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Best Graphic Organizers

Best Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers, including mind maps, Venn diagrams, infographics and other tools, allow teachers and students to organize and present facts and ideas visually in order to facilitate teaching and learning. A graphic organizer is a teaching and learning tool that is used to organize information and ideas in a way that is easy to comprehend and internalize. You can use Graphic Organizers at any point in the lesson to structure information into understandable chunks.

The web tools and apps below have made it easy to create beautiful and productive graphic organizers.

1. Bublup

Bublup is a versatile and powerful app for organising any kind of content visually. The application is rich with features that enables you to save links, documents, notes, videos, photos, GIFs, and music within visual folders with pictures, titles, and descriptions. Ideal for teaching, personal or business use Bublup offers a unique experience when it comes to visual organisation and productivity. 


A popular web-based tool that allows users to to create mind maps, save them as images, share, collaborate and present. This simple and free online tool allows you to brainstorm ideas and create concept maps with no special software. features some highly interactive abilities: saving your mind map as an image, sharing (emailing) your work with a friend, printing your organizer, creating colorful mind map organizers, embedding your work into a website or blog, and working with friends. 

3. Popplet

Popplet is a collaborative visualization tool that is ideal for developing graphic organizers and presentations. Popplet is a tool that allows users to visualize ideas. Teachers and students can create graphic organizers, timelines, and many other forms of visual organization. Popplet's strength as a collaborative brainstorming tool, however, should not lead teachers to overlook its usefulness as an effective presentation tool.

4. iBrainstorm

iBrainstorm is an easy to use visual organizational app for adults. A free iOS app for  iPad and iPhone that lets users organize ideas with digital sticky notes, and offers quick and easy multi device sharing. The app is a multi-device collaboration tool. Students will use a visual organizer to memorize content area materials in preparation for daily activities.

5. Conceptboard

Conceptboard is an instant whiteboard tool to design and create concepts, to increase collaboration sharing and productivity.

6. MindMeister

Mindmeister is a powerful graphic organizer tool, but also has the functionality of many collaboration tools, so designers can use it to craft ideas and concepts. It might feel a bit quirky to organise a design idea through mind mapping, but this is still a great collaboration tool to try out. 

7. Mindomo

One of my favorite brainstorming sites that also lets a user flip their classroom, collaborate, comment, and much more.

8. Mural

Use digital sticky notes to create and organize lists, flowcharts, diagrams, frameworks, methods and drawings. Integrated with Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Calendar and other top apps. Mural is a creative tool for you to drag-and-drop rich media files, links and documents onto a big HTML5 drawing board, which is a great way to collect inspiration and gather your thoughts. It also supports collaboration that allows designers to brainstorm cool ideas remotely. Plus, it is optimised for iPad and gesture-friendly.

9. Mind42

Mind42 offers simple, free collaborative mind-mapping software that runs in your browser. Can search publicly shared templates by tag or popularity.

10. StormBoard

Stormboard is a program used to replace sticky notes and a whiteboard with online visual and virtual brainstorming. Provides online brainstorming and collaboration in real-time, with certified data security. Integrated with popular apps such as Google Sheets, Slack, Microsoft Teams and others

11. Storyboard That

An excellent site with an education portal that teachers use to create timelines, storyboards, graphic organizers (t-charts, grids, etc.), and more. Lesson plans are included. 

12. Super Teacher Worksheets

An amazing site offering a wealth of educational resources, printable graphic organizers, and worksheets for all subjects.

13. Venngage

Users can create stunning infographics, mind maps, timelines, and more. Browse thousands of infographics, brochures and more in their gallery.

14. Webspiration Classroom

Webspiration is the online visual thinking, learning and collaboration tool for students, teachers, and thinkers everywhere. It facilitates brainstorming ideas, visualizing concepts, organizing information and collaborating with others anytime, anywhere.

15. WiseMapping

A free collaborative, web based open-source tool, great for creating visual mind maps and brainstorms. 

Although we have covered various graphic organizer tools in this post, there are plenty more that can be useful to our users. Know more?