Best Homework Help Websites

Best Homework Help Websites

Homework help is essential to help students manage their stress levels, control the amount of work, and get better grades in college and school as well.

Balancing everything that school or college throws your way can feel like a challenging task. But you’re not alone! The internet has plenty of resources to assist, including some of the best homework help websites. Homework help sites range from offering online homework assistance, study aids or textbook solutions to providing access to online tutors who are there to help with your specific needs.

When studying to become the best student you can be, it’s natural to need assistance. As such, you can look to some of these sites to help you better succeed in completing your homework and learning necessary material.

Let’s dive right into some of the different types of websites, including homework help websites for students of all levels.


1. Brainly

Brainly - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Brainly is a website that offers homework help with subjects such as Math, Social Studies, World Languages, Computer Science, Arts, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, among others. Answers to students questions can be provided by other students, PhDs, teachers, educators, among others. Answers are verified on a daily basis by a dedicated team of subject experts and moderators.

Brainly uses gamification and engagement features to make learning more fun and engaging for students. This includes features such as points, badges, and levels, which can be earned by answering questions, helping others, and participating in the community. The option to work 1:1 with tutors live is a great way to get personalized help.

Price: Free with limited features, Premium plan starts from $4.99 per month

If we missed any of the Best Homework Help Websites, tell us about them!

Khan Academy

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Khan Academy is free website that offers homework help to students. Students can choose from an impressive list of subjects that span from all levels, including early math to AP Biology and more. The site even offers help with test prep for the SAT, ACT, MCAT, GMAT and other college-level entrance exams.

Many students use Khan Academy at home to reinforce what they’re learning in school, for homework help, or simply as a fun educational activity. As students work on their homework, they can have the opportunity to work on Khan Academy as an extra support if they are struggling on their homework or as a reward if they finish their homework quickly. 

Price: Free 


3. Socratic

Socratic - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Socratic offers homework help with Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies and more. Socratic provides visual explanations, video tutorials  and detailed step by step guides to help students understand complex concepts. Using Google AI, Socratic makes it super easy for any student to find solutions to their learning problems.

Socratic Math & Homework Help website uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scan the web for answers to academic questions. Students simply ask questions using their voice or writing and Socratic brings the best possible educational resource that answers their question. Socratic website can also be a great help for parents who desire to assist their child in homework.

Price: Free with limited features, Premium plan starts from $19.99 per month


4. Chegg

Chegg - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Chegg Study is a website that provides students with homework help. It offers solutions for textbook and homework problems, expert Q&A sessions, and 30 minutes of free tutoring online. Chegg Study also has a searchable forum where students can ask questions and get help from other students or experts. This means that students can often find the answers they need without having to wait for a response from an expert.

Chegg Study is a great resource for students who need help with their homework. Users can access features like the Chegg Math Solver, where they can get their homework questions for math problems answered within an hour.

Price: Premium plan starts from $14.95 per month


5. Quizlet

Quizlet - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Quizlet is a another popular homework help website. Quizlet provides users with various study tools like flashcards, quizzes, tests, and interactive homework problem-solving exercises.

There are in-depth explanations that use step by step explanations to show students how to solve complex problems. Quizlet hosts solutions in over 60 subjects.

The Flashcard feature in Quizlet is another powerful tool to help students prepare for their assignments and quizzes. Students can create their own interactive flashcards and study sets or use pre-made ones shared by other students and learners. Quizlet is also available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

Price: Free with limited features, Premium plan starts from $12.99 per year


6. Kahoot!

Kahoot! - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Kahoot is the ideal homework help for students who like online games. There are 100 million ready-to-play lessons that engage students with games that support learning. Kahoot! Standard engages audiences and tests knowledge retention.

There can be up to 20 participants in each gaming session, and quiz questions are available. You can try the system for free for seven days or buy it for $19 per month. Homework help includes self-paced challenges, Zoom integration, and playing with teams to get answers to questions.

Price: Free for 7 days, Premium plan starts from $19 per month


7. Wyzant

Wyzant - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Wyzant believes that one-to-one learning works, and it works better if tutors are accessible, affordable, and convenient. That is the premise of the website to develop an easier way to connect students with experts. Wyzant teaches 300+ subjects and employs 65,000+ instructors. There are no subscriptions or upfront payments – you pay for results only. You can boost your grades in different subjects, English tutoring, learning study skills, and working for college prep classes.

Your journey starts by finding a tutor and working through online sessions that take place one-on-one with your tutor in a digital classroom. There is a real-time video chat for direct communication, an interactive whiteboard, and a real-time text editing option.

Price: Varies on subjects and type of tutors

These homework help websites can be useful for students of all ages and academic levels. With a little research, students can find the best website for their needs and start improving their grades and understanding of the subject matter.

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