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Best Homeschool Apps

Best Homeschool Apps

With all of the recent school closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak, thousands of parents have turned into homeschooling educators overnight. Homeschooling parents have a lot to keep track of and the right app can make the days run much smoother. We are on a mission to locate the best apps for homeschooling parents. Apps that will assist in regulating screen time for children while also offering fun educational content with minimal supervision. We have put together a guide to supporting kids while they're learning at home, full of useful tips and professional advice that'll help you get through this difficult time. 

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Many of these apps offer not only homeschool apps but plenty of learning help for all kids. While some of these apps are strictly related to homeschooling, not all of them are for that purpose. Some are just great apps. Some are free and some cost a couple of dollars, but all are applicable whether your child is homeschooled, in an online school or attending a traditional school.

To support parents and carers with home learning, our subject experts have put together a selection of apps available on Android or iOS to enable children to stay engaged with learning.

From free lessons to educational videos, planners, games, and activities, these apps provide some amazing resources for any family interested in teaching kids at home. 

Whether you’re a full-time homeschooling family, or you just want to supplement your child’s education, here are a few of the best apps for homeschooling that we consider to be the most beneficial for homeschooling parents.

Brili Routines – Visual Timer

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Brili is one of the best homeschool apps that helps families with children stay on task and on time every day. This easy to set up app assists parents in getting their children through morning, midday learning, and afternoon routines, saving them on average 30 minutes in each routine. With a customizable routine and reward system, the app provides a more relaxed environment for children to get their tasks done without the constant direction provided by a parent. Brili has helped families worldwide for over four years, try it today and get the first month free to see how!

Download Brili Routines – Visual Timer now

HomeSchool Helper is consistently rated as one of the best apps for homeschoolers. This app was built specifically for homeschoolers to plan lessons, track student progress, calculate grades, manage book lists, plan field trips, and keep track of tasks.  

This app allows you to spend more time teaching and less time managing. For instance, you can keep track of attendance, grades, school subjects, and report cards. Its built-in features will even generate high school transcripts for you.

Download HomeSchool Helper now

Khan Academy

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Khan Academy is one of the most popular homeschooling apps for home-learning and we believe one of the best homeschool apps. One of the best homeschooling apps, Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

Lessons can be completed independently by the student, or homeschooling parents can watch the videos with their child and pause them to discuss/clarify concepts when needed.

Download Khan Academy now


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Evernote is a valuable resource for homeschooling families. It allows you to take notes, capture photos, create lesson plans, to-do lists and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, or on the go. You can also upload PDF files, pictures, and even audio files to Evernote.

Your lesson plans and Homeschool notes can be shared via email with anyone, making the end of the year evaluations a simple task. Homeschoolers can navigate assignments in a profound and efficient manner.

Evernote is one of the best apps for homeschooling parents.

Download Evernote now

Cozi Family Organizer

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

One of the best homeschooling apps, Cozi is a calendar and organizer app that the whole family can use to stay organized. It includes events, shopping lists, recipes, to-do lists, and a family journal. Information may also be shared across devices and between family members. While it’s a universal planning tool, it is also perfect to keep track of your kids’ learning activities.

Cozi app helps to stay on top of the family’s Homeschooling activities. Children can access their own calendars and see what they’re going to be working on in any given week. Cozi helps you split the responsibilities around homeschooling in the most effective manner.

Looking for a homeschool planner to help you stay organized? Cozi app can be used to lay out your family’s homeschool curriculum for the entire school year. 

Download Cozi Family Organizer now

If you are looking for the best apps for homeschooling you need to check out Planboard. This homeschool app is a lesson planning app that allows you to organize your lessons, subjects, and semesters into a user-friendly timetable. While it’s designed for school teachers, who are loving it by the way, it can be just as easily applied to organizing your home lessons. Check it out and see why we believe it is one of the best homeschool apps.

Download Planboard now

Monitor how much time your kids spend doing various activities online. Qustodio is a brilliant home school app that helps parents control and monitor how their kids spend time on tablets and phones. Screen Time is kid proof and effectively does what it claims to do. It is well-suited for older children and teenagers, as well as younger children. The smart app allows you to set a time-limit, lights out control, bedtime control and a school time control that even lets you lock your kids phones when they are supposed to be doing homework.

Download Qustodio now

Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Duolingo is one of the best homeschooling apps for learning languages. While it’s meant for both kids and adults, kids will find the gamified features especially appealing. With Duolingo, learning new languages becomes a fun and addictive activity. This home school app has been on the market for over 5 years and has gathered over 7 million reviews, so you may rest assured that it works.

Download Duolingo now

Scholastic Book Wizard

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

The Scholastic Book Wizard app also allows users to create an inventory of all titles in classroom library. You can also designate how many copies of the book you own and additional notes. The app allows you to manually search (by typing the name of a title, author, or keyword). Most importantly, the app has a scanner that allows you to simply scan the bar code to quickly search the database for book information.

With the new Scholastic Learn at Home, every day Scholastic's website will offer a new mini-lesson that includes a story, a video, and an activity. The lessons are grouped into four age groups: pre-k and kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2, Grades 3 to 5, and Grades 6+. You might like one of our favorite reading apps for kids.

Download Scholastic Book Wizard now

Reading Eggs is the multi-award winning learning programme that helps children learn to read. In this home school app, students will learn how to read using interactive reading games, guided reading lessons, fun activities and over 2,000 digital story books. 

Reading Eggs is the perfect program for homeschoolers, providing a comprehensive range of research-based online reading lessons, activities and books that teach children aged 2–13 the literacy skills needed for a lifetime of reading success. 91% of home educators using Reading Eggs have seen a noticeable improvement in their child’s reading skills.

Download Reading Eggs now! 

Chore Pad lets you assign and track household tasks and motivate kids to complete them. It is easy to use chore chart app and available for iPhone and iPad as well as on the web. If you are constantly having to nag or remind your kids about completing their chores then this app has been tailor-made for your family.

How to find good Homeschooling apps

To help parents get started with homeschooling, and to utilize the best resources on the App Store, check out our list of recommended apps.

What are your favorite apps for homeschooling? Leave a comment and tell us your recommendations.