standard for iconic movies adapted to great Lego games. 

Devices: iPhone, iPad


( Android )

This free Lego app for Android is aimed at toddlers to build, load and unload your very own train in this cute app. The bright, fun landscape is interactive, and kids will play for hours.

The app requires no reading and uses an intuitive interface. It’s also completely closed. Even the typical Lego advertisements and product information are protected behind a parent gate. The app is free so enjoy!

Devices: Android