Best Graphic Organizers

Best Graphic Organizers
Graphic organizers are effective pedagogical tools that help students express their knowledge visually and form relationships between pieces of information. The visual aid facilitates the learning process in several ways; it can be used as a tool for research, brainstorming, or a tool for simplifying complicated topics and aiding decision-making.

Graphic Organizers, including mind maps, Venn diagrams, infographics and other tools, allow teachers and students to organize and present facts and ideas visually in order to facilitate teaching and learning. Graphic organizers can be applied to a range of subjects, such as science, languages, history, and math. There are different types of graphic organizers that students can use depending on how students would like to group information.

A graphic organizer is a teaching and learning tool that is used to organize information and ideas in a way that is easy to comprehend and internalize. You can use Graphic Organizers at any point in the lesson to structure information into understandable chunks.

Here is the list of the best graphic organizers you can use during various scenarios, whether you are reading, writing, doing research or studying for exams. 

1. Bublup

Bublup is a versatile and powerful app for organising any kind of content visually. The application is rich with features that enables you to save links, documents, notes, videos, photos, GIFs, and music within visual folders with pictures, titles, and descriptions.

Ideal for teaching, personal or business use Bublup offers a unique experience when it comes to visual organisation and productivity. Bublup is a perfect solution for those who want to enjoy visual organizing and take control of their work and life.

Devices: iOS, Android, Web Browsers, Chrome Extensions

Price: Free; Premium - $6.99 per month; Team - $24.99 per month 

2. is a popular graphic organization tool that allows users to collaboratively create and edit mind maps, save them as images, share, collaborate and present. This simple and free online tool allows you to brainstorm ideas and create concept maps with no special software. features some highly interactive abilities: saving your mind map as an image, sharing (emailing) your work with a friend, printing your organizer, creating colorful mind map organizers, embedding your work into a website or blog, and working with friends. 

Devices: Web Browsers

Price: Free; Premium - $6 per month; Team - $18 per month (3 users)

3. Popplet Lite

Popplet is a collaborative visualization tool that is ideal for developing graphic organizers and presentations. Popplet is a tool that allows users to visualize ideas. Teachers and students can create graphic organizers, timelines, and many other forms of visual organization.

Popplet's strength as a collaborative brainstorming tool, however, should not lead teachers to overlook its usefulness as an effective presentation tool.

Devices: iOS, Web Browsers

Price: Free; Premium - $3 per month

4. Venngage

Venngage is a reliable infographic design application that converts data and processes into accessible and memorable content. It provides a wide range of simple export options, clipart, icons, customizable templates and themes, free-form design canvas and drag & drop user interface.

This tool is a great way to create visually appealing and informative graphic organizers and infographics. It allows you to collaborate with others, add multiple pages, images, and premium icons and charts, and even print your creations out.

This free graphic organizer maker is definitely one of the tools that you must try.

Devices: iOS, Android, Web Browsers

Price: Free; Premium - $19 per month; Business - $49/month

5. Padlet

Padlet is a great tool for graphic design because it allows you to create and share your designs with others in a collaborative and interactive way. You can add text, images, videos, links, and more to your walls, and you can even add polls and quizzes to get feedback from your audience.

Padlet is a free tool for educators that can be used as an online bulletin board or a graphic organizer and in a variety of ways to present information. Students can make graphic organizers such as Venn Diagrams that compare and contrast two things.

Padlet is a great tool for anyone who wants to create a collaborative and engaging learning environment.

Devices: iOS, Android, Web Browsers

Price: Free; Premium - $19 per month; Business - $49/month

6. MindMeister

Mindmeister is an online graphic organizer tool available on various web browsers. It hosts a wide range of free templates, as well as the option to make your own. The good thing about this tool is it makes file management simple for a user-friendly experience.

Another convenient feature that the tool provides is that it allows users to embed their maps and charts to websites via URL. Generally speaking, you will have most premium features for free which makes it a great graphic organizer creator. 

Devices: iOS, Android, Web Browsers

Price: Free with limited features; Personal - $6.99 per month; Business - $18.99/month

7. Mindomo (mind mapping)

Mindomo is the best all-in-one visual tool to help you make mind mapping, concept mapping, and outlining accessible for students. This graphic organizer also lets a user flip their classroom, collaborate, comment, and much more.

You can also add links to other maps or web pages, and you can embed multimedia files like videos and images. You can use shapes and arrows to help illustrate relationships between different elements. Once you’ve finished, you can even use colors to make the organizer look more appealing.

Devices: iOS, Android, Web Browsers

Price: Free with limited features; Personal - $6 per user per month

8. Mural

Mural is a virtual collaborative whiteboard that can be used as either a presentation tool or an interactive workspace. You can customize element sizes, colors, and more. You can also upload files that will appear as thumbnails and can be viewed or downloaded by collaborators. 

Mural is a creative tool for you to drag-and-drop rich media files, links and documents onto a big HTML5 drawing board, which is a great way to collect inspiration and gather your thoughts. It also supports collaboration that allows designers to brainstorm cool ideas remotely. Plus, it is optimised for iPad and gesture-friendly.

Use digital sticky notes to create and organize lists, flowcharts, diagrams, frameworks, methods and drawings. Integrated with Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Calendar and other top apps. 

Devices: iOS, Android, Web Browsers, Mac, Windows, Linux

Price: Free with limited features; Team - $9.99 per user per month; Business - $17.99 per user per month

9. Mind42

Mind42 is another free tool that you can use to make graphic diagrams and charts. You can compare this tool to Google Docs and Spreadsheet because it is cloud-based, and you do everything online. Files are automatically saved in your cloud and are private by default. You can choose to share the charts that you created with other users if you also want to.

On the other hand, if creating your own is not your cup of tea, then you can search the library of free-to-use charts found within the tool. In general, you will find this online graphic organizer maker really useful from time to time.

Devices: Web Browsers

Price: Free 

10. StormBoard

Stormboard is a program used to replace sticky notes and a whiteboard with online visual and virtual brainstorming. Provides online brainstorming and collaboration in real-time, with certified data security. Integrated with popular apps such as Google Sheets, Slack, Microsoft Teams and others

Devices: Web Browsers

Price: Free with limited features; Business: $10 per user/month

Graphic organizers are a great way to help students learn and remember new information. Students can use graphic organizers to make connections between different concepts and organize their thoughts in a meaningful way. And teachers can use them to craft more effective lessons that stick. 

Although we have covered various graphic organizer tools in this post, there are plenty more that can be useful to our users. Know more? 

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